First photo sent in by Gerry…

ngerrynadderN 13th c windowN Blazen butterflyN cherryn dandgN GiraffeN irelandno1N ScotlandngreenN Speysideno5N Lewisnskyebeachnswan3nducknbridgenduck1


And this last one from Angus B MacNeil. Day old lambs sheltering from the Hebridean weather!



33 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

    1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a polar bear. I imagine that close up they could be pretty scary. That photograph was taken in Greenland. It seems that they get quite close to people there…

      So very sad that their habitat is being destroyed by us.

      Trump’s intentions are to make it worse.

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  1. Thanks, Tris, for more life-enhancing photos. The giraffe made me SO nostalgic for Africa. A giraffe in Swahili is a twiga. Just thought you might like to know that… but my particular favourites are the orangutans.


  2. Thanks for putting up the photo Tris, looks like the Scottish Spring has arrived.
    Didn’t mention the location as I thought Nico might try and come along to kick the heads off all the daffs.
    Once again a lovely batch of photo’s I love ’em all.
    Will keep you posted on the local elections in this neck of the woods, should have a Facebook page and a Twitter account up and running this week.


    1. It’s a great photo, Gerry.

      It’s my lock screen now.

      Best not to tell Niko anything when he’s in a bad mood. Although I suspect that Taz would stop him destroying them. Taz has a deeper appreciation of these things.

      Let us know as soon as you get your Facebook and Twitter stuff up and we’ll give you a follow.

      For the benefit of other readers, Gerry is standing in the elections in May. Obviously, as he’s one of our top photographers, Munguin is keenly following his progress.


      1. Tris…..I like the way the daffodils brighten up the gray landscape. I like the old castle ruins too.
        I suppose Taz is a dog? Our Bugs Bunny always had a lot of trouble with a creature named Taz, but he was a Tasmanian Devil. Loved bunny rabbits, but was not the brightest apple on the tree compared to Bugs.

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        1. Daffodils are a kind of a saviour here when it’s grey and “driech”.

          And old castle ruins are always nice to see. I guess you have to go abroad for them, Danny.

          Yep Taz is a dog. I wonder if he was named after Bugs’ Tasmanian Devil…


  3. Lovely. That polar bear is HUGE And hasn’t Blaze become quite the celebrity, he’s even more famous the the actual winner of the Ambassadog competition. I was confusing Gerry with Danny and wondering why an American resident was standing on the council elections., silly panda! What council is Gerry standing for?

    The orangs and the tiger cubs are brilliant. I’m so glad folk like them, I think a few folk weren’t familiar with them before but they have become Soppy Sunday favourites.

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    1. I’d be scared to have nothing protective between him/her and me.

      The Greenlanders seem at ease though.


      Yes, Gerry/Danny… It’s having double letters and ending in a Y than does it.

      Glenboig, if I recall rightly, PP.

      We should go up and canvas for him!!

      Yes, Orangs have become a real favourite. of course Munguin is very fond of them, so they appear without fail on SS.


      1. Yep it is North Lanarkshire Council ward 6. Glenboig Gartcosh and Moodiesburn will hopefully be doing a wee crowd funder for it too. Not on the grand scale of Stu’s but hopefully we will get into 3 figures.

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        1. Well, let me know Gerry. We’ll advertise it here for you. Munguin might get me to take back his empty champagne bottles and I’ll send you the deposit money!


        1. Ah, I’m not sure about all this up and down…

          After all I had a friend who went to oxford, so I mentioned something about going down to Oxford and he pointed out that one went up to Oxford.



    2. @ Panda Paws: Yes, the election of the orange faced moron was a serious downer in presidential politics, and a powerful counter-argument to the superiority of an elected head of state over an hereditary monarchy. On the other hand, the investigations by two committees of Congress and the Justice Department’s FBI about illegal White House contacts with a hostile foreign government certainly do liven up the evening newscast. 😉

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  4. Can I just ask where the bridge is?

    Beautiful photographs as always, I am with bjsalba, it always cheers me up.


        1. I know, and I’m really glad people do. Heaven knows life is hard enough at the moment. A few pretty, soppy pics helps to make things seem a bit better. 🙂


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