Theresa May:

Apr 17: “A General Election, that’ll sort everything out”

Jun 17: “Oh Shit”

Sep 17: “A Party Conference, that’ll sort everything out”

Oct 17: “Oh Shit”

Dec 17: “A Reshuffle, that’ll sort everything out”

Jan 18: “Oh Shit”

We’re wondering if she has ever made any correct decision, or it anything she has been in charge of has ever gone right. Because if it has we can’t remember it.


He has to try to encourage younger people to join the Tory party (their current average age is 70 and the SNP has more members in Scotland than they do in the whole of the UK).

May’s was billed as being about providing fresh faces within cabinet.

Yesterday, 73% of cabinet ministers were male. Today: 74%

Yesterday, 27% were privately educated. Today: 35%

Yesterday, 43% had a South East constituency. Today: 46%

So that worked then…


The new Universities Minister (England), Sam Gyimah’s, voting record on education:

Perfect for the job, I reckon!
The inner circle of great offices of state. Johnson, Rudd and Hammond.




    1. Hardly changed except they have a witch among them and May looks ever weaker than before.

      It’s one thing not to be able to sack a big beast like Johnson, it’s quite another not to be able to sack a dick like Hunt.


      1. Arguably she wasn’t. Nobody ever succeeds at the HO. Every stupid court ruling or child murdered by its parents or container load of smuggled cockle pickers is your fault. It is impossible to succeed in the post.

        What she did was hang on in there. She didn’t resign. So while she was just as evil and nasty there as she is anywhere, politically she stayed the course, which took an exceptionally good run of luck and low cunning.

        Politics at that level is a game. She got the shittest job and ran with it. Thats a political success, and is the main reason she got to be leader. An undeserved reputation for competence.

        She is now a Chinese Empress. She is a hostage to the court around her. Once the Brexit outcome is realised she will be ousted – whatever happens. She turned out to be useless, but she did a good job of hiding her incompetence for years. That’s a weirdly “admirable” quality. In the UK you can earn a vast amount of money getting away with utter incompetence. Just look for ex bank chairmen or football managers.


  1. Tris, I notice that, on looking at the pics in your post, Treeza has, at least, gone for a sort of cohesive cabinet, e.g. –
    Hunt – callous bastard;
    Mundell – stupid bastard;
    McVey – obnoxious bastard;
    Lewis – fat, greedy bastard.
    By the way, your final pic is a real eye-opener – two Bungles!

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    1. LOL…well she shows some consistency in her choices… well, when I say “her” choices, I really mean “their” choices.

      I mean you could add:

      Johnson – infantile bastard
      Fox – useless bastard
      Davis – lazy bastard
      Hammond – dull bastard


  2. Tris
    I am totally disgusted that the stain on humanity that is McVey is back in the cabinet, Theresa May as the Mirror says has declared war on the poor and disabled. This is truly a frightening appointment from a party that make UKip look left wing. I cannot express enough my hatred of the UK today, my disgust that people continue to put up with this bullshit. On top of the continued attacks on the Scottish NHS by BBC Scotland News and STV News and the dead tree press I am becoming sick to my stomach and very F angry. ITV News tonight lead with Harry Windsor and the actress I had never heard of visiting poor people in Briston and while those people should have been demonstrating against the privilege in this country they are f fainting in the street. Has England lost all sense of reality, all sense of humanity and decency, bloody hell this country is in the toilet and we had better get out and soon. I want to see a harder approach by the SNP as I really believe they are starting to lose some of their core vote, it’s not good enough for SNP Mps and MSPs to be saying stuff on Twitter, they need to walking out of PMQs when may gets up to speak, they need to turn their backs on Mundell, what do we have to lose. If the state of this country doesn’t get enough people over to YES nothing will and we might as well go down fighting and leave them with a history they will never forget, it’s time we started to fight back.


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    1. I never understand the sickening fawning of people over a perfectly ordinary couple just becasue of some imagined celebrity.

      McVey is a truly nasty piece of work. Even though she was second choice for the job, which makes her look a bit pathetic, she will be an incredibly nasty W&P secretary.

      Like you I see the press criticising the health service, because they think it will harm the SNP.

      Even Kezia Dugdale tweeted against Labour today on the subject. Labour criticise the health service under the SNP, and the Welsh health service is in meltdown by comparison, she pointed out.

      Let’s remember how incredibly hard all the staff are working. Let’s remember that when a dead patient is wheeled in, having spent 4 hours waiting for an ambulance, how it must feel for them, no matter what their nationality is.

      There’s not enough money; there aren’t enough doctors, there aren’t enough nurses.

      UK spends 9% of GDP on health; Germany and France spend over 11%.

      And since the immigration system throws out foreigners who earn less than £30,000 (and that means nurses), and that idiot Hunt told the Tory conference just after Brexit that we would be getting rid of foreign doctors, and they decided to remove the nursing bursary… no wonder they haven’t enough staff.

      Add to that that doctors have to study for 7/8 years at £9,500 a year, before they pay living costs. Add in living costs and we are talking about massive debts.

      Incompetent bastards, the lot of them.


  3. Imagine Rod, Jane and Freddie as Ministers of State. I’m imagining it right now with Jeffrey as PM. Doesn’t seem too bad, to be honest. I’ve opened my eyes now and the horror of UK politics is once again made real in my mind. Oh dear.

