The Conservative Party Website announced that Chris Grayling had been appointed party chairman, and then they removed the information immediately, prompting Ian Dunt to ask on Twitter what on earth Graying had done in his 10 seconds of tenure that led to his sacking.

The site then apparently put up a warning that:

Your connection is not private.


Attackers might be trying to steal your information from http://www.conservatives.com.

Then the website crashed.


Sounds like a metaphor for Brexit if you ask me.






  1. Treeza takes theses decisions, Brexit, reshuffle , anything else, in a padded soundproof cell on her own.

    She exits, forgets to tell anybody else, in case they disagree with her and when they do, they become the enemy.

    Bunker mentality.

    Not long to go now, Nicola is starting her tanks and they will soon be rolling down Whitehall

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    1. I see Mr Brokenshire has resigned for reasons of health. Obviously, we sympathise with his health problems and wish him a speedy recovery… but it’s a weird day to resign, is it not?

      The question has to be, did he fall or was he pushed… or, to put it another way, sacked!

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      1. Smell of desperation emanating from Downing Street. I thing some are getting out before she implodes and they get mentioned in Feral Press dispatches?

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    2. And no stopping off at any laybys near Derby. Really, is any of that shower any good for anything other than oh, lying to Parliament, maybe, and an economical attitude towards the truth at any time? As for Brokenshire, I’m surprised he was still there – I thought he’d’ve been ousted by the ever-fragrant Arlene already. Or maybe he’s just fed up because he was only there for show anyway.

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      1. Did I miss something about laybys?

        I bet Arlene had to agree the shuffle.

        Not that it’s really much of a shuffle. It’s so far been more about the Tory party than about the UK.

        Most of all, I see that that useless **** Hunt is still there. What an insult to the people who are dying becasue of his mismanagement.

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        1. Dr Lauren Gavaghan #NHSLove #FBPE

          Verified account

          4h4 hours ago
          That Jeremy Hunt is allowed to remain as Health Secretary given his history with the NHS, and take on social care at a time of the worst #NHScrisis in history- is further reminder that Theresa May endorses his track record & cares not one jot for the public.

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        2. It seems one can attend the so-called Derby Bonnie Prince Charlie Weekend every December in Derby: https://goo.gl/Mo2Jtx. That particular strategic decision back in the first half of the 18th century has always struck me as one of the most tantalizing “if onlies” in Scottish history, with the disclaimer that I really do not know nearly as much history as I would like.

          In an obviously closely related matter, I was at Ninewells today and couldn’t help noticing that the ambulance had a number of recorded voice messages for various purposes, all of them read in pukkah Ah Pee English. The ambulance guys had the radio playing – BBC Radio 1, I think – providing newsflashes with traffic news from SE England and remarks about English football games and multi-million player transfers deals to and from English clubs. Then in Ninewells itself, the lifts spoke Ah Pee English too.

          Am I the only one who finds this a little odd? The good people of Derby are probably OK with the football, if they are interested in football at all, but I can’t imagine they’re particularly happy about the rest of it either.

          Maybe the radio irritated me so much because I don’t listen to the radio when I’m at home, which is almost always, so I’m not used to it.

          And now over to the news where you are.

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            1. What I can’t abide is these do it yourself tills which wine at you in a strange accent about putting “your shopping in the bagging area”.

              It appears that some people aren’t working as fast as the till with its awful voice wants them to. Perhaps, I always think, we customers aren’t being paid enough to work fast.

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    1. Boris was briefly considered for the cat post – on the basis that it takes a rat to catch a rat.

      However on reflection it was thought he didn’t have the intellectual capacity.

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  2. Shehab Khan‏Verified account
    Following Following @ShehabKhan

    #Cabinetreshuffle today. Will May deal with:

    – A Foreign Secretary who made a series of despicable comments
    – A Brexit Secretary who misled Parliament
    – A Health Secretary who has obliterated the NHS
    – A Transport Secretary who ran off to Qatar after hiking fares

    1:08 AM – 8 Jan 2018

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  3. Justine Greening has been sacked after refusing to take the DWP.

    Bad news for anyone unemployed or sick or on a pension, the utterly ghastly Esther McVile has got the job, according to Twitter.

    So the Tories are a party where a reasonably decent, if not spectacular, minister like Greening is sacked and the aptly named Toby Young gets a job despite his franking filthy recent tweets on subjects a diverse as anal rape and allegedly fancying someone’s the underage daughter.

    That’s the Tories for ya.

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  4. I see that she wanted to punt Hunt, but he wouldn’t let her. He was supposed to go to Business in her great plan. Only he said NO. So the bloke who HAS gone to Business knows he’s the second choice.

    She wanted Greening to go to DWP, and she said she’d rather hit the backbenches than do that, so She punted McVile there instead, also knowing she was 2nd choice.

    Strong and stable? Not a lot.

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      1. But what am I saying! The ever-fragrant Theresa plans to be Tory top dog still and fight the 2020 election, or so she says.

        Maybe all that means, though, is – oh – approximately nothing, on mature reflection.

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