It isn’t just on-line radicalisation though, is it?

It’s the mainstream press too, Express, Telegraph and Mail in particular, and, for all I know (because I don’t watch it and almost never now listen to it) it’s the BBC itself which seems to be a mouthpiece for the Tory English Nationalist Government. No wonder Dross can’t take his hands away from his eyes. He’s got to fight for this lot.

But it seems to me that if the Johnson government is continuing to restrict freedoms, the threat from this virus must indeed be still very real.

It is, after all, the last thing they want, although the arrival on these shores of so much of this Delta virus is, of course, to a fair extent, the fault of Johnson and Patel, who refused to close the border with India, presumably for fear of annoying Narendra Modi, with whom they need a trade deal.

According to Public Health England, early data suggests that Delta is more likely to lead to hospitalization than Alpha and deaths have been recorded of people who have had both vaccinations. Ninety percent of new cases in the UK are Delta.

Those who have not had any vaccinations are at very considerable risk from it, and I suspect that many of those protestors will have never worn a mask and will have refused their vaccinations. And yet, they shouted right in that man’s face.

And the police did nothing! (I’ve tweeted this video to the Met as I’m sure many others have).

As someone pointed out, if he’d been a statue of a slave trader he’d have been better protected.

And it’s not just in London or Engand this is happening.

More and more in shops in Scotland I see mask-less people (including in Stobswell, one of the high risk areas in Dundee) who make no effort to distance from other shoppers and walk past the sanitising stations at the door, increasing the risk that whatever they had on their hands will stick to the first items that they examine without buying and leave for someone else to take home.

At this rate, and with this level of disrespect for the regulations, and other people, I wonder how long it will be before we are back to total lockdown.


  1. It’s bit of a turnaround for a journalist to be pursued by people I suppose.

    I too am seeing maskless people in shops and the sanitising station at my local Tescos has become an after thought and mostly ignored. If your not restricting entry then sanitisation holds people up with the result that folk are just walking past.

    Richard Murphy had a good article about international aid re vaccines the other day.

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    1. I should say I have little respect for BBC journalists, but I don’t think that any person deserves to be attacked in the street, And certainly not by a braying mob of super-spreaders.

      Good article. In the 21st century life simply can’t go back to normal until we have this thing under control, everywhere. No matter how much money a country spends on eradicating it within their borders, if these borders are open for tourists and business people who have travelled to somewhere that is far behind on the vaccines, it has been pointless.

      I’m surprised at the G7. I think Trudeau, Biden, Merkel, and Macron are reasonably good and clever people. You’d have thought they would have pushed for this, perhaps particularly Joe Biden whose wife is, I think, a doctor.

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      1. She’s a doctor in the sense that you are a doctor Tris i.e. not medical. She’s a PHd in Education.

        The Delta variant is worrying. I’m double vac’ed with AZ but it is only 60% effective against Delta according to research out today. Fun times ahead…

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        1. Yes. In theory it’s back to being super cautious. But the morons aren’t having any of it.

          Thanks for the correction PP. I thought she was a medical doctor.

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          1. The morons certainly aren’t having any of it.

            I had a run in with one yesterday; prize arsehole closed the window vents on the bus. When challenged, by guess who, ” it’s chilly”. Apparently he’d had his two jags and since he “wisnae gonnae catch covid”, his personal comfort was clearly more important than anybody else’s welfare.

            Yours truly was having none of it.

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            1. Jeeez.

              I know it’s not been the best summer, but for heaven’s sake, it’s the middle of June. It couldn’t be THAT chilly!

              I’m sure you were up to it!


  2. O/T

    ruth wishart
    Heard an ex-Aussie trade negotiator suggest they would be popping champagne corks down under today. Doubt they will be celebrating down at the UK farming unions.

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    1. Yep, we are so very royally scr**ed aren’t we. I wonder what my family conservative with a smallish ‘c’ in Aussieland are thinking, (one of them high up at a major Aussie bank) plenty dosh, though claim they are struggling grrr, who also don’t agree Scotland should be free of BritNat rule like the country they live in, and they will be quite happy about the ‘trade’ deals going on, actually I am sure.
      Scotland you are being sold for a song, get the hell out of the far right wing disastrous, dangerous and unequal UK, pronto.

