a-scottish-protestSorry to go on about the same subject two days in a row, but with reference to the petition, it seems that May has caved on her original dismissal of the proposal that the “state” part of the visit should be dropped and the affair be made a working visit between May and Trump. With nearing 1,750,000 (where only 100,000 are required for a debate) it has been agreed that there will, indeed, be a debate.

“Parliament will debate this petition on 20 February 2017.

Of course, there is no earthly way that the state visit would or could be downgraded. We all know that. No matter what p[oliticians say. A bit like Article 50 debate. The outcome is certain. The state visit will go ahead.

The invitation came from the queen (even if it didn’t) and for the queen to insult the head of state of the country that May desperately needs to court will simply never happen…even if one and three quarter million taxpayers (and rising) don’t want it to happen and don’t want the massive amount of cash that these things cost to be wasted on a billionaire nut job with an orange face.



Certainly not while there are kids going to school with empty stomachs, ย people being sent home from jobcentres, told they are fit to work and dying on the way home, folk dying on trolleys in A&E after waiting for 48 hours to see an exhausted doctor, and ex-military folk begging for food in food banks along with another million and a half citizens…sorry, subjects. Whatever, the state visit will happen. And they will load on the pomp and glittery stuff, because they know that the small minded, orange boyman with the fragile ego likes it, nay loves it. Give him goldy glittery stuff and he will give you a trade deal on his terms. You won’t like it (especially not the secret courts which will make the European courts look welcoming), but it will look like Tessy Mayhem hasn’t failed quite so badly.

But you can bet your life Trump knows about this petition, the demonstrations and the debate. He’ll probably be in denial, of course. The people out there were protesting FOR him, not against him and there have never been so many people protesting FOR anything in the history of the universe. Whatever fairytale boy. It’s bed time. Who knows if there will be repercussion for May.


Looks just like the inside of Trump Tower.Funny in a way that we should support this. The original purpose of the petition was to save the queen and the Duke of Rothsay embarrassment. About that, we don’t give a fig.

Frankly, I doubt if the queen or her son will worry about that. They are perfectly at home with some of the most vicious detestable dictators in the world. They’ll probably find his lack of stiff upper lip manners rather distasteful, his brashness disconcerting and his hair laughable. I wonder if he slurps his soup. However, they are getting the best part of half a billion pounds from the state to do up one of their houses, so they can get over themselves and get on with it, with Charlie, biting his lip all the while on Green issues which Donald thinks are a Chinese plot to bring down the West. Whatever the big orange thing wants, Charlie. Just agree with him. Afterwards, you can scream.


And all this was so avoidable…


  1. Decidedly “lovely” image of the orangeman of the White House!
    Seriously, he must be having a ball with no-one it seems having the cajones to halt or temper his actions.

    I didn’t sign the petition, in fact I’ve stopped signing many online as they never go anywhere, or not allowed to go anywhere mair like…
    As a one time resident of Bute, my partner always pronounced the main town as Rot He Say (helps with spelling) ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Wow!

    Guess what? I am convinced that Theresa May has to embrace TTIP, secret courts and a move from democracy to capitalism included as her ‘get out’ clause.

    There has been a trend recently to suggest that Nicola Sturgeon is just shit stirring. That we are all – yawn – bored with it all.

    I’m not.

    I think she speaks for a lot of us, in not wanting to embrace Theresa May’s alternative option. That woman would incorporate us into the USA in a heartbeat. Which is her secret agenda, I think.

    Beware Conservatives, they are nearly as bad as UKIP, but UKIP has comparatively redeeming features. Like they have never said we should be the next US State, have they?

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  3. Tris

    I’m glad there will be a debate, there was no way that Theresa May could ignore that number but I agree it won’t change anything but will allow the opposition, mainly the SNP, to give the Tories a hard time and live on tv, it will also focus the mind of Trumps flunkies who will no doubt be watching it but that concerns me less to be honest. I want to see the PM having a hard time as she deserves it.

    The State visit is a joke, I can’t stand any of them anywhere, they serve no purpose other than to make small people feel big at our expense at a time when we just don’t have the money. The Windsor’s I suspect have more in common with Trumps political views than many of us do but it will be a chore for them as well and good, Trump in the palace for a few days will make them sick so bring it on.


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    1. Well, it will be another opportunity for Labour to fall apart, I suspect. I’m sure they won;t be disciplined about it.

      I suspect for various reasons teh SNP will be more or less of one voice. Some are royalists and some are republicans, but none of them are likely to like Trump.

