The Australia deal is going well, then?


Hilariously, the Scottish Tories in North Ayrshire, have demanded that they NOT be called the Scottish Tories, because they say it is derogatory and an insult.

And the Provost has asked, nay ordered, the SNP to refrain from using the term.

After raising a point of order in the meeting, Councillor Ferguson for the Tories said: “It is a derogatory term and I would prefer if you call us by our appropriate name, which is the Conservatives or Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party.”

Councillor Gurney, for the SNP, pointed out that on Twitter, the party is handled @ScotTories… a name they chose for themselves.

You really couldn’t make them up.

Angus Robertson on Twitter: "“Dumb and Dumber: Red faces for top Tories.  Ruth Davidson and Douglas Ross humiliated as vote of confidence in Sturgeon  ends in embarrassment”. Front page of today's @Daily_Record…
Don’t call us Tories, say the Tories.

I remember vaguely that Michael Howard tried to get the media and the public to start calling the Conservatives Conservatives, presumably because he knew that their name was derived from a Middle Irish word meaning thieves or villains.

Anyway, Munguin has decided to respectfully ignore the request and you will doubtless be relieved to know that Tories of any colour will continue to be known as Tories on this blog with an occasional expletive added for good measure.


Oh… damn. says Truss. Did I get something wrong? Cheese.


Derek Louden@LoudenDW · 5h

It turns out that 60 times the present level of Aussie beef & lamb can come in immediately under Boris’s deal with no 15 year phasing in period after all. https://independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/australia-trade-deal-tariffs-farmers-b1866496.html?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=INDNEWS%2316062021&utm_term=IND_Headlines_Masterlist_CDP

Michael Russell@Feorlean
The Secretary of State against Scotland , the lamentable Alister Jack, ( @ScotSecofState ) was assuring the nation on Sunday that there would be effective limits on total imports & a long period of transition. Neither were true so either he wasn’t in the loop or he lied.

The pledge to protect farmers for 15 years has been dropped.

Incidentally, these details were released in Canberra but suppressed in England.


Something resembling hell': how does the rest of the world view the UK? |  Politics | The Guardian

38 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. Here’s the start of the cummings muck.
    A whatsapp text released of a conversation between the flounder and cumings about the handcock ‘Expletive Hopeless’ says the flounder.

    Had a look at the GB news, they’re using the Fox and sky australia operations book, all spin, spin spin and fake.

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    1. I wonder how Johnson will deal with Cummings. He should surely have known that Cummings for all his weirdness, was a meticulous record keeper….unlike Johnson himself who’s a scatter-brained nincompoop.

      I’d rather have him as a friend than an enemy, but it seems that the First Lady (all honour be upon her) wanted him G O N E, and apparently, she is not to be argued with.

      I see a load of companies have withdrawn their advertising from Brillo’s station.


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  2. This governments pursuit of trade deals is starting to look like an invitation to a free for all. Come join in the fun and make great pots of cash in the great UK sale, your gonna love it!

    I dare say some supposedly more clued in types will be able to talk about the benefits etc.. but it looks to me like this government is openly and actively acting against the UKs interests.

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    1. It always seemed to me, from minute one, that, firstly, we had no trained negotiators and secondly, literally no one was as badly off with as we were. That is to say, everyone else had other trade deals already. Britain had none.

      So all these other countries with their trade negotiators started from a position of strength… ie, they could easily walk away.

      Britain was desperate.

      I’m also concerned that no one again is thinking about Northern Ireland.

      An open border there would be possible if Britain agreed to maintain the same standards on everything as the EU (it would go back on what they promised Brexiteers, but hey… )

      But Britain has just agreed to accept standards considerably lower from Australia.
      So stuff from Oz could end up crossing the open border into the EU.

      I read somewhere that Joe Biden had said that if the UK would negotiate a deal with the EU for equivalence, the US would not get in the way of that…President Biden being a staunch supporter of Ireland.

      Australia not so much, it seems.


    2. Yep, roll up roll up, come and get some fantastic deals, (we’ll throw Scotland in for tenner, hee heee) just a few quid to you sirs, the one at the back. your name sirs? Ah, Aussieland, no problem, it’s yours, any other offers? Going, going gone, bang bang bang! Tories, see you at next weeks bargain basement sale, plenty more bargains to be had lolz…
      Oh god.

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  3. I worry about the future, whether still shackled to this union or free. Free of the union we would still have to deal with England, our unstable lying neighbour.
    Westminster government lie with such ease, regularity and impunity now, and their popularity increases! They are hell bent on implementing an ideological nirvana, with complete disregard to the consequences that the populace will have to endure.
    Agricultural standards were to be strengthened but now we are to accept lamb from the other side of the world that has been “mulesinged” ffs, a barbaric practice. This ideological drive has left the country weakened and far too desperate for a deal, any deal. Look where that narcissistic, philandering, lying bastard has led the country in pursuit of a possible India deal. Without doubt GM foods, hormone injected meat and milk will be coming our way very soon.
    From a worried and mightily pissed off former farmer and non tory voter.

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    1. Agreed.

      The incompetence is staggering.

      Sh*t trade deal, lower standards, farmers and fishermen bankrupted, no staff for hotel and catering…

      And criminally, no travel ban on India when this Delta virus was spreading because he was desperate for a trade deal and couldn’t afford to upset Modi… so whats a few more deaths.

      Added to that an admission it seems from him that at least one of his key cabinet ministers was f’ing hopeless.

      Jeeez. If we are too stupid to be independent can we be a part of the Faroe Islands, or the Isle of Man please?

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  5. I see that the Brits will be selling Irish or American Whiskey but not Scotch whisky?