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        1. It seems he’s not the only one to have practised and mastered his keyboarding skills using only one hand.


          Of course the Freedom on Information request only gives us, the public, the number of porn site visits. The network administrators will know the terminals and log-ins of those who are responsible.

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          1. I don’t think we should be surprised about that.

            Remember that list of people that the Whips had? Some right weirdos in parliament. No judgement from me, but… not on my time people!


  4. When we look at the two catastrophes of Government, the US and the UK, ‘we’ speak scathingly of Trump, he is a very dangerous man, but there is as scarier aspect arises when contrasting the two.
    The US is 50 states, with their own laws, governments, civl service and Trump can be removed in 4 years. In the UK, no matter who is the Government, they are the whole Government, the whole civil service is the UK Governments. Imagine if the US Government was to say, we are taking over a state, as the UK Gov can with the devolved Parliaments.
    We are actually in a much worse position than the US, with a whole stream of Trumps running ‘us’.

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    1. I suppose from a domestic point of view that is true.

      Although we have been able to make somethings a little better here, we have nothing like the power that the states have in USA.

      Of course there’s is not devolution, rather the opposite, whatever that is called. Powers were handed from the states to the centre.

      Maybe the most frightening thing about the USA is quite simply his red button, and the fact that he can press it.

      Here the worry is that these nutters will starve us to death, sell off whats left of our national heritage to the highest bidder, and screw out old and poor.

      In a way that’s much worse, and certainly more personal that his red button.


      1. Trump like Obama before him and basically every President since Kennedy is window dressing with no more control over the “red button” than you or me.

        It’s the ones whose names we don’t know and who really run things that are the most frightening!

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        1. Well, that’s not what everyone is saying.

          According to what I read, his order to fire nukes cannot be countermanded. He must have consulted the Secretary for Defense, but even if the SfD disagrees with him, all he can do is note his disagreement.

          Of course if they believe that the president has lost his mind they could arrest him and the VP would immediately take over and countermand.

          OK, so that’s what I read.

          It’s total open for discussion to those who might know more.


  5. What was the point of the English spending six years fighting the Nazis, only to continually vote in a party that makes the Nazis look like a bunch of Corbynistas?

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    1. I’ve wondered that.

      I read that Hitler couldn’t understand why we went to war with him. We were the same sort, he thought.

      And indeed there were many who loathed Jews, disabled, homosexuals.

      Maybe it was because some people here liked nothing better than a good war. I mean don’t tell me that Churchill didn’t have the best time!


  6. Said it nearly 2 decades ago – the ONLY reason May got anywhere in the tory party is because her tax-evading hubby has pumped tens of millions into it.

    She is the most catastrophically stupid prime minister the UK has ever had. Hopefully she’ll also be the last.

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    1. True that money (or a title) can buy you anything in the UK.

      Wasn’t there a song “King Midas in Reverse”?

      She reminds me of it. Catastrophic. Everything she touches turns to mud.

      Yes, let’s hope she’s the last.


  7. Great article and comments, as usual. What baffles me is that as someone whose sole usefulness to the Scottish Independence campaign is going around the doors leafleting and canvassing, is the sad fact that more people, for whatever reason, can’t, or won’t see, the absolute and utterly unnecessary cruelty that the Tory Party are visiting on real people, not only in Scotland, but throughout the rest of the U.K.
    And since Her Majesties Loyal Opposition are as about as useful as a chocolate teapot, you would think it would be an easy task to convince more people that the only way to minimise the damage to our country, and take control of our destiny, would be to become an independent nation once again.
    Well, I know we’re making progress, but it’s a hard slog, and its not difficult to see why, given the most recent propaganda barrage from the M.S.M, especially the B.B.C.
    I have always believed that come the second Scottish Independence Referendum, our main enemy will be the media, whether print, radio or T.V. If we think it’s bad just now, it will reach a crescendo, as the British Establishment do everything in their power to prevent their cash-cow departing the scene.
    It doesn’t matter to them if the story is a pack of lies, once the headline is out there the damage is done, as I know to my cost during the last referendum trying to convince the elderly that their state pension was safe. It didn’t even help that I was among their numbers.
    Perhaps when the full realisation of the utter shambles that is Brexit become known, if ever, then we will get more people realising that the only way forward is independence. For future generations of Scots I certainly hope so.

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    1. I think we are all perplexed that people are failing to see what a terrible state this British government has got us into. I suspect that many people are thinking… “Oh isn’t that awful, but never mind, it will all work out alright… Oh look Coronation Street is on”, or “… but wasn’t prince Charlotte cute, and her mum took that photograph herself”, as if she should have ordered one of the 20 assistant under footmen to do it.

      Even I believe it won’t be as bad as some people are predicting, but time after time, Britain is making a fool of itself over Europe, and at the very best estimate, we are all going to be VERY much worse off.

      Which of course won;t be a huge deal to Boris Johnson or Paul Dacre.

      I suppose a lot of British people just think that life is like this everywhere. I know they got to Europe on holiday, but so many only see the beach, the pool and the bar and a few churches…

      I’d love to take them and show them how people live in Norway, Iceland, Denmark…


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