The hapless Richard Leonard has once again come up trumps (no pun intended) when it comes to the dafty stakes.

Making a video about the Scottish Labour ‘vision’ for Scotland (and the UK, although I find it hard to imagine why SCOTTISH Labour would have a vision for the UK), Mr Leonard talks over a picture of… Snowdonia. 

Well, a mountain is a mountain is a mountain, I guess.

Maybe we should be grateful that they managed to avoid this:

Image result for the matterhorn
Dundee and the Law.

The video, a set of aspirations, some of which the Scottish government has already achieved (not giving Tory tax breaks to the richest, and equality in wages just achieved by Glasgow’s SNP Council after years of Labor denying them…see below).

Many of the other aspirations could have been met by a Scottish government that had the power to regulate employment. But then, who was it that voted against the devolution of so many powers, remind me…? Hmmm… Surely not Labour?

Image search result for Tryfan, a mountain in Snowdonia, Wales


As far as I can make out all the other locations in the video are in Scotland, so the excuse they came up with that Scottish Labour (with virtually no money) is making a video about the whole of the UK, isn’t terribly convincing.

Would it not have been better to admit that they made a silly error by including the Welsh mountains in a Scottish video?

No. It seems they prefer to do a Donald Trump and come up with a not too plausible story as a cover-up.

I bet, it’s just a shame it took removing Scottish Labour from office to make it happen.


Now Nicola, time to get on with nationalising Scottish water


39 thoughts on “OUR VISION FOR SCOTLAND”

        1. They did, however my bullshit radar indicates there’s some weirdness here.

          A 97(!) year old driving a Land Rover, it “rolls over” and this virtual centenarian walks away quite the thing?

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            1. Reptilian apparently, I have it on good authority.

              YouTube “REPTILIANS AND THE ROYAL BLOODLINE” any difficulty then try Google or duckduckgo

              Why it won’t let me copy paste I dont know!

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        2. I noted the crash. Blows a hole in one of my tinfoil hat theories. The rate of hatches and matches being performed was going to outstrip biological credibility and age ready blue bloods. It only left dispatches, which I saw as a time flexible event. I hadn’t seen Phil the Greek out and about for a while and thought the obvious, they’ve bunged him in the freezer till an opportune time. I know about these things, all these big gentry places have game larders with big freezers. Simples.

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            1. Hard call, could’ve been. I don’t have telly, haven’t seen any vids but heard one report that he was helped away limping. It’s always hard to get a mannequin to effect a stand alone walk but a limping one, being helped. Now??
              Yip, freezer still full.

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  1. To be fair, the electorate in England were fortunate enough to glimpse Tryfan too. I suppose Labour aspires to govern all the UK. It has got rid of the Blairite leadership in Wales recently with the election of Mark Drayford and perhaps the video is trying to inspire Labour activists who face similar internal obstacles. I would have thought everyone would have enough to worry about with the policies of the Conservative government without being too anxious about which hill is which, but each to their own view.


    1. Pity then that the UK didn’t seem to include places in Taunton, Newcastle, Gravesend or Derry. It’s a small point, and yes, when the shooting match under to Maybot is sinking beneath the waves that brittania is supposed to rule, it is of little account, but they do seem to have the most extraordinary talent for getting things about Scotland completely wrong.

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      1. Is it “The 39 Steps” or another movie of around that time when there’s a scene in a Scottish pub and they have a beer ad plaque of some sort on the wall behind the bar advertising Watney’s Red Barrel?

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        1. LOL, That’s the kind of thing that would happen… still does happen.

          I got a letter from Asda Opticians a few weeks ago. elling me that I was due an eye test and that it would cost £19.

          When I queried it, they said that it was wrong, but it was probably just a standard letter that went out.

          Then I noticed that there was a poster up saying “Eye Test only £19”

          ASDA obviously view Scotland as a county of England.


          1. Happened to me and I raised this with them – initially some guff about a being a standard letter. When I pointed out it should have been easy to send out Scotland specific letters stating free eye tests using post code identification they agreed. I have since had a further reminder with it corrected.
            Seems you continually have to point this out, rather than companies being aware of the distinctiveness of the Scottish market they are trading in!

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            1. Yes. I contacted them on Twitter and they asked for specific details so that they could have it changed.

              I pointed out to them that if they had a poster saying they charge £19 when they don’t… and other opticians had posters advertising free sight tests, it would probably lose them business.

              At least THAT , you would have thought, would give them something to think about.


      2. The video I saw included Tryfan and a great shot of the Mersey. The similar cultural history of Merseyside and Clydeside is something which folk in London and Edinburgh often ignore. Salmond was once asked by some Scousers, can you stand down here? That was obviously prior to Sturgeon’s ascent to power…

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        1. Indeed, in Glasgow the “tanks in George Square” and the Scottish infantrymen being confined to barracks in Maryhill are well known. Less well remembered , except on Merseyside, was the Police Strike of 1919 and the Liverpool Riots which not only saw troops on the ground, tanks in the streets but the battleship HMS Valiant and the destroyer HMS Venonous rushed from Scapa to the Mersey.

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    1. A friend worked for the Fleet Street tabloids. When Prince Charles’ book ‘The Old Man of Lochnagar’ came out he got a call from the editor. ‘Get up to Scotland, hire a boat on the loch and bring back a photo’. When told that Lochnagar was a mountain, not a loch, the editor said ‘F**k’ and slammed the phone down.

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      1. LOL.

        I have to own up that, when a mate of mine was playing Jesus in “Jesus Christ Superstar” I went into a wine shop and asked for a bottle of Jesus Beaujolais.

        The rather superior shop assistant pointed out, whilst looking down his nose at me that Jesus Beaujolais was in fact,pâté !

        Exit one very embarrassed Tris.


  2. those who have watched the video – not me – say there is a section you can see London buses in. Maybe it was the bus they used when all the Labour MPs came up in 2014! Oops that was the train…

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        1. Probly not rotten ones, but I know what you mean – and I think you might just be right, Kangaroo: people are a helluva lot angrier now than in 2014, when there was so much positivity and hope going around – now? There’s a lot of anger at the way we have been and are being treated.

          I don’t think that’s just me talking, but perhaps Munguinites might like to give me a reality check…

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          1. My experience shows that no one thinks it’s a good idea.

            I have one friend who was all for it. With Boris all the way. “Everyone is naysaying but we will be grand in the end. ”

            I’d not say that she is now against, but she thinks that May and her idiot ministers have made the most incredible mess.

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