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  3. It’s a disgrace in the extreme that the British/English government knowingly allowed the Indian variant into the UK, when the advice from actual experts was to close the f’in border to India pronto, months ago! The Tories at WM and their nasty selfish little lackeys in Scotland, have no conscience, they are lacking in morals and they don’t care about anything but money and their own pockets. Despicable.

    Many more people are going to die of Covid, and yes, another lockdown is almost a given. It’s almost as if the BritNat/EngGov are quite content with this situation, and of course, if it wrecks the English NHS all the better, leading to privatisation in it’s final stages. Scotland is at the mercy of the uncaring greedy troughers at WM, who will be only too happy that Scotland’s businesses, farming and fishing industry etc, are already suffering greatly because of the British nationalists’ Brexit. Covid is a gift to them, and they will delight in any ScotGov attempts to keep Scotland afloat, should they fail.

    TheBritNats will be rubbing their dirty scheming hands together already, the handling of the whole pandemic situation, by the Tory/red Tory government is really scary and very sinister indeed.

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      1. I wonder if the EU will end up thanking its lucky stars that it had to work around limited AZ supplies. I’ve read different reports of efficacy against the new variants and it looks like Pfizer/Moderna are generally doing quite a bit better.

        Someone on twitter pointed out that BJ promised 3m vaccinations by mid July, which worked out at 85k per day. This is a very low number – Germany is doing about 750k per day. I guess he just got his numbers wrong but the PM should not be getting numbers wrong in vital communications about the health of the nation. This is the sort of thing that leads me to believe that visting friends and family back in the UK will have to wait another year.

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        1. Hate to say it, Terry (because Munguin had ordered me to prepare a room with facilities ensuite, in the West Wing… that’s the poshest one… for you), but I think people would be mad to come here.

          Spain and France too and charging ahead with vaccines.

          The buffoons in Downing Street and at the Home Office haven’t got a clue, and although you have no idea who to believe now, Matt Hancock seems to be about as much use at directing heath as a broken syringe.

          He is, though, quite adept at putting massive contracts his friends’ way, so that’s something.


          1. There is definitely a pattern of under-reaction followed by over-reaction in UK government behaviour and it always seems like political campaigning takes the place of sober policy. All those headlines about freedom day were downright irresponsible. The government should have published the necessary measurements for opening up well in advance. I guess they couldn’t do that because they didn’t have anything in mind other than the direction of the wind.

            Over here it feels like we’re at the end of covid. Numbers are falling fast. Life is opening up again. In the back of my mind, though, is that the UK was probably in the same place back in May.

            Scotland still has a 10 days quarantine requirement, except for countries on the green list. I checked and that green list is very, very short. I’m not going to be at Edinburgh airport for some time to come.

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            1. They are like a bunch of not particularly bright 4th formers.

              I think that the realise that their followers aren’t bright either.

              So they make them promises they have no idea whether they will be able to keep.

              And when they don;t their pig-thick followers do what they did the other day in London.

              But here too, where there are precious few Tory followers, people are ignoring safe distancing and masks, even in the areas where Delta is prevalent.

              I see total lockdown happening again if people don’t buck up.

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  4. I have an excellent youtube vid to share, but it’s perhaps more relevant for the articles related to days gone by, but, very much relevant to now too…will post over at days gone by…

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  5. ‘Tory English Nationalist Government’

    You can feel the anger dare I say
    rage 😡 in your voice tris .

    Anyways must admit with all these charts and stats alongside open close lockdown open back 🆙 tier one to whatever amber red holiday no holiday
    Green list red list.etc etc expert says this another says that

    People are straining at the bit and I’m afraid are going end restrictions in the good old British way …,.

    Just ignoring them ….

    epidemiology I mean who the feck had heard let alone know what that meant before the pandemic 😷…,.

    Well everybody does now 😷

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    1. Aye, Niko, but the thing is that loads of people even now haven’t heard of epidemiology.

