45 thoughts on “BRAVO ‘GREAT’ BRITAIN”

  1. Tris
    The Tories won’t care and most of the people aware of it won’t also. This country has changed where the poor and vulnerable are the problem and only have themselves to blame. The UN can’t do anything about it, the Tories will deny it and nothing with happen.


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  2. From my professional experience, I can say that the language in the report that condemns the UK’s violations of the Convention is unusually robust. UN reports and so on are all parliamentary documents, you see, and the diplomatic niceties are supposed to be observed…

    The UK’s flagrant violations of the human-rights-related instruments it has signed up to (and was even responsible for in the first place!) would have elicited more widespread condemnation in the General Assembly – if it weren’t one of the Permanent Five on the Security Council. America, China, France and Russia are the other members, and the same sort of thing applies there, though France has a better record than most States, being the EU founding member that it is.

    The UK regime’s overarching desire to flush our human rights down the toilet is reflected in its contempt for international human rights law both globally and regionally, and is a far more serious matter than the Usual Suspects in the meeja are ever going to let on. The parallel that has been drawn between Hitler in 1933 and May in 2017 is both timely and instructive: in 1933, Hitler took the legislature out of the loop by enabling his Executive to pass legislation on its own without the Reichstag, and in 2017 May has done the same thing with the Great Repeal Bill – the Parliament will have no say, and May’s Executive – the Cabinet – will be able to make law all by its very own self. As our cousins in the Greater New York area might say, “Democracy? Fuhgeddaboutit”. Yes, the May regime really did just do away with democracy.

    I see independence as the only way out for Scotland. I just hope and pray that enough of us realize it in time.

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    1. Not just Hitler,, Stalin et seq in USSR / Russia Mugabe in Zimbabwe, numerous Asiatic Countries including ex USSR members, past and present, Erdogan in Turkey, Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela and now Theresa May in Westmister.

      By your “friends” shall ye be known

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      1. Well, Mrs May’s first meetings were (in indecent haste) Donald Trump, the orange supremacist, Erdogan, from whom I suspect she took some lessons on democracy (and who I see has sickened Dr Merkel to the point where she has indicated German would veto Turkey’s membership of the EU), Netanyahu (under investigation by police in his own country) and the King of Saudi Arabia, about whom the less said the better.

        By your friends, indeed.

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  3. typical tris standing up for malingering workshy
    spassys like me brother classed as disabled all
    his life and now Miraculously declared fit for
    work by the dwp…..

    appeal not yet sorted

    See a starving women with hungry child
    crawling towards a food bank..My it was so
    uplifting to see well fed people helping
    out the poor..If only we had more poor
    to help then this feeling of uplifting could
    be more widespread. Oh so good to be a
    christian in Tory ruled UK uplifiting even


    Rees-Mogg said the existence of food banks was “uplifting” because it showed how charitable people were

    Rees-Mogg shares a thought process akin to this man

    ‘Commandant of Auschwitz’ by Rudolf Höss

    One episode from the book that particularly sticks out in my mind is when Höss describes being in the vicinity of The Little White House, which once operated as a gas chamber, when a victim approaches him and asks, “How can you do this? How can you kill such beautiful, darling children?” Does the guilt take hold? Does he even relate to his own children and empathise about how he might feel if someone took them away from him? Not even close; he decides to take a ride on his horse for a while to ‘clear [his] head’, but that is all he says on the subject.

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  4. Is that still dragging on, Niko? That’s months and months, isn’t it?

    Once upon a time we had a system which recognised that while you might be technically capable of doing some sort of a job, the reality was that no employer was likely to employ you because your disability would slow you down/make certain tasks impossible/cause you stress, pain/make your condition worse.

    Now no one gives a damn about this, especially because since 2008 the country is flat broke, thanks to the bankers, the City, the insurance companies, etc… so they have to save a few bob here and there. And your brother is one of those who will pay.

    In the meantime, we are going ahead with renewing the nuclear deterrent that the USA considers to be theirs, at a cost of some £200 billion +. And of course Buckingham Palace and the Palace of Westminster needs to be done up, and there’s the London sewers, Crossrail, HS2 and the madness that is Brexit.

