Oh look, he managed to say all that OTT sh*t in English. Not a word of Latin. If it hadn’t been Mogg, I’d have suspected sarcasm when he was talking about the “F*ing useless” Handcock.


Anyone up for it?
Is it the Morecambe and Wise Show, ‘Allo, Allo, or a Whitehall Farce? Mr Rees Mogg needs to start treating this with a little more respect… and when the hell is that useless Speaker going to do something about the farce that is ‘questions to ministers’. Questions deserve answers and ministers need to act like ministers, not some third-rate music hall comedy turn. World beating idiots.


See what I mean. We genuinely want to know the answer to the question, this airhead makes a snide remark that presumably she finds amusing, and the Speaker dozes quietly in his comfortable chair.


I’m pretty sure they were warned about this. World beating shortage of staff. Bravo Bojo.


And clubs seem smaller these days too…


Well, quite so, Mr Ross.


31 thoughts on “MORE RANDOM THOUGHTS”

      1. Jake, an old pal of mine, skipper in the Merchant Navy, would say, “He’s as good as two men short.” He’s got many more, shall we say, more colourful sayings but I shall spare the blushes of the Munguinites.

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        1. Munguin is grateful. It’s very awkward for an animal like him to blush… Mind you, his language when I mess up on something ….sheeeeesh.


  1. Obviously concerned about Crunchies, I looked it up in wikipedia and what we’re seeing here is the snack-sized crunchie. They still sell regular and king size. Phew.

    The honeycomb toffee is apparently sliced with jets of oil to achieve the perfect cut. Those Cadburys people are smart.

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    1. Irrespective of the size of the confection, in what universe is a “crunchie” a snack?
      To qualify as a snack it requires to be encased in batter and FRIED in oil.
      Cutting things with oil is just weird.

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      1. Cutting things with oil is indeed just weird. I’m all about avant garde confectionary these days!

        There’s a chippie somewhere in Glasgow that will deep-fry your crunchie for no extra cost.

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        1. As another who lives in ‘the furrin’ I might not be alll that well-informed, but I’d thought Stonehaven claimed the culinary honour of creating the first deep-fried snack? I think there have been various contenders over the years and maybe the dispute it still unresolved.

          But despite all the publicity, I’ve yet to come across anyone who has sampled the delicacy, nor had the opportunity of my own while regularly buying fish-suppers on visits to Scotland. Any Munguiites out there who can put hands up and say “Yes, regular part of my diet. Wouldna dae wioot it!”

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          1. I’ve never seen any of these deep fried treats, but if we are having “carry outs” in the Towers, we have them sent from the Tour D’Or in Paris, so I suppose we wouldn’t have …


    2. Phew.

      Well, that’s a weight off my mind. Imagine having to purchase 4 or 5 just to get a slight glow.

      Marcia will be most relieved.


  2. Like

  3. What a strange country we are part of.
    Just listened to the first volume of a report on a bombing in 2017.
    The reporter says that the security people should have acted earlier and stopped 22 people from being murdered.
    These people would likely be on minimum wages.
    Meantime government ministers on mega bucks who had a policy of herd immunity get, @ they’re doing their best’.
    In fact the mogg says handcock is a genius.
    He certainly is a genius that he’s still in post when the useless man in charge thinks he’s useless but doesn’t sack him.
    Over 130,000 people have died from covid and our media deflect any blame from them but some second job security team get blamed for not stopping 22 people from being murdered.
    The report has 2 further volumes to be written, the incident happened in 2017, you can work out when the inquiry into covid will report, say 2028, during the next tory government, just as they go to the country.

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    1. Weird world, Dave.

      I see that Harding has applied to run NHS England.

      It only has a £130 billion budget. She’ll spend that in a couple of weeks…. on nothing much use.


    1. David Blevins
      Stormont sources: Tomorrow’s North – South Ministerial Council meeting “unlikely to happen”. Ominous sign re. the future of power-sharing government.


  4. My pal has 2 tickets for the Scotland v England game. He didn’t realise when he bought them that it was going to be the same day as his Covid 19 postponed wedding. If you are interested, he is looking for someone to go in his place.

    It’s at Glasgow Registry Office, at 2.30pm.

    (V Twin Sin… Twitter)

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