Anas Sarwar is standing for the leadership of the Scottish Branch of the Labour Party. We reckon that it is highly likely he will win. Odd in a way though, as he not so long ago rather stumblingly denounced the Scottish parliament as a dictatorship.

Just a year after demanding, as a co-signatory of a letter to Mr Corbyn,  that Jeremy quit as leader of the party, and backing Owen Smith for leader, he has now decided that JC is the man to be the next prime minister.

Of course, it’s not fair to single him out for criticism on this matter. Many of Jeremy’s lieutenants were critics before they became devoted followers. Kezia Dugdale has, herself has had an up and down relationship with Mr C and heaven knows, she wasn’t the worst.


Mr Sarwar seems to me to be a strange choice for leader of the Scottish branch given that Scotland is generally accepted to be a little more left wing than most of the English branches. Indeed just after the Scottish referendum, Maggie Curran, then an MP and Shadow Scottish Secretary,  promised us a more left-wing approach to politics as she sadly surveyed the areas which had most staunchly voted for independence and found so many of them to be traditional working class, solidly Labour voting areas.

(Then they elected Blairite, Jim Murphy, a man to the right of many Tories… So much for left-wing…so much for Curran’s promises.)

Mr Sarwar is a dentist and a businessman with a multi-million-pound stake in the family business. He was privately educated as are his children. He can’t claim like Mr Murphy to have slept in a drawer as a wean. That said, no one doubted Tony Benn’s socialist credentials despite him being the son of a Viscount!

But now it has come to light that there is no trade union recognition at Sarwar’s family firm,  which is a bit embarrassing because only a few days before that it was reported that his firm doesn’t pay the real living wage, a wage policy on which Labour has been campaigning.


The message seems to be rather inconsistent, doesn’t it?

Does he believe the parliament in which he serves to be a dictatorship?

Does he, or does he not, really support Mr Corbyn?

Does he or does he not support trade union involvement in companies?

Does he, or does he not, support the real living wage upon which Mr Corbyn has been campaigning?

If he still believes that Scotland is run by a dictatorship, and he became first minister, what steps would he take to ensure that Holyrood became democratic (remembering that the whole Edinburgh system was set up by the Labour Party under Blair and Dewar)?

If he doesn’t support trades unions, why is he in the Labour Party? If he does, why doesn’t he invite them into his company to ensure the best deal for his employees? I mean employees deserve the best conditions affordable, even if they work for Sarwar, right?

If he doesn’t support the real living wage, why is he campaigning on it? If he does, why isn’t he insisting his company pay it? After all, surely his employees are just as important as other employees, and just as likely to be in need of a living wage, right?

Signed: Confused of Minguin Towers.

*In the interests of fairness we should say that there is an alternative candidate, whose name has been mentioned by the press on so few occasions that we can’t remember it. This reminds us of the election of Jim Murphy when Neil Findlay and a couple of others also stood, but no-one much paid any attention to them.


  1. And why does the snp not commit to
    Mandatory Trade union recognition
    Likewise the living wage .????
    If Scotland became Independent .

    Answer -cos many millionaires who
    Own the snp do not want the ability
    To exploit Scottish workers impeded.

    (And if the SNP TUG is the most ‘union-friendly’ element of the SNP, what does that say about the rest of the SNP membership? Of the 4,000 people who attended this year’s SNP conference, just 40 (forty) bothered to turn up to its fringe meeting

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        1. Yes, of course, forgive me. The SNP should prioritise union recognition above all else first thing after independence and let stuff like the EU, defence, dealing with English refugees etc go hang.

          “Con annoying” was quite funny though.

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                1. Ahhhh, I thought there would be a reason.

                  Just off to the slimming club, my dear, says he to Mrs Niko… little knowing that Mrs Niko is off the the bingo with Mr Brownlie.


