1. With Lloyds of London being just the latest in a number of financial institutions setting up offices in EU member states a new term has been coined …Brexodus.

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  2. The problem I have with all of this is … Perfidious Albion.
    May was a Remainer, who saw her chance to get the top job by just waiting till the rivals imploded. Easy – the Brexiters didn’t think they would win, and were horrified when they did. So they ran away and hid. Having been leveraged into the top job, now May dances to someone else’s tune. Do we really know what that is? She is a political opportunist and nothing more, she does not argue from conviction. Who really directs her?

    The information slowly leaking out of Westmister/Whitehall suggests a Government in complete disarray. Nice to believe. And in the beginning, after the Brexit result when they all ran and hid, easy to believe. But this is a resilient State, able to regroup and figure a way to play one off against another. If the historical guide is any roadmap – it is what they have always done… perfidious Albion…

    What if they decided to make the best of a bad job? Forget Brexit, and just use it as means to bind their cash cow? Like they did before.

    Now the scenarios are changing: They are going to use the Repeal Bill to poison the well. Changing an EU-Compliant State (Scotland) into one that is not compliant. Trading away our oceans, our fisheries, our oil, our rights, our whatever-suits-them. Before we can stop it. Leaching powers from Holyrood. Astroturfing social, broadcast and print media with deniers and questioners – nothing can ever be clear cut. Poisoning the information well. The MSM a willing accomplice in all of it – as they were last time. With doubt comes division: with that comes divide and rule. At the end of it (they think) a Holyrood than can never again challenge them. Why o why do we constantly have to play by their rules?

    We are facing a struggle to survive as a sovereign Nation, picked apart piece by piece, slowly – by a compliant set of insiders: SLAB and the Scottish Tories (the Lib-Dems get a very dishonourable mention too). A compliant broadcast and print media. A suborned Supreme Court that can cheerfully rule we have no say, Sewell was a first-class con-job on the Scots and we all (courtesy of SLAB) fell for it: ha ha.

    Holyrood is very likely doomed: it’s too much of a threat. Can’t have the Natives getting uppity, especially now.

    I hope that I am strong enough to see through the lies again: I know I did last time, but that was “Hope”. I need more than Hope now, because that Hope was effortlessly crushed by the State last time: not just by the local politicians and the media alone but by the spineless cave-in of those who voted No. OK, you had your reasons – and how hollow are they now? You listened to the State, and not to Us. You sold us all out last time. NHS, Social Care, Pensions, all of it.

    You did that. Deal with it, and please don’t make the same mistake again. The prevailing mood is “be nice to the No voters and sway then to our side”. Rubbish. London ground our noses in it, why shouldn’t I reciprocate? Who put us under their heel and look likely to do it again at the slightest whiff of “more powers”. Gullible fools, aka Any Excuse. Wake up. And if you vote No in any future referendum – don’t kid yourself on you did it for the greater good. You did it because you were too feart.

    I think May’s Tories are looking for the slightest chance to “walk away” and blame EU intransigence for all their failures. It’s an easy get out and plays well in England’s Shires. But in the meantime, they will have complete control of not only the British State, but the devolved Parliaments too. And the devolved parliaments will all be stripped of any meaningful powers, certainly any powers that could ever threaten London Rule. Aided and abetted by the yoon Fifth Columnists only too happy to sell us out for a longer career somewhere ‘dahn sarf’. I agree with others smarter than me – this is a power grab. They don’t care about Brexit and never did (they know Brexit is unworkable), it’s just a means to an end now and that’s concentrating all power in London. “UK frameworks” my arse.

    There are lots of positives too: just like last time. It’s not enough (just like last time).

    The SNP need to fight for it this time, and aggressively challenge the lies and the disinformation. They need to be much less nice (letting the yoons speak unchallenged on TV, accept being interrupted, accept being overrruled, accept the Host redirecting every point back to the Unionists, sitting idly by while the lies go unchallenged, allowing the MSM to print the same old debunked lies ad nauseoum etc).

    I don’t think Holyrood or democracy in Scotland is going to survive the coming onslaught unless the SNP/Greens can toughen up and fight hard, They were too nice and scared of offending anyone last time. Given that indyRef1 was won on Unionist party lies, and the immediate aftermath was an exercise in rubbing our noses in our own cowardice, gullibility, and/or stupidity we might think Scotland would have learned: finally.

    The evidence on social media and polls suggest otherwise. 50:50? Even now? What the **** is it going to take to wake the yoons mythical soft-No’s up? The social care fabric in England and Wales is publicly unraveling, it’s being lined up for auction and outsourcing, and still 50% of Scots don’t see the threat? Either the polls are lying, or the British State holds a grip on us too malignant to break. I don’t want to believe that. But I have to wonder – why are so many – even now- unwilling to see? Anything, surely, has got to better than what we have now!