      May will be shown up as a complete diddy. I’ve just added an illustration that shows that it took more or less 3 years to invite DubYa and 2 years to invite President Obama. 7 days to invite the Harvest Moon Goon.

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  4. The rush to royally wine and dine the orange faced moron does appear unseemly, compared with the historical comparisons to Obama and Bush. Oh well, the debate in commons may be fun to watch.


    1. It smacks of utter desperation. She must have thought, “I’ll make myself really popular if I’m seen with him first and if he offers a trade deal and I’ll do anything to get it”. Wrong.

      Yet another misjudgement on the part of a piss poor prime minister.


  5. Couple of points:
    On this website Lizzie and Phil are featured. If either pops their clogs before they can fit Trump the Chump in, it may get canned as Charlie Boy might not keep silent once he has had the fur and jewelry on his head and the big jewelled stick in his hand.

    By the way, Lizzie has not been seen much lately and has she ever been seen with Mayhem since Brexit? She wasn’t in the photo of the new cabinet……………


    1. Yes, I was thinking that even as the king in waiting he might decide to absent himself on the basis of an already heavy schedule. He did that with Xi Jingping, I seem to recall. If he was the big cheese he might just do that.

      I’m pretty certain that all visits would be cancelled if the queen died. Don’t they go into mourning for months and months?

      There is that photograph of May wear that thing with big yellow pockets meeting Liz and the inappropriately low neckline. I suspected the pockets were big because there must be stuff worth lifting at Buck House, but perhaps it is just her weird dress sense… or that of her husband who apparently chooses her clothes.


      1. She wore that weird yellow pocketed thing on day 1 at No. 10 – and saw Lizzie the same day. Haven’t spotted any since.

        I think actually she dresses not badly most of the time but is pretty disastrous when trying to make a political statement, like the tartan trouser suit. I think it was Cameron – she also wore it after Davy-boy resigned. I think Campbell would have been more appropriate (Cameron=bent nose and Campbell=bent mouth).

        Funnily enough, Yellow and Black are SNP colours……

        Was the Day ! a statement too Black and Yellow (SNP Colours)?

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        1. I think she dresses inappropriately. A dark suit and white blouse with high neck should be business attire for her. I mean what would we have said if David Cameron wore a low neck t-shirt and a suite with big yellow pockets.

          I’m 100% for equality, but it works both ways. An orange suit (maybe to go with his face) and a plunging neckline showing her cleavage, to meet the president, was, in my opinion, a bit gaudy.

          Remember when President Obama wore a tan suit instead of a blue one…. Sheesh.


  6. I thought red (and orange) suits were “Power Dressing” for women? Don’t wear orange or orange-reds myself as they are definately not “my” colours. I think it is a shame that the range of permissible colours for fellas is so restricted.

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    1. Maybe they are. I’m a bit biased about this. I had a boss who was really strict about what the men wore, dark suit, shirt, tie done up, dark shoes, shaved… and the women wore t-shirts, and “slacks”. As I say, I’m all for equality, it just should mean “equality”. Not that I have the slightest desire to wear an orange suit, I hasten to point out.


  7. No, I didn’t sign the petition either. Anything with “Queen” on it appalls me. Just an observation that on reading Craig Murray, I find that a former P.P.S to her majesty has written in the Times, and spoken on the B.B.C, about “his” opposition to Trump’s state visit. Surely this is code, sending a warning shot across May’s bows. Another P.R disaster for our totally incompetent P.M?

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    1. Well, I have a problem that the petition is “to save embarrassment to the queen”. I don’t give a damn about that, but I hope that the fantastic number of signatories will be of embarrassment to May. Mind you, she has a skin like a rhinoceros. off to read Craig. Thanks for the heads up, Alex.

      She really is a complete turnip.


      1. Now Prince Harry “allegedly” against Trump’s state visit. Will the blessed Theresa defy those born on the right side of the blanket, ( are you sure Alex?), and go ahead with her ill-thought out plan to get the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha’s to kowtow to the orange one? You know, sometimes people don’t survive that sort of confrontation with the monarchy. I mean their career of course.

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  8. Harry is far enough down the pecking order for it to be insignificant what he thinks personally, but who knows. maybe the senior royals use someone like Harry to let their feelings be known.

    Let’s hope his state visit is a disaster, start to finish. An embarrassment both for him and mayhem. And even if they do it all at Balmoral to keep him away from the crowds of ill-wishers in London, let’s hope the protestors find a way to make their voices heard. And that the state is forced to pay damages to the people of the Balmoral area for the disruption to their lives.


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