    But we’re Brits. We should stand up straight, wear a decent suit and tie and sing lustily “God Save the Queen”…as if she of all people in this dump, needed anyone to save her, much less god.

    Interestingly, Mr Rees Mogg appears to think the Christians have some monopoly on charity. One of the local food banks which I am proud to support in my very small way, is called “Taught by Mohammad”.

    What you say about Höss made me think about that Hopkins woman and her despicable column where she called the people fleeing our bombs in Syria “cockroaches”. I’ve often wondered if she really feels so inhumanly about kiddies washed up drowned. I mean, if she thinks these little boys and girls are cockroaches, I wonder if she would crush them underfoot without thought. Or maybe deep down there is a scrap of humanity somewhere in her bitter old head and at the last moment, she would think what a human being would think. Y’know, as if she were one.

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      1. Niko: I’m ashamed. If there is a backlog and there are 1.5 million unemployed and they can afford £1.5 billion to bribe the DUP, why not employ some more people.

        This is a SCANDAL.

        What would happen if the family weren’t able to help him.

        Like I said, I’m ashamed.


      2. I wish him all the best, Niko. I do know what DWP can be like. I recently won in my two claims from DWP. It’s taken me over eight years to get it pretty much sorted, though I haven’t been completely completely without an income from them since about – oh, a bit over four years ago. I do hope that responsibility for disability allowances is transferred to the Scottish Government on schedule. If we can’t do it better ourselves than under the current disposition, I’ll not just be disappointed, I’ll be very surprised. I really hope that your brother doesn’t have to wait that long, of course. The way DWP treat people is not right. In fact, it’s a crime by any normal standard.

        Tris, I had a look at that Taught by Mohammad group’s site – it’s http://www.taughtbymuhammad.com/ – and I’m going to pass on the occasional crumpled fiver if I just happen to have one left over after I’ve paid the weekly caviar and champagne bill.

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        1. I agree with what you said there, Ed.

          I hope you got back payments for the time that they sawed you off.

          After my collapsed lung episode in 2009, I was on some sort of sickness benefit for a while, then they took me off and I appealed and won.

          I got the payments refunded to me for the period that they had cheated me out of them.

          They seem to be good people, Ed. I also support St Salvador’s food bank.

          I used to support the big foodbank before they invented the slogan that “every town should have one”… until they had a vacancy for a manager and I applied to be told that I would have to be Christian to get paid employment there.

          I asked them why and they said that they were a Christian organisation which operated to Christian standards. I was not a Christian and refused to lie about it, so I missed the opportunity to apply for the manager’s job. I could volunteer if I wanted!

          I wondered why they were happy to accept my donations of money and food, what with me being a heathen.

          I checked carefully both TBM and St Salvador’s to make sure that there was no religious qualification to benefiting from the food bank. I was satisfied in both cases that there were no conditions to being fed. You just need to need…

          Munguin is fond of a glass of champagne, and rather less fond of forking out for it. He was wondering if you’d heard of a champagne bank anywhere?

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          1. A champagne bank – alas, no, only for the empties.

            The only correct responses, in my view, to anyone who says that you have to be a Christian to work here are (a) No, I would have to be mad to work here; (b) No, but I’m obviously far better at loving my neighbour than you are.

            To be applied, mutatis mutandis, to all situations in which people try to make their religion exclusive rather than inclusive. Now that I am old and grumpy, I can be perfectly open about my intolerance of intolerance, fools, knaves, barking Yoons, greengrocer’s apostrophes’, ill-fitting shoes, and Beaujolais Nouveau. That’s before I start on DWP, skeechy politicians and dogshit on pavements.

            I like “skeechy” – which I learned in conversation with a friend in New York, because it means – from the Urban Dictionary – “Shady and not to be trusted, either in business dealings, or on a personal level.

            1. I bought my cell phone at some skeechy store in china town

            2. Yo girl, why you run with those skeechy guys, they shifty eyed

            As you can see, it is the exact adjective you need in describing the Mango Mussolini in the White House.

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            1. Well, I learn something new every day on Munguin’s Republic.

              You’re bang on about the Trussel Trust.

              I suspect I wouldn’t have liked working there. Much better slaving for Munguin for very little in return…and every third Thursday afternoon off.