    In Nicola and her team I trust, and I hope it isn’t misplaced. Nicola & Team – you are going to have to fight this one like it was your and the SNP’s last – because it probably is. If this one is lost, you will have to preach your message from a soapbox in George Sq, because you certainly won’t have a Parliament or any ‘legal’ way to a referendum. It’s too much of a risk for London to let your Party speak and thrive: and with indy at 50% in the (questionable) polls they have to act to neuter the SNP.

    Give me reasons to hope (you have played a blinder so far). I hope you have out-gamed the creatures. I hope the EU gave you reason to believe they would unequivocally back an indy Scotland. I hope our referendum (should we get one) is heavily monitored and the Tories cannot “sample” the Postal Vote beforehand, then smirk about it on TV before the vote is over. I trust you don’t trust London an inch. I really hope you have a way to bypass a referendum altogether and pick an alternative route. I’m too old to wait another 15 years (and have no confidence they will let us go even then).

    Apologies for the long complaint: I’m not optimistic, even though the news today was Indy good. All positives welcomed (and criticism too)

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      1. Well, we have two years to convince people… I’m hoping that the mess that people like Fox and David will make of things will encourage people to see just how much hell an independent Britain will be.


        1. I agree Tris, in a normal country you would expect rational beings to be aware of what’s going down and to take the correct action needed, but this is not a normal country – yet! I still see old fogies cueing up to buy their Express, Mail, and Sun of a morning. FFS, GET ME OUTA HERE!!!

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          1. Aye, the fact is that most of the press is hard right wing. I sometimes see people picking up a Sun, or Express, and think… WHAT?

            The thing about the press here is that it is nearly all foreign… and in Scotland, apart from a few regional papers, it IS all foreign.


      2. Yes let’s be rid of these thick old express reading fogies, they’ve served they’re purpose after all. Why don’t we just euthanise them and once they’re gone we can get down to blaming someone else for disagreeing with us like for example immigrants or dare I say it gay people.

        I’m heartily bloody sick of this ageist crap and blaming in general. If that’s what we’re about then we’re no better than our opponents.

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        1. I don’t really think that’s what anyone mens.

          We have an relatively reliable set of stats that tell us that by a massive majority young people want independence in the EU, and by a fair majority older people want dependence outwith the EU.

          It’s by no means definative though… there are older people who are very much for independence and for Europe, and there are some young people who are unionists and anti EU.

          (I’m not sure we have a set of stats for gay people!) 🙂

          Personally I’d rather get rid of the Mail and the Express than their readers. They are poison.

          For that matter I’d be happy to get rid of the BBC.

          What we need to do is persuade those we can, that staying in the UK will probably end up as some sort of living hell, where everything…but EVERYTHING, is about making money.

          There are some that that will never work on. We leave them to the tender mercies of Ruth Davidson and her boss.

          Young or old.

          If they are old they will probably miss the worst. if they are young… well, they made their bed.

          In the meantime, unless we get independence, I’ll be looking around to see if there is somewhere I can move, although, they will probably remove that opportunity from me. We will be trapped in an imperial prison worshipping the good old days, the Windsors and Winston, while the res of the world gets on with life.

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      3. Yes tris I think you probably know that I’m on board with all that but my point, and maybe I over reacted just a wee tad, is that words carrying stereotypical images of old people seem to be acceptable. There would be a shitstorm however if similar words were used regarding ethnic minorities, LGBT etc.. this acceptability makes old people a soft target.

        There are good reasons why folk are how they are, the present generation doing the criticising will realise this when their next generation cops out and blames them for all the ills of the world. I can’t personally remember blaming old folk for the world wars but I don’t think we were so inclined to parcel out blame back then. We didn’t have access to statistics that told us who’s fault it was of course.

        Predjudice all comes from the same place and as someone who’s heading for the older side of the demographic old age is not a happy prospect given the way the wind seems to be blowing. It’ll be like being blamed for living your life as best you could under the circumstances.

        But hey, old age is waiting for us all provided we don’t snuff it prematurely.
        I could say that I’ll be there to say I told you so, but I won’t will I?

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        1. Yep. I understand what you are saying.

          It’s complex. It is true, of course, that the older generations are responsible for some of the messes we are in.

          If Blair and Bush hadn’t made such a mess of the Middle East…. If people in the 1950s had planned for Baby Boomer retirement…

          And one day everything will be blamed on us, then on our kids…

          But it is true that the kids are blaming their grandparents for voting away their rights as Europeans… and, I suppose, for tying them to a sinking Britannia.

