28 thoughts on “GOOD QUESTION”

  1. Corbyn’s working hand in glove with them – for what reasons one can only speculate.

    Whenever I see Corbyn I see someone who is basically taking the P*ss – when he started wearing that stupid wee hat that just confirmed it for me!

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    1. I think he’s as scared of UKIP as the Tories are.

      So by default that nut job Nuttall is guiding politics. It’s as idiotic as the POTUS being an orange faced, racist misogynist, thin skinned eejit.

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  2. I have come to accept reluctantly but finally we are out of the EU and our
    future is a hard unpleasant brexity one.
    I have come to accept I have entered a long dark Tory night which will see
    me to the grave
    I have come to accept my eyes will never see another Labour Government
    I have come to accept the Torys brexiteers scum only succeeded thanks to following
    in the footsteps of new Labour (Harriet harman touts her book decrying inequality
    the women who said Labour should vote for inequality as the Torys had won two
    elections for imposing it on the poor )
    I have come to accept the clock is turning backwards towards a Victorian
    way of living a worse way of living.
    I have come to accept the future belongs to the Oligarchs and most have voted
    where they can for them and where they cant they hail them .
    I have come to accept i have worked in the early days of a better old Labour nation.
    which is now gone and is not ever coming back.
    I have come to accept Scotland will never return to nationhood the nats
    will to their dying days continue to strive to an unattainable romantic
    vision and they will never ever get there .
    I have come to accept the wisdom Thomas Hobbes quote

    “Whatsoever therefore is consequent to a time of Warre, where every man is Enemy to every man; the same is consequent to the time, wherein men live without other security, than what their own strength, and their own invention shall furnish them withall. In such condition, there is no place for Industry; because the fruit thereof is uncertain; and consequently no Culture of the Earth; no Navigation, nor use of the commodities that may be imported by Sea; no commodious Building; no Instruments of moving, and removing such things as require much force; no Knowledge of the face of the Earth; no account of Time; no Arts; no Letters; no Society; and which is worst of all, continuall feare, and danger of violent death; And the life of man, solitary, poore, nasty, brutish, and short.”

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    1. You’re right about everything, with the exception of our nationhood; we will regain our independence, of that I’m convinced.


      1. I’ve no idea, Terry. Looking at the demographics of the vote to exit Europe, I suspect it is possible that he would have lost some of the young (remain voters) who would have expected him to put up a fight.

        I suspect it’s not a risk they would be willing to take. To lose once is bad; to lose twice tragic; to lose three times?

        Incidentally, I just realised that some of the Labour lot bang on about not having a second referendum because the situation was settled by the will of the Scottish people in 2014. Given that they had two leadership contests within two years, isn’t that a tad hypocritical?

        I think he might go voluntarily probably before the next election. God only knows who they will get though.

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      2. Who else is there though? That is the more worrying thing from my perspective. Who are the up and coming, competent and principled future leaders of the Labour Party? The only ones with any real potential of winning that role are Blairites and I’m not convinced we would be any worse off than we are now under Mayhem and her Merry Men.

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        1. Exactly.

          I’m not sure that any of them are really competent either.. And in any case the bulk of the membership wouldn’t have them in a heartbeat. They need someone new.

          Like in Scotland… who is credible as a successor to Kezia?

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    2. Stratospheric stream of consciousness stuff, Niko Bey (Brit Pasha wannabe).

      A poet who, like the Corbie Craw, disna know it being, like the Corbyn Jackdaw, too intent on scavenging the detritus of May’s outgoings anent Trumpian narcissistic decadence, warmongering imperial, Ottoman-style, tethered – the Brits of passe Greek ilk blow-jobbing the current Ottoman-modeled Yanqui Caesar protuberant accoutrement of “classical”Roman gloamin’ shyte-gibbons – to paraphrase a senator – whose blaring erses are manured by ilka 77th Brigade porno-imperialist-tripe-trolls: The self-same trite and snarling dug pack akin to the likes of you mewling like feral cats when snared and their tails are consequently clipped at the root of their propaganda when caught at it, again.

      And you can fcuk Hobbes when you’re at it, the posturing skyte. For Duns Scotus would have tanned his gobshite argumentation with the flick of a logical Lochgelly fair square upon the hinner ring of the buttok-bottomed postulations-lite animus of his farted sussurations.

      I fair hope, for the sake of your pro-Britisher, Ottoman soul that the ghost of my brother GRIVAS has not resurrected itself to stalk oor orbiting planet jinxed by the blight of your complicit type as he might wish to have some Socratic dialectic discourse with you and your comrades in imperialist propaganda Anglo-Brit aspirant and hoochie-koochie Yoosa.

      Meantime, viva Ataturk and Grivas and Joe Slovo and MacLean and Lygate and Connolly and an innumerable multitude of other folk and the SNP and their forerunners who laid the groundwork for our global struggle for genuine DEMOS with a Scottish assist as we be brothers and sisters the world o’er for all that (Burns paraphrased) and despite you and your “bad hombres” (to quote the big hair USA president) willful, self-seeking, sleekit, unthoughtful, mechanistic, and divisive shite.

      Enjoy your rake. Slainte, Stratos!

