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  1. It was just all so horribly predictable. I have to confess I’ve not watched any of the votes or bothered to read anything about it, really. I just knew Labour would mess it up and, sure enough, they did exactly that. I’ve pretty much known this since last Autumn when Corbyn declared he wouldn’t stand in the way of A50. He said that before the government had declared a single thing about their plan. Oh dearie me.

    How long do we have to put up with Corbyn? He is completely beyond parody now. It’s not just Corbyn, though. Keir Starmer is also guilty here. God help us if he becomes the next leader. Remember when he said that Theresa May’s speech back in January wasn’t hard Brexit? Oh dear.

    Like everyone else I’ve been through all the emotions with Corbyn, starting with hope and ending with undiluted rage.

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    1. I see the media are now pushing the line that Corbyn is going to resign in the near future, reports which he obviously denies. But Terry, do we really think that it would make any difference who was “leader”. As someone who has always detested the Labour Party, because I always was of the belief that mendacity was endemic throughout their ranks, I can only wish that the latest opinion poll is correct, when it states they have dropped to a mere 12% in Scotland, hopefully hastening their demise.


      1. If he did resign, who would take over? One of the Blairites, who would agree with everything the Tories are doing and for whom almost no one would go out and knock doors?

        Could they possibly have three leadership campaigns in a row within two years, while the most important event in the last 50 years is going on?

        Would they been any more together if they got someone else.

        In my opinion UK Labour ar dead in the water.

        In Scotland they have been for some time. Their core vote has drifted to the SNP or Greens. The vote that they got because of the post-Thatcher hatred of anything Conservative, has drifted back to the Tories.

        And they have had a succession of useless leaders far too willing to bend the knee to London.

        Everything is changing, across Europe and the demise of Labour is part of it. It’s possibly because we are much better informed, and we are very fed up with the status quo. We may not like some of it, but the “West” is turning out to be a rather different place.


        1. I don’t think there is any shame in voting Labour in the past. I did. I actually though that Tony Blair could really change things. I guess in a way he did, just not the way i had hoped.

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    2. Both major unionist Parties are held in the hrall of vociferous feral minorities rendering the Gov to be driven by a lunatic right wing agenda and the “opposition” by trying to keep their party from splitting.

      Both dictated by internal Party politics, without reference to the needs of the People.

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    3. Funny, isn’t it, how many leaders give us hope, then let us down.

      I can understand it, to an extent.. you only have to look at a map of England and at the constituencies that voted, albeit narrowly, for exit. It’s fair enough, if your constituents voted out, to vote for it too. But he ordered everyone to vote for it. Even in those areas where Remain won the vote.

      I championed Corbyn because I thought he would bring some calm, sound, common sense to Westminster. The alternatives sounded too much like Tony Blair, or Tories, to put it another way. Now this lot are voting with Tories or abstaining.

      Fair to say congratulations to Scottish Labour (not something you’ll see a lot of this blog) for voting the way Scots voted.


  2. English politics is now entirely about UKiP.
    The Tories adopting their policies to avoid a split in their party and Labour doing so as well to try and fight them off in many of their traditional constituencies in England.
    Unfortunately,because we Scots don’t count in England’s union,we are also subject to the malign policies of their right wing xenophobia.

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    1. It’s true.

      Anything to stop UKIP.

      And because UKIP is not a force here we don;t have the same issues. Not that it stopped Muddle for voting the way he was told to by London, rather than the way he was told to by his constituents.


  3. Just two things here Tris.

    First as far as Corbyn is concerned … TELT!

    Secondly … massive congratulations to everyone in Westminster who was involved in the group whistle and sing a long during the voting earlier tonight.

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    1. For anyone of a sensitive disposition I do not recommend viewing that video on YouTube and then reading the comments below it. You can just feel the love pouring out towards Scotland’s political representatives and, by extension, us Scots.


    2. “I don’t want a sing-off”

      I would have thought a sing-off would be substantially more informative, and certainly more pleasant to watch, than what normally happens in there.


    1. I’m not at all sure.

      To be entirely fair to Jeremy, he caught May a whopper over the Surrey council tax business. She of course, unable to think on her feet, was left foundering.

      But over this, the party that enthusiastically championed the EU, he completely abrogated responsibility. This might have been to do with the by-election and possible loss of seat to UKIP.

      Terrible to hear of MP trooping through lobbies shaking their heads, saying “this will be a disaster”.

      They were voting for a disaster.

      Let’s not forget that.

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  4. ODE TO JOY: EU not heard the last from its and Scotland’s citizens, yet. Not by a long chalk. The residual rump of the UK, however, is about to see the aforesaid citizens walking away from their bigoted, xenophobic Treaty of Union as distorted by the lebensraum Little Englander Britishers and it’s current hegemonic, self-regarding exceptionalist, and violently narcissistic institutions of whom WM regards itself as primary.

    Ode to Joy, indeed, and GIRFUY, WM.

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  5. “Labour MP Kate Hoey has said she is “proud” that Theresa May is prime minister.
    Hoey, who campaigned strongly for Brexit, said today she liked the “style” of the Conservative PM .”


    1. Why does she not cross the floor?

      May is weak, and too slow to make a prime minister.

      She never has a real answer. She waffles. She’s absolutely hopeless with Angus, and most of the time with Jeremy. Her idea of leadership seems to be to creep to the likes of the POTUS and his mates Erdogan and Netanyahu. Three of the nastiest leaders in the free world. As a result cleverer and more thinking leaders avoid her. See cancelled meeting with Merkel.


  6. Tris

    I just don’t care about Labour at all in England anymore, I had hope for Corbyn but the best thing that they could do now is just de-constitute the Party and both sides go their separate ways. England deserves better and we need better given how many of them make our decisions for us. I watched a fair bit over the couple of days and the quality was pretty poor from the yoons, it’s pretty clear that a lot of England is going down the xenophobic road, the Tories see this as a chance to role back every gain the poor have made and Labour will either abstain or do nothing. They are shit pure and simple. I also think the SNP need to start walking out sometimes, preferably during PMQs, but if the Tories keep going the way they are then they will be a huge help during the next referendum, I am really starting to believe we are seeing the end of the UK and England’s Empire, it will be better for all of us in the long run.


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    1. Well, Bruce, if we don;t take the opportunity to rid ourselves of this nonsense next time round, we deserve everything we get.

      In 2014 we voted for Tory overlordship and although they promised the earth, they were Cameron promises, and not worth the parchment they were written on.

      JK Rowling’s assumption that if we voted to stay we wold be in a seriously powerful position and able to dictate terms, came to nothing.

      We should get out of it before 2019.


  7. Sorry that this is not strictly on topic here Tris but thought folks might enjoy, well those who have not already seen this, watching a certain “Scottish” Tory getting his face slapped with a fresh wet fish followed by having his earse handed to him on a plate, Silver salver actually as is his wont. LOL

    Watch from 1 Hr 58 Mins.

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    1. Gove is a creepy wee bastard. He has absolutely NO answers himself.

      He’s still clinging to the £350 million a week for the NHS which has been blasted apart by everyone. Leaving the EU will cost UK money. There will be no money for the NHS. Taxes will have to go up, or people will more and more have to be left to die on trollies.

      Brave new UK.


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