          I know absolutely that it is not all older people. Michael Heseltine is old, as is Ken Clarke and they are the staunchest of Europeans.

          We have a fair collection of older people on Munguin’s Republic who are fervent Scots Independentistas.

          And I know at least one teen who is a true Brit nationalist. There are many more 20s 30s. Including some in my family, I’m sad to say.

          Can’t say I look forward to old age. 😦


    1. Not for nothing are the Tories the most successful political party in the UK (as is). They will do. say and act in whatever way necessary to retain that power.

      May is a nothing; an incompetent, unprincipled and corrupt loser who is only there to aid the rabid wing of her party get what they want i.e., the rest of us in servitude, If she can’t do this, they will get someone else who will and she knows it.

      Our (sic) problem is that the English and Welsh (collectively) can’t see the nose in front of their face. Still, one day they’ll maybe waken up to what is being done in their name. Maybe.

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      1. I’m just hoping that the chaos they bring with their mishandling of Brexit will make people see. It would also help if, at this time of huge change Labour would stop fighting themselves and giving the most incompetent Prime minister of my memory, a free passage.


      2. Dave,
        As an “old fogie” myself I just get so frustrated with my own age group allowing themselves to swallow the press they read thereby closing off the opportunity for our young people to live in their own independent forward-looking country. If we hold them back then we are open to that criticism.

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    2. That was powerful, Wm.

      I agree with everything there, except I still think that we should try, when speaking to people who were against us last time, and we want to get with us this time, to explain and treat them with respect. I don;t think we ever win anything by telling people who believe it; who read it, hear it every day, that they are idiots.

      You’re bang on about May. Opportunist. Just like John Major and his wisdom teeth, while Mrs Thatcher was being roasted, she kept out of it. Then suddenly he was the prime minister.

      There are some pictures of her with Remain banners, but few.

      No one knows much about her. No one knows what she stands for. She was an inefficient Home Secretary and kept her post, but then Osborne was a terrible Chancellor and he kept his.

      May has surrounded herself with fools and idiots, especially in the Brexit department. Johnson, Davis and Fox!!!

      She could only have done worse if she had used IDS and Gove.

      The future will look more and more awful as weeks go by.

      We all have to redouble our efforts.

      We must get free.

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        1. I guess it might work for some, but someone telling me I’m an idiot never worked with me, whereas someone explaining something might just do it.

          But there are many who will NEVER be anything other than unionists (as there are on the nationalist some too).

          I guess you have to choose the right method that fit the person…


  3. i think you under estimate the torys brexit is a power grab a distraction, by nullifing ukip means more voters for the torys, repeal bill more power to change or amend eu regs such as employment rights etc all changed to benefit companies and torys, able to change amend which powers go to scotland,wales,northern ireland even power to disolve said parilments and assemblies. brexit distraction torys taking apart the nhs and wefare state people too busy with worring about brexit bearing in mind torys arguing on both sides is this incompetence or brillant planning? makes you think.

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      1. Of course, Scotland doesn’t know too much about that because it isn’t happening here. So yes, they see it on the news, but when they go looking for treatment they don’t really come across it.


    1. Seriously I think they are a shambles. And the only reason that they are getting away with it is that Labour is in civil war… between London and Edinburgh and in London itself. They are far too busy fighting for their jobs to bother about doing what they are paid to do. The SNP is the opposition, but there aren’t enough of them to make a real difference, and because Labour hates them for stealing the livelihoods of so many of their people (all 41 in Scotland), on a matter of principle they prefer to vote with the Tories rather than SNP.

      The Tories never wanted devolution. They voted against and only took part because they didn’t want to be left out. In Scotland, they think they have had a revival, but in fact, they haven’t. What has happened is that not everyone who left labour in its meltdown, joined the Greens or SNP. Some (in the better-heeled constituencies) went back to teh Tories.

      The Tank Commander, Buffalo Rider isn’t really more popular than Annabel. It’s an illusion.

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  4. Yeah, I know what the stats say, but, probably because I was born at the start of W.W.2, I think we have to be careful about demonising the older generation. Out during the week campainging for the council elections, a fair proportion of support for the S.N.P came from people who will certainly never see their sixtiest birthday again. So please be careful about tarring all of us with the same brush. I’m going out canvassing shortly, and I can guarantee you that a number of our team will be senior citizens, desperate to see Scotland become an independent country.

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    1. Oh, I’d not dream of demonising older people. Not for a second.

      I don’t even demonise those people who want to be British, young or old, I just wish they’d go do in in England!

      There is no demonetisation here at all.


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