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  3. Labour are in a difficult position. Because they were a force to be reckoned with after the war – and because the Americans were so afraid of the appeal of communism – the standard of living in the UK for many people is actually quite high. I suppose a lot has to do with the oil money too.

    My grandparents had f@ck all. A room and kitchen and difficulty heating that. Now my nieces fly to continental music festivals. I remember standing in front of my primary class at about 7 or 8 telling everyone my news. I was the first kid in the class that had been on an airplane.

    Social mobility was very fluid for a while, and a lot of us are actually relatively well off ( certainly by global standards). But getting people to care about others less fortunate is a hard sell. Especially when those doing the selling are very well off ( Bliar, Broon, etc ) , and there is a culture of “undeserving poor” being pumped out all the time. So to an extent the Labour Party have succeeded in making themselves redundant.

    I suspect the hard right Tory loony faction that has taken over will make themselves unelectable before long, but its hard to see a “market” for a redistributive left leaning party in the UK. There are some deep problems still to be resolved. The economy is dysfunctional. There is a structural trade deficit. And the UK still has not grasped its not a world power any more. But what is there really to rebel against any more?

    I am reluctant to write a once upon a time force in the land off. But just as the global economy is shifting back to its tradition – where China and India were the largest economies – so perhaps England will shift back to a 2 party system of Whigs and Tories. And Scotland will shift back to being an independent European country. Although hopefully not as poor as it was before the rise of European empires.

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    1. Interesting, David.

      I think you hit the nail on the head when you talked about not being a global power any longer but desperately holding on to the notion that it is.

      They don’t have the wherewithal to be a global power. They are poor, they owe nearly 2 trillion pounds. Probably more than 2 trillion Euros or dollars.

      They can’t afford to pull or push of lift above their weight. The country is falling to pieces, roads, railways, heath, education, welfare, all crumbling. Even the military, which is hugely important to the Tories, has been left with terrible equipment and insufficient manpower to do the job that the Tories (and Labour) aspire to as Satsuma Trump’s right-hand man.

      I wish they’d behave like other small insignificant countries and just get on with running the place instead of trying to run the world. I reckon folk must choke up laughing at them. As the Chinese pointed out, a small poor island off the coast of Europe good only for tourism and going to university.

      And even that may be in doubt when all the research money dries up and the most talented people go off to somewhere a bit more enlightened.

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    2. I am not sure how to respond to your post davidbsb.

      It strikes me that everyone was in a sort of chaos just after the second world war. Which was my parents generation. I recall having coal fires in the grate, a boiler, rather than a washing machine, and horse and carts on the street.

      Just as a for instance, we had some pretty decent tram car networks.

      I make that point merely because a lot of modern European Cities have decent public transport, trams even. We ripped hem up without a care in the world. Europe did not. Who was right? Who was wrong?

      I think the post WW2 era has been about choices. Most European countries made wiser choices than Westminster, for instance on Pensions and the amount of money they spent of defence. The UK made, ultimately stupid choices, based on a complete misunderstanding of the relative power of the state and the relative weakness of those advocating PFI, for example. Or perhaps they just colluded?

      Is it any wonder that most of Western Europe looks a lot better than the UK?

      We, as a politic, have been consistently shafted, from the establishment of a National Health Service, right up to date. I can expand on that if you like?

      If you travel to foreign lands, they tend to be tidier and more willing to support their citizens, something that the UK is particularly bad at.

      Rich folk? Both the Labour Party and the Conservatives love them to bits. For instance the Arms Trade is seen as something we should pride ourselves in, when we should be walking away from it’s more extreme exemplars, Saudi Arabia, for instance. Which both the Labour and Conservative Parties appear to love. And thay are also in lock-step in retaining the legitimicy of a banking sector that should be taken to trial.

      Meanwhile, people starve on the streets.

      “Westminster is wonderful, nurse where’s my meds?”

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  4. I think what I’m trying to say is that the Labour Party has served its purpose, and that it has no real point for the majority of people now. So it struggles to try to stay electable in a world that has moved on.

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    1. They lost the place. Thatcher may have helped in that. Share-owning, council house owning folk moved on. She emasculated unions too. And then they decided, under Blair (and Mandelson), to try to appeal to the better off southerners. They left their traditional vote behind. In Scotland a lot of it went to the SNP. In England it looks like a lot of it is going to UKIP. How anyone could think that UKIP is the answer to anything, I’ve no idea.


  5. I think that most Scots just want a quiet life and to get on with their neighbours as best as possible.
    with a belligerent,bellicose,bombastic,war mongering neighbour next door wanting to rule the planet,I am afraid there is little prospect of that.
    Like a battered wife,our only protection from this bully will be from other neighbours who are sympathetic to our position.
    Anyone who thinks that going it alone,without the support and protection of friends is going to work out OK for Scotland has completely failed to understand the nature of our current partner and how he will react should we dare to leave him.

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    1. I think we do have a lot of support. Countries around us have certainly expressed theirs. Iceland, Ireland, Norway, Denmark.More recently Germany has expressed friendly
      feelings. I don’t think we’ll have a problem with friends if we do it legally and democratically.

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    1. Oh dear.

      ‘I say old chap, one can’t have damned foreigners voting to take away our damned British heritage’, which (according to some madwoman on QT) we have been ruling the world for thousands, if not millions, of years????


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