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  5. Time has passed for us to get the helll out of this sickening broken union that is run by the rich for the rich and the poor be damned in the process.

    I am at the point Tris I just want out as of yesterday, however as things currently stand we have to wait for another referendum … or do we?

    Here’s a wee ditty I put up on Facebook earlier.

    After all the recent coniving power grabbing running down of Scotland etc being carried out by Feartie and her mates I got to thinking. For quite a while now I have been saying that we should forget a second referendum and call an assembly. Today I ran the latest figures that would be seen if an assembly were called and they look like this.
    SNP (63 MSPs +35 MPs +2 MEPs) 100
    Greens (6 MSPs) 6
    Labour (23 MSPs +7MPs+2MEPs) 32
    Tories (31MSPs+13MPs+1MEP) 45
    Lib Dems(5MSPs+4MPs) 9
    UKIP (1MEP) 1
    These figures lead to a total of 106 politicians FOR Scottish independence and 87 AGAINST. In terms of percentages we end up with 54.92% FOR and 45.08% AGAINST.
    Now just take a second to think about these figures then look at what the percentages were in May of 2016 after the E.U. referendum where we ended up with LEAVE on 51.89% and REMAIN on 48.11%.
    In my view if winning with a 3% margin is good enough for Feartie to take us out of the E.U. then surely a 10% margin is more than good enough to give us independence and by default keep us in the E.U.


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    1. 1320

      Actually you make a valid point referendum are a crock of shite
      in the UK constitution (you know make it up as we go along variety)
      if the elected representatives of all the Scottish peoples at Holyrood
      vote UDI they would be acting democratically.

      I have always taken the view if you have a Scottish
      election and a majority at Holyrood declare for
      Independence then I would not argue against.
      I can’t help it the nats hung this albatross of
      a referendum around their necks.

      If you hold an election with a clear message
      of intent and the voters cannot be bothered
      to get of their erses to vote.
      then they have to accept the result and
      any consequences thereof.

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      1. The idea of course, Niko, was to do the separation in a friendly and peaceable way. We all know that even with a democratic referendum, they were threatening to stop us using the pound; put armed guards on the borders, blah, blah, blah.

        Mrs Thatcher once said, all you need to do is have a majority of MPs at Westminster and you have independence. She only said it becasue she was sure it would never happen, and indeed in her lifetime, it didn’t.

        But there is a majority now.

        I’ve always been against that, preferring a referendum, but to save us from the Tory dictatorship, maybe we should do it now.

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        1. I cant stand people who wont vote but will
          whinge I accept a none of the above can be
          a valid position.
          But this isnt about an individual party but
          who governs if people can not be motivated
          to get out and vote then they would have to
          accept the outcome.

          Dont get me wrong I believe inside the
          United Kingdom inside the imposedeu is best.
          But in a representative democracy
          you have to accept wining as well as
          losing…untill the next election.

          Although any election fought and won
          on becoming Independent in my opinion
          would never be reversed .


          watched a tory MP say if the eu imposed tariffs
          on the UK then the UK should retaliate with
          tariffs on eu trade..

          WOT a tiny little minnow threatens
          a f”k off massive whale well we know
          who will get squashed flat.

          there we are all steely eyed and
          square jawed at waterloo we wont
          let johhny foreigner rule over us!!
          God how glorious we Brittish are
          I could bloody weep with pride.
          as a Tory could probably say.

          delusional or wot ??
          Err! we wont ask who will
          do the dying ruins the ethos

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          1. I live in France and all the French people I know when I probe their opinions they are just simply

            “hurry up a GTF so we get on rebalancing the EU without the UK’s disruptive behaviour?”

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          2. NIko: I think that there should be an option on all papers to say “None of the above”.

            I’ve said time and again on this blog that people need to get out and vote. If they leave it to someone else to vote, then they should n’t be surprised if they get the wrong result. Particularly I’ve addressed that at young people. They don’t let their grans choose their clothes; they don’t let their parents choose their music. Why would they let them change their government? And old people vote. Possibly out of a sense of responsibility, and perhaps because it’s something to do, but they do vote.

            I think we should be in the EU. Not that it’s perfect. It could do with a lot of reform, but so could every government.

