But, even if he is right, he’s saying the only solution to this energy price crisis is for the weather to be less crap than usual in the winter.

Oh well, that’s a white christmas knocked on the head.

So, in stead of Bing Crosby lets have Satchmo.


  1. And I see the 95yr old hypocritical, tax dodging, paedophile protecting woman, has been pontificating on climate change, with the usual sycophants,” where’s my K”, agreeing with her every word. Even Greenpeace. Sick inducing.

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    1. I’ve been out to buy a new shovel and I’m laying in salt and sand as we speak.

      Of course, when they do weather forecasting in the UK, they don;t look much further than the home counties.

      I expect he means he’s going to have a mild winter.


    1. I wonder if they even bother hoping that.

      Unless these poor can train as fruit pickers, lorry drivers, butchers or maybe even vets… why would they care one way or the other?

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  2. O/t A Tory MP has been murdered in England at a constituency surgery. As much as we hate Tories that’s horrible news. I’ll be honest I’d never heard of him but no-one deserves that.

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    1. Agree, no one deserves to be assaulted and murdered.
      The attacker has been arrested.
      As a diversion I read the his voting record after reading he was a caring individual, it doesn’t read well, he voted FOR the most harsh of policies, reducing benefits for the less well off.
      We will hear no doubt more of this.
      Sorry for his family and equally sorry for the children and people who will struggle to eat and heat during the coming winter.
      Was his death worth the money saved?


      1. Radio 4 is busy wheeling out MPs to sing his praises.

        Murder is no solution to any problem.

        2 MPs have been murdered in 5 years; how many women have been murdered by men over the same time? That’ll be Sarah Everard firmly pushed out of the papers, then.

        Even further off-topic; fox-hunter found guilty of advising others on ways of circumventing the law and using drag hunts as cover for fox hunts. Good.

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        1. “how many women have been murdered by men over the same time”

          Too many – it’s averaging about 3 per week. But we don’t matter. Mostly our names are never known…

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          1. Patel orders an urgent review of MP’s security.
            As you say, 3 women a week murdered, no rush.
            2 MPs in 5 years, instant response.
            When their necks appear to be at risk!!!!!!

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        2. Glad to hear the second part of that.

          People who kill animals for sport make me so very very angry.

          I saw that that kid of Wee Wullie and the Clothes Horse is apparently upset by the sight of litter… (presumably his footman must have missed some and his princeness saw it… horror)… however apparently he was taken shooting at grandmama’s Scottish estates last year and didn’t find the sight of dead animals upsetting.

          Clearly it’s the colour of his blood that cases these peculiarities.

          The queen is annoyed about how slowly we are working on climate change,so presumably she will be ordering that her hat NOT be transported in its own car in future and she will be informing the Scottish government to cancel her exclusion from climate change regulations in our country.

          What a bloody joke they are.

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    2. I’ve just read about it.

      I agree completely just as I did when that nutter murdered Jo Cox.

      We may not agree politically. I’d never heard of him either so I’ve no idea what he’s like but regardless of your politics this is beyond belief awful


  3. How Sir David Amess voted on Business and the Economy

    Generally voted against stronger tax incentives for companies to invest in assets
    Almost always voted for reducing the rate of corporation tax
    Voted a mixture of for and against measures to reduce tax avoidance
    Voted for new high speed rail infrastructure

    How Sir David Amess voted on Miscellaneous Topics #
    Voted a mixture of for and against greater regulation of gambling
    Generally voted against restrictions on fees charged to tenants by letting agents.
    Generally voted for a statutory register of lobbyists
    Generally voted against Labour’s anti-terrorism laws
    Generally voted for the policies included in the 2010 Conservative – Liberal Democrat Coalition Agreement
    Generally voted for the privatisation of Royal Mail
    Consistently voted for allowing national security sensitive evidence to be put before courts in secret sessions
    Almost always voted against requiring pub companies to offer pub landlords rent-only leases
    Consistently voted for capping civil service redundancy payments
    Generally voted for restricting the scope of legal aid
    Almost always voted for limits on success fees paid to lawyers in no-win no fee cases
    Generally voted against raising welfare benefits at least in line with prices
    Almost always voted for a reduction in spending on welfare benefits
    Almost always voted against spending public money to create guaranteed jobs for young people who have spent a long time unemployed
    Almost always voted for making local councils responsible for helping those in financial need afford their council tax and reducing the amount spent on such support
    Almost always voted against paying higher benefits over longer periods for those unable to work due to illness or disability.
    Almost always voted for reducing housing benefit for social tenants deemed to have excess bedrooms (which Labour describe as the “bedroom tax”)

    Described as a Caring individual.
    Yes didn’t deserve as a human to be murdered but we can see who he was concerned about.
    Will we find out the attacker was under attack from this government?

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    1. Yes, he sounds like a fairly typical Tory, but no one deserves what happened to him.

      Another example of what a hate filled island we have become.

      I saw a tweet for a young Scot who said he wished it had happened to Nicola.

      He account has now been deleted and I’ve reported it to Police Scotland.

      I don;t care what anyone’s politics are. Murder is NEVER the way to deal with them.

      Jo Cox, now David Amess. Who next?


  4. Back on thread.
    The French cable power link will take 2 years to get back into service.
    They were saying it would be back in service by spring next year.

    The Hunterson to Wales cable has been transferring 2GW every day, no sign of it on the network.
    Have a look at the COP26 in Glasgow reports, full bins, rats, strikes, Scotland will be an embarrassment.
    Have a look at Brighton, no bin emptying due to a lack of drivers who have left to pick up jobs.
    Now we are to have visas for butchers, they just stopped these, now a uturn.
    the transport secretary tell the world that the lateral flow testing will rely on honesty to do the test and send in a picture of the test result.
    Anybody want a couple of negative lateral flow tests?
    If people were avoiding testing so as not to lose time at work, well.
    Now englandland is reporting 1 in Sixty of the population are positive for covid, media coverage?
    The CO-OP are taking on Apprentice van drivers, a trade at last.

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    1. Ohhhh… all those opportunities for van drivers.

      Are they advertising in Germany?

      I noticed here that the bin collections were far less regular than they had been and guess that the council workers had been tempted away by companies who could offer a lot more money than councils can.

      My friends on the continent, in Mexico, in Uruguay, Québec, are calling it plague island and won”t come here if you paid them.

      Anyone want to come here at the moment?

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    2. Brighton was the last place that I saw a live wild rat; was there to see Sleaford Mods at the Concorde with pals.

      Wasn’t as big as the ones that I’d seen in Leith docks some years before, mind…

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