I see that the queen has been overheard expressing frustration at the lack of action from world leaders on climate change.

Could that be the same queen that used her royal prerogative to order an exemption for herself on climate change legislation in Scotland. And quite possibly the same queen that has a massive vehicle to carry her hat about in case she feels a draft.

The Queen did not wear her crown for the Queen's Speech for the first time  in 43 years - here's why - Mirror Online

Not to be outdone, her son, grandson and even now great grandson are talking about the environment.

Prince Charles news: Prince of Wales flew before Davos Greta Thunberg  meeting | Royal | News |

So, would that be the same Charlie who rather likes to travel by private jet between his homes in Scotland and England, because internal commercial flights don’t have a first class section and his arse doesn’t fit on seats made for commoners?

And even when travelling to places outside the UK, where first class accommodation would be available, strangely, he still uses private planes, because, it seems first class isn’t classy enough for Charlie…


William was telling us all this week that his son, George gets upset when he sees litter all over the place, but seeming not so much when he sees dead birds in Daddy and Mummy’s hands.

Prince William flew 48,496 air miles
To the Moon and Back.

According to this, Willie says that his dad is well ahead of the curve on the environment. If so, I really must be soooo far behind the curve that I’ll never pick it up.

You remember that at one time Willie told us that it was irresponsible to have more than 2 children …then had three? How we laughed!

Prince William reveals WORRIES for children Prince George, Princess  Charlotte and Prince Louis | HELLO!

I know that as the mood of the country moves away from royals, possibly encouraged by the behaviour of Airmiles, who clearly thinks law doesn’t apply to him (and to an extent, as long as he is in the presence of the queen or in a royal palace, that seems to be true) and young people are polling that they want a republic, the Windsors are desperately trying to show themselves to be relevant and of some use to the rest of us. Otherwise…?

But they really need to do better than this.

Never, it seems to me, have they been less relevant and more pointless.



  1. There goes tris Nat leader of the moaning minnies..
    Attacking OUR Royal family as always.
    Do you know probably NOT !!!
    OUR dear Prince šŸ¤“ Charles runs his Aston Martin on white wine from his winery .

    Is that not a wonderment???
    We should all do the same ā€¦
    To save our planet šŸŒŽ

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    1. Yes, I know it was converted, but I suspect his jets don’t run on cheese and wine.

      And Airmiles helicopters to take him to golf?

      I think there are plenty of unionists who don;t care for the royals… I seem to recall Tony Benn crossed his fingers behind his back when he swore allegiance in parliament and who was that Fife MP way back Willie Ross was it?

      Corbyn is a republican and a unionist.

      And as I recall, Alex Salmond is a royalist.

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  2. Unfortunately it’s a 5.3 litre V8 engine and it uses unleaded petrol along with the alcohol from the discarded white wine.
    It will be consuming fuel at the rate of 5 to 10 miles to the gallon, a modern 1 litre double compressor can do 50+MPG on E10.
    We know why he’s got the high colour of alcohol consumption.
    Save the spin for the car, not how green he is.

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      1. To be fair, a large part of a vehicle’s emissions are involved in its manufacture. Keeping a vehicle going – in good order – is more environmentally friendly than scrapping it and buying a new one. What should happen is that the government should stop the sale of petrol and diesel cars (commercials are another thing); thus they become a finite resource and will fade away.

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        1. What should alos happen is if that family want to lecture us about being green, they shopuld be green too.

          Ask themselves… do I need to go here or there or wherever?

          How can I do it more sustainably environmentally?

          Nope. I really don;t need to drive in convoy to Ascot or the Highland Games.

          I could watch it on telly.

          Either that or they could shut up telling us about being more environmentally friendly.

          Time they were rehoused.

          I was trying to find the Spitting Image that had all of them move into a council flat, but it appears that ITV have taken them down.