      I know people who point blank refuse to be vaccinated because they believe the government has put something in the vaccine that will track their movements… not, I suppose, unlike a mobile phone or a credit card.

      But there is no accounting for thick.

      Yes, absolutely lots of people are ignoring it, but as we’ve said before, this Delta varient is 60% more contagious that the one from Kent and the effects are worse.

      And while, with 2 doses of the vaccine you were 90%+ covered , with Delta you are about 60% covered.

      People who have had two vaccines are dying.

      But goodness me, it’s a British right to go to Benidorm and drink cheap beer…regardless.

      Yes, I am angry. My nationalism is just an argument that we are so different from other parts of the UK and really don’t want either the government they elect nor the results of referendums that are so different from ours.

      Their nationalism is all about how Britain (England really) is the best country in the world and Johnnie Damned Foreigner should damned well remember it.


  6. Perhaps if the press did more to educate an inform, instead of peddling propaganda and sensationalism, people might have more respect for them?

    Just a thought.

    Although I have to say the hounding in the video is not acceptable at all, in fact it reminds me of the kind of insanity displayed by Trump followers.

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    1. Oh I absolutely agree that journalists are by and large crap.

      Even I can remember a time when the “leader columns” were the place you got the right or left wing opinions and News was news…well Ok not in the Sun, but most places.

      Now you can’t believe a word most of them say.

      I think the FT is the most reliable source of information. They really can’t afford to get it too wrong.

      But, no matter how little respect you have for the coverage of the BBC, or its journalists, you do not have the right to get up close and breathe all over them, especially if you are anti-masks and may very well have already caught the virus yourself.


      1. You are of course right Tris. No one should be attacked by a mob even if they are press. That’s in a semi sane world of course where sense and logic used to play an all too small role. The way the press are behaving these days though, no one can say where we’re going to end up.

        There’s got to be consequences to continually winding folk up and demonstrably lying, so maybe ones the result of the other?

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    2. And yes, Sandy. They are just like the idiot Tru8mp supporters who did the same thing. Morons.

      I wonder if they’ll try a coup d’état…

      It would need to be translated into moron for them first, I suspect.


  7. The big question is why did the flounder not close the border to the Indian/johnston variant.

    Easy answer,
    The flounder wanted to get his honeymoon paid for by us and lovely pictures of the Tag for the family photo album.

    A cheap honeymoon for a skint PM.

    Just as valid a reason as all the other stuff about signing trade deals with India.

    They have just ignored the farmer’s input about their negatives on the deal.
    The farmers will be the groundspersons of the countryside, keep the grass cut and the borders edged.

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    1. I think they missed something about British Farmers there.

      British beef may or may not be the best in the world. I’d not know, but farmers won;t be able to compete with cheap imports at far lower standards.

      EU standards are, I think, the highest in the world, although Japan or Switzerland may have higher standards, I don’t know.

      Rich people will be able to afford the high quality stuff that costs so much because of the hygiene and care required.

      But there aren’t enough super rich people to keep all the farmers in business…

      So most of them will have to accept Australian standards to compete, or go out of business.


  8. Tris,
    Seems we can stop worrying about the UK farmers.
    Just reading the Aussie site about the deal.
    Since Australia is short of 260,000 farm workers they will issue a new agricultural visa for UK residents to work picking fruit in Australia.
    The farmers are well catered for then, they can travel without effecting their Carbon Footprint as they can go on the empty cattle boats returning to Aussie after delivering the beef and sheep.

    We thought that the flounder hasn’t worked it out. Miss hair will be pleased that she will be welcome to work in Perth, Australia.

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  9. I listened to most of this last night, was a livestream and it’s long, but if you want the timeline of the Delta variant and the PM allowing it into the UK, start at about 1hr 10mins, it’s really horrendous. The whole discussion is worth a listen from the beginning re Aussie trade ‘deal’ etc…some commenters are ignorant, but can be ignored.

    Maximillien on Youtube…

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  10. Sorry another YT link, but worth a watch, not very cheery I am afraid…but we have to face the reality so we can do something about it. :-/

    Stay safe all.


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