    The notion that high quality, repeat high quality, meat will be cheaper after it’s come across half the world is ridiculous.

    And does Neil know that the other side of the world is…erm, the other side of the world?

    He’s bang on, Andrew Neil is a reasonably good interviewer. I don’t know whether he’s clever or not. but he is presenting a programme for Brexiteers… and a lot of THEM aren’t overly bright. He is presenting the arguments they want to hear and that will accept without question


  6. I am surprised that the Tories are more upset at being called Tories than being called Scottish.
    I thought the grand plan from Tory HQ was to disappear Scotland?
    Then again,Tories and plan is an oxymoron,so perhaps not.
    My understanding,and I may be wrong,is that under WTO rules,any deal reached with the UK on specific sectors has to apply to every other country that they do deals with.
    So…..the UK will become a dumping ground for every country in the world wishing to rid itself of low grade produce that no one else wants.

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    1. Probably, which means of course, that there can’t in honesty be an open border between Britain and Ireland, otherwise they too will get all this hormone treated meat which is illegal in Ireland


    2. The Chinese have used anti-dumping rules to massively increase the tariff on Australian wine. The Australians are desperate to find a new market. We’ve obliged.

      …and the Australian enthusiasm for a “deal” for beef…well, China banned the import of Australian beef:

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      1. I doubt our small population is going to make up for the fact that China’s HUGE population is no longer taking Australian beef and wine,

        Have to say I wouldn’t touch their beef with a tarry pole, but their wine is most agreeable!


  7. Just been told that Phantom Power has a report on the £30m Border Post at Cairnryan.
    The tories said it would never happen.
    Says it all, you can trust them to tell you one thing, then just push you under the bus.
    As Phantom Power asks, will dross and jack resign?, don’t think so.


    1. I sometimes wonder about the Tory’s rhetoric and which audience it is really aimed at.
      Looks like it is mostly for the benefit of their revolting back benchers.
      There will always be an England,as the song goes but not a UK,that’s for sure.

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  8. See the telegraph and express front pages, full support for the flounder.

    Telegraph says the Arrogant EU won’t budge of meatless sausages for NI.

    The mogg has broken ranks, he’s saying let the bodies pile high just to stop the hospitals being overloaded, we need the economy. This from a person who says he’s a follower of Christ.
    Maybe only certain parts of the teachings of Christ.

    The media are a disgrace but I don’t buy any papers now, just lok at the front pages from my local library.
    Have a look at the falling circulation numbers, even the sun comic is said to be worthless as an income generator, WHO is paying to keep printing it?
    The steel industry in Wales was closed because it was losing a £1m a day.

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    1. It’s hard to see how anyone can support Johnson.

      I can understand people who support the Tories (yes, I called them Tories). But Johnson is an unparalleled failure in absolutely every respect. I can’t think of anything he has got right.

      Nicola Sturgeon’s attitude has been, the economy can and will be fixed, people can’t be brought back to life.

      Jacob Rees Mogg is a bloody funny Christian.

      He plays a part, doesn’t he? He likes to play the aristocrat, but in fact he’s the son of a journalist. He plays the devout catholic who can only hear mass in Latin (Jesus never heard mass in Latin… Pay unto Caesar, etc) and yet his company sells contraceptives to Indonesia.

      He supports Brexit to the death but transfers a considerable amount of his financial interests to Ireland.

      He’s all about image. Always was. He seems like a shell of a man. All act.

      Floccinaucinihilipilification is strangely appropriate for him: act or habit of estimating as worthless.

      The trouble is for him that he’s not making as much money as he used to, but then not one of us is.

      Interest rates on savings accounts are around 0.02%. Inflation is probably running at well over 2% and that’s before you take into consideration the shrinkflation that’s happening in so many products. So we all suffer, Jake.

      I’ve not bought any paper now for years, but they are a disgrace to journalism.

      Once a newspaper reported news as it was and then expressed its opinions in the “leaders”. Now most of them seem to belong to a party and trot out the party line. Boris will save us: rule britannia, god save the queen, this scepter’d isle, this england, SNP baaaaaaaad, union jack.

      The only reliable paper in my opinion is the FT because it can’t afford to get things too wrong. It’s of no value to its readers if it makes mistakes.

      The Express, Mail, Telegraph are just comics and very substandard compared to the Beano and the Dandy.


  9. Just listened to FMQT,

    Can anyone explain why the opposition parties continue to ask for financial help for one of their constituents who are experiencing difficulties, when the answer is relatively obvious, INDEPENDENCE and control of the financial levers.

    The presiding officer has to get a grip and stop the long winded political rambling by stopping the questioner by saying that’s not a question and moving on. She did call dross up but did nothing with the others.
    Rapidly moving to match the westmonster panto except that Nicola attempts to keep to answering the subject but not necessarily providing an answer.
    Lots of the time she could simply say that independence would be the first move to resolving the questioners problem.
    Imagine asking a question for a travel agency that’s not having an income, have they not heard of the internet, people are moving to doing their own bookings.

    The big flounder is doing his best he can’t take a decision based on his own opinion of handcock’s performance in doing what he’s been told to do by the flounder.

    Reminds me of a person I worked with, ‘Just do as I’ve asked you to do’, I did, but my correctly predicted result to him was still my problem.

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    1. Time the PO and Speaker both did their jobs and stopped people rambling when they are asking questions and made the ministers actually answer the question.

      It’s unfair to pull Mr Ross up on that but not any of the others, although probably he was talking though a hole in Mr Johnson’s head.

      I haven’t used a travel agent for years.

      And a friend of mine who goes on a lot of holidays every year never uses one either.

      Travel agents are rapidly becoming a thing of the past.


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