  3. I’m pleased to see that the crown’s private car is a Rolls and not one of the palace’s lower class Bentleys. However, it’s distressing to see that the crown car apparently lacks air conditioning (windows rolled down.) You never see such a thing on the American president’s tank armored, bomb proof, hermetically sealed (poison gas proof) Cadillac limousines.
    So the next time he shows up in person at a climate-change conference somewhere in the world, with a bunch of other world leaders to wring their hands and rend their garments about the state of the environment (which so distresses them,) we should reflect on the fact that the president travels with TWO of those limousines…..both of them pre-delivered to the travel site by a giant C-17 Globemaster III cargo plane……having arrived himself in one of his TWO Air Force Ones……one of which is flown as a decoy for purposes of security.

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    1. PS: I enjoyed Satchmo in the previous Munguin piece, now that Bing’s White Christmas has lost some of it relevance in our climate change era.
      There’s a story BTW that in 1932 Louis was playing a royal “command performance,” and (being an American) was cautioned that one never “plays” to the royal box. So naturally, at one point, he looks up and declares “this one’s for you Rex!” The King laughed heartily as the story goes.

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        1. Tris…….That occurred to me. I really have trouble imagining George V and Queen Mary in stitches about such a thing. šŸ˜‰ Actually, the 1932 date was from an internet piece I saw about jazz at the palace. The Satchmo “Rex” story is more often set in the late 1940’s, and the King is George VI…….who is reported to have laughed heartily. So who knows!……….LOL.

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          1. Munguin was thinking of having some of the greats over to the Towers to give a concert for him… then I reminded him they would probably want paying… and feeding. So instead he’s given me a penny whistle.

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    2. LOL. A walking ad for greenness is the president. I wonder if Lizzy will give him a tongue lashing..

      Lizzy was supposed to be going to this thing that dafty is holding in OUR country, but apparently she’s not any more. Medical opinion seems to be that there will be a lot of covid passing around… not to mention endless disruption.

      Now that doesn’t matter for the average Glasgow punter… but goodness, we can’t have Liz subjected to it.

      I realise that these people have to have a certain amount of security, given how many people dislike them, but I wish they wouldn’t be so damned hypocritical about it.

      Don’t lecture me about driving my car when you travel in private jets, mate. Don’t tell us how many kids to have when your family breeds like rats.

      And maybe don’t talk to us about being green when you live in a succession of houses with hundreds of rooms each that all have to be heated.

      Always reminds me of that famous line we get every year in the speech where she assures us, while sitting in unimaginable splendour, surrounded by awesome artifacts, and wearing priceless jewellery … that “I have always tried to live my life in accordance with the teachings of our lord, Jesus Christ”.

      Eh… what teachings did I miss about needing 5 palaces and countless boats, cars and planes??

      In short. Shut up, Windsors. Your best bet now would be to slink into the background and stop pissing us off with your hypocrisy. Maybe then we’d forget you were there.

      Rant over. How I hate that family. šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

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      1. Tris……I’m in total agreement. There’s no end to the hypocrisy of world traveling “environmentalists” …….including the politicians who attend climate change conferences. Looks like the more appropriate “virtual” videoconferences will be phased out as Covid winds down. (I might miss seeing the Queen’s gold piano at Christmas time though. šŸ˜‰ )

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        1. Danny, I try to be as green as I can. I care very little about what humans have brought on themselves, but I do care about the animals who suffer for nothing.

          I do what I can but I’m not a hypocrite. I drive a car when I could take the bus and most especially now, you’d not get me on public transport.

          These people live in incredible luxury; they travel as much as they want; some of that family have 5 or 6 holidays a year (and then there’s Boris Johnson, who has more holiday time than he has at work).

          OK, that’s their prerogative.

          But for them then to lecture US about it.

          They can, as we say here, Get Tae…

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          1. Indeed!
            We haven’t even flown since Covid started. I have a friend in New York City who has a car for vacations and longer distance travel, but never uses it around Manhattan or the other city boroughs. So he takes the subway system, which has had special daily cleanings since Covid. Something I wouldn’t want to do, but probably no worse than New York City buses or taxis.