            I don’t think we should be in the UK, although I have no objection to a loose arrangement with the other countries. I don’t dislike them. I lived in England for 12 years, not too far from the Welsh border. I like both places. But I don’t want to have my politics dominated by a much much larger neighbour.

            Pensions, social security, foreign policy, wars, taxation… all of that is decided in the wrong place.

            I’d have accepted Home Rule as a temporary measure, but to leave Foreign Affairs and Defence, massive spends, in the hands of Boris Johnson and Fallon… Jeez.

            You can change the government after 5 years, but it would be murderous hard to have another referendum in 5 years and rejoin the EU as the UK. Scotland yes, Britain never. at least I think that anyway.

            What our Tory seems to forget is that there are rules about trade. He needs to read Ian Dunt or Terry Entoure on the subject.

            What he might as well get used to is that when it comes to trade, the EU is big; the UK small. And in trade being small is a bad idea….which is probably why small countries in Northern Europe are either in the EU or are in EFTA…


      1. As far as I can understand Tris calling a National Assembly would be legal. Following recent events as I said then it is bleedin obvious we MUST do this now. More over after what Mr Junker has said today I’m sure he would have no problem accepting an Independent Scotland via the National Assembly route into the E.U.

        In my view, following Feartie’s recent G.E. then what Craig Murray says here “The argument would run that, having been blocked at every turn from holding a democratic vote either by way of referendum or parliamentary election” holds firm and we are therefore fully entitled to call a National Assembly. All we really need is for people sitting in the appropriate seats in Holyrood to get up off their earse and just get on with it. 😉

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        1. That’s brilliant news for Catalonia. I can’t understand why Spain is being so cack handed about this,.

          I read the stuff but it was in Spanish and I’m not sure I totally understood. It seems they are arresting mayors and threatening postal people not to carry mail to do with the referendum.

          What are they thinking? This will convince the people to just accept the benign rule from Madrid?

          Jings, even May isn’t QUITE that stupid.

          I’m always ready to listen to what Craig says. He knows his way around government.

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            1. It certainly does.

              Arresting postal workers for delivering referendum mail?

              Jings. Spain wants to watch itself. It’s not that long it’s been a democracy. 1975? around 40 years?

              It sounds like its old self.


    2. Alas, I think you’ll find that Scottish Law will determine that the people are Sovereign and therefore Parliament is forced to comply with the “People’s Sovereign Will”. This quite simply means that there can be no UDI, Assembly or other contrivance to obtain Indy. Simply put Scottish Law REQUIRES a referendum for the people to decide what to do. Hence the Regime and its supporters are trying to stop it at all costs.


      1. The Scottish people, surely are represented by the people they elect. Is it not that, unlike England, the monarch is subject to the will of the people, given that the people put him/her there, rather than, as they believe in England, god?


        1. Agreed. IMHO The people who live in Scotland are Sovereign, and Parliament has been granted “Authority to act” by the people. So in the ordinary course of business parliament does the peoples will by authority of the people. BUT, when the people are asked their opinion in a referendum then the peoples will MUST be accepted and CANNOT be overridden by Parliament without them asking the question of the people again. Thats what Sovereignty of the people actually comes down to in practice. So we have a referendum to stay part of the UK and a vote to stay part of the EU. These are now incompatible and the ONLY demcratic solution is to ask the question again.
          The Supreme Court did not cite Scottish Law in its ruling re Gena Miller because it did not need to. If either Scottish OR English law required Parliament to issue A50 then parliament would have had to do so. In the case English law was all that was required. They did not have to cite scottish law and did not. The only really significant reference to Scotland was that the Sewell Convention was an administrative nicety, a sham, and did not apply when push came to shove. Scottish peoples sovereignty was NOT tested by the SC as it did not need to test it.

          If I am correct then I don’t know why we would not go to a scottish court to have the UK union nullified as they have issued A50 against the sovereign will of the scottish people. I must be missing something

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    1. Well, I doubt that, lol. Indeed he said he believed in being in the UK in the EU.

      But sometimes Niko is serious. And this is one of those occasions.

      As Arbroath says, it’s the first time she’s agreed with him! Ever!


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