    1. SNP has committed to mandatory living wage in any company that deals with the government.

      As minimum wage legislation is not in the remit of the Scottish government (Labour voted against it being devolved) they have no power to mandate it for the country.

      The strange thing though is that Labour is the party of the trades unions. You’d have thought that they wold have been 100% behind them.

      No other party can claim to have their roots in the trades unions.

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  2. Sarwar is like all of SLAB, utterly facile with zero interest in anyone other than himself. If he lived in England he’d be a member of the tory party because that would offer him the best options for increasing his wealth/influence.

    Facile self-serving scum, all of them.

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      1. Why? Isn’t he doing rather well where he is?

        And Tony and Gordon, Alistair and Wendy aren’t doing too badly… How many millions did Donald Dewar leave… and that was without being bumped upstairs to the chamber of horrors??


  3. I wouldn’t write off Mr Leonard. He was top of the list for Holyrood in Central. A shoo in position. Followed by the lovely Monica. Their internal struggles are of no concern to me, but I recall digging about for his biog at the time. What I remember is that he was a prominent nawbag and that he was a high up local official in a Trades Union. You have to remember that many of the remaining Labour members are trades unionists, and that group are both dedicated and influential in a party with so few members. The rank and file members of Labour are often old men now too, and I have encountered some on polling stations. I have been astonished to hear actual open racism from some.

    So I would not be in the least surprised if the next Labour leader is a Dick, not an Anas ( snigger ). However much we would love it to be mr Sarwar, we don’t have a vote, and those who do have an agenda all of their own.

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    1. Ah yes, Mr Leonard. I kinda recognise that name.

      We won;t write him off, but all the publicity has been for Anas. I’ve not seen much about him in the press, and I’m sure some MSPs have come out for him, but I’ve seen no publicity about it.

      Anas would be more fun though.


  4. Not much in the way of thinking needed for the branch manager position,the only requirement being to ensure that Scotland doesn’t deviate from policies made in England.
    If the incumbent is successful in this objective,he/she will be rewarded with £300 per day plus expenses for the rest of their life by a grateful British state.
    Off topic but interesting to see the Spanish state using the police to try and shut down the Catalan referendum.
    Explains why the branch managers of the British state parties here in Scotland want to see the police back under council control many of which they are in charge of.

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    1. I can’t understand the Spanish.

      If you want to kindle the flames of independence surely their actions are an object lesson in how to do it.

      If the EU had tried to shut down the UK’s referendum, I’d have voted to leave, and fought to leave.

      There must be people all over Spain who are thinking, what kind of government do we have.


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      1. When it comes to expressions of popular opinion the Spanish are not that keen on referendums given that the results are rarely in support of the Spanish government line; think Catalonia, Gibraltar etc. Given their recent history with their own brand of “nationalism”, it’s understandable that many either haven’t got their head round the idea of civic nationalism or view it with suspicion. Given ETAs tactics it’s understandable that “separatists” are similarly viewed with suspicion.

        Democracy and human rights are relatively new concepts for Spain and the Spanish Government. It was late in the day when Spain managed to get it’s house in order to the extent that it could be allowed into the UN and to be blunt it was their geostrategic position at the entrance to the MED that “rehabilitated” them into the family of nations rather than anything else. Indeed, there was a significant debate on the influence of the US in Spain’s parallel democratic transition and accession negotiations to the then EEC, which was facilitated largely on a direct initiative of the US Congress for the promotion of democratisation in the 1970s. The original EEC founders didn’t want Spain “in”, but the US did. What particularly alarmed the US was the then aspiration of the Spannish Government to develop an independent nuclear capability. Having Spain included in Euratom was seen as crucial as was the mutual defence argument of having them as a full Nato member.

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        1. True.

          What I’m seeing there worries me.

          I can’t understand why they think it is a good idea to deny the choice. It won;t win any people over.

          As you say, Franco is not that far back in history. Spain is hardly what you’d call a mature democracy.

          Not that the Brits have anything to shout about about that, of course!

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