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        1. Looks like a bad case of sticker shock for the Queen.
          The very definition of a royal car would be the one like Charlie has that runs on wine. šŸ˜‰

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  4. Another thing I learned years ago on Munguin’s was the meaning of “wellies.” Everybody on Munguin’s seemed to know the word, but I didn’t have a clue. Google and Wiki to the rescue! Strange that such ugly footwear caught on with the British upper classes. Seems that the term “wellies” would be known in Canada.

    Wiki says: “While usually called rubber boots, but sometimes galoshes, mud boots, rain boots, mucking boots, or billy boots, in the United States, the terms “gumboots”, “wellies”, “wellingtons”, and “rainboots” are preferred in Canada.”

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      1. Interesting that wellingtons and wellies are used in Canada. Makes me think maybe there are places in the US where the name “wellies” is used, but I’ve never heard it here in the Midwest. With language, you never know. šŸ˜‰

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        1. Then let me regale you with the lyrics of the Billy Connelly song

          If it wisnae fur yer wellies

          If it wisnae fur yer wellies
          Wherewud you be?
          You’d be in the hospital
          Or in firmary
          Cause you wid hive a dose o the flu
          Or even plurasie
          If it wissne fur yer feet in yer wellies!

          Wellies they are wunderful
          Wellies they are swell
          They keep out the watter
          And they keep in the smell
          When your sittin in a room
          You cin always tell when some
          B***r take aff thur wellies


          When yr oout walking in the country with a bird
          And your strolling about the fields
          Like a farmers herd
          And somebody shouts”Keep off The grass”
          And you think how absurd
          Squelch you find why all farmers wear wellies


          Fishermen and firemen theres farmers and all
          Theres men who’re digging ditches
          And working in the snow
          This country would grind to a halt
          And not a thing would grow
          If it was nae for the workers and their wellies


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          1. Thanks PP……..So wellies even have a song!

            Their use seems to involve mud and snow and the like.
            As a child, I always wondered why my mother apparently had a horror about snow and mud, and a fetish about me keeping my shoes dry with “boots” (or “galoshes.”) It was agony to pull the d*** things on and off over shoes, and once I could dictate my own footwear, I never wore boots again. As long as you stay on sidewalks and concrete pavement when it rains, a little water will always dry off, and so will snow for that matter. So I’m still a bit mystified by the apparent British fondness for “wellies.” šŸ˜‰

            Wellington apparently wore dress styles of his eponymous footwear on occasion.

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  5. I think you might have been a bit harsh on the Royals here Tris. After all Andrew of York is voluntarily lowering his carbon footprint by never going to the USA or a US legal jurisdiction ever again…

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    1. Bless him. He’s not all bad then. He’s safe to wander around free of his mother’s apron strings now that the English police have decided, surprise, that there is no case to answer.

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  6. They have an agenda these troughers. COP26. They want to be in the limelight, but also to be part of the Scotland is bad for not saving the planet, especially Glasgow and the FM. I must look it up, I read that the English government have funded an ‘observatory’ in Glasgow, hm hm, something to do with climate change. Weird eh.
    If I find it will share.
    The brat in one of their balcony photos is saying daddy, look at the planet wrecking plebs! They and their Tory underlings have an agenda, they are hosting COP26 in Scotland but will damn well make sure it’s to the detriment of Scotland in one way or another, or in many ways. That Nicola Sturgeon is getting far too big for her high heels for their liking, strutting about making pals in foreign lands, being popular to boot!
    Now we can’t have that!
    I think she probs flew as well!

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    1. Seriously, if you were a head of state or head of government and you had the choice to meet Nicola Sturgeon or Boris Johnson… who would you go for.

      I hear Nicola had meetings with both the president and the prime minister of Iceland.

      Of course, by great British standards Iceland is small and insignificant, but it’s one of our neighbors and being small is good, especially if you are as inventive and clever as the Icelanders.

      They will be good friends to us when we get free.

      In the meantime it must be ripping their knitting that she is a success on the international stage whereas Boris leaves people shaking their heads and wonder what on earth he was talking about.

      Is there actually a war in Troy at the moment?


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