Mrs Thatcher was a fan of the single market apparently, according to a tweet today from Guy Verhofstadt as he settled into the ‘Salle Margaret Thatcher’ for a Brexit steering group meeting. He cited this quote for evidence:


Even Mrs Thatcher with her known dislike of all “foreigners” (except Americans, whom I imagine she considered to be honorary Englishmen) could see that the European market was a jewel. It’s well over 300 million now (510 million). How mad must the great dictator be to want us to be out of it?



Oh yeah, sorry, I forgot… that mad!


  1. Salle de Margaret Thatcher…lol…they are taking the proverbial…

    Who’d ‘ave thunk it…johnnie foreigner eurocrats with a sense of humour?

    Of course while we’re still dithering about trying to sort out the terms of exit before we can even start to talk about trade deals thereafter, the EU are working away with their own trade deals with Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Vietnam, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay,Uruguay and Chile.


    Still…we’ve got Liam Fox on the case…so everything will be just fine and dandy!

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    1. At least it was ‘salle’ (room) and not ‘sale’ (dirty).

      I can’t tell you what a relief it is to Munguin and me that Foxy and his trusty royal yacht are on the job.

      The end in sight is utterly predictable.


  2. The Brexiteers still think they are negotiating another opt out.
    Even they are not crazy enough to believe that it is a good idea to cut themselves off from the world’s biggest trading market.
    There is a queue to join.
    Who is going to blink first?
    Unfortunately,this time,the EU will not accept their terms because free movement of people is the fundamental driver for that market.
    The Brexiteers arrogance (a Britnat trait) that they can make the rules will be their undoing and as things stand,ours as well.
    They are going to regret having trashed our manufacturing industries and putting everything into financial services,much of which was predicated on free access to the European market.
    All that will be left is a small bankrupt fascist state on the edge of Europe,basking in it’s former colonial glory.

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    1. True.

      I suspect that they may try to make it a tax haven if the EU won;t give in to them and let them be members without being members.

      A European low wage tax haven for the rich.


        1. Well, I believe in respecting the vote of the majority. I don’t need to like the result and I haven’t in any of the three referenda that Cameron had.

          But close referenda mean that the country is split down the middle and some sort of compromise must be sought.

          To say that 81.8% of people voted to leave the EU and to head for a HARD HARD Brexit is asking for trouble. Never mind that there were 5 nations in this, 3 of which voted against!

          But this whole thing is about trying not to have the Tory Party fall apart.

          Since Heath the Tories have been split down the middle over Europe. Thatcher was so strong she stopped the fighting but they have never managed since to quieten the two sides.

          May has to be the weakest ever leader of the Tories. Pretty disliked throughout the countries of the UK, she is also disliked by her party.

          I predict some sort of split… but then I predicted that in Labour and it didn’t happen, so I’d ignore me if I were you.


      1. Well, we live in interesting times.

        Europe has threatened to split the party before when we were members of the EU. It would be amusing if it split them after we left.


    2. “Even they are not crazy enough to believe that it is a good idea to cut themselves off from the world’s biggest trading market.”

      I sometimes think they are exactly that deluded. This appears to be driven by identity and emotion and a teenage sense of national entitlement rather than arguments about prosperity.

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      1. Well, to be fair, some of them seem to be totally demented by whatever it is that drives them.

        It’s the sense of superiority that confounds me. We can have our cake and eat it, however illogical that is…because we’re British and therefore better than everyone else. They need us more than we need them. Everyone will rush to do deals with us because, quite simply, we are superior.

        Quite quite mad.

        I read somewhere that Fox reckons we can sell a lot more weapons outside of the EU. Not quite sure how he works that out, but then…it’s Fox… I’m not sure how he works anything out.


  3. Apropos Mogg seems to me the vile Tory scum
    imagine he is the response to Corbyn .
    Him being a kind of Trumpian figure outside
    The main stream and not tainted with being in

    Problem is Corbyn and not even Trump has said if
    Your Daughter /wife/sister/niece/ etc was raped
    Then Moggs would expect them If made pregnant to
    Carry full term and give birth to Baby.
    Does anyone outside the Conservatives actually
    Believe he could be a vote winner.

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    1. He’ll go down big in Northern Ireland amongst some of the nuttier people.

      But of course they can’t vote for him. Funnily though, he’s a catholic and the party that believes that kind of stuff the most in NI are the DUP.

      Odd world.

      Me, I say keep religion out of politics. Belief is a personal thing to which everyone is entitled, no matter how bizarre. The rest of us just shouldn’t be forced to live with it.

      Mogg is just a joke. Even in their dire situation, no one can seriously believe that he is ministerial material (even given the crap that we have at the moment).

      As for being prime ministerial? Well, if we really do want to be thought of as some sort of Ruritania, I guess he is perfect for the job.


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