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  1. Didn’t Scotland briefly own the UK rights to Antarctica after Devolution until Westminster discovered it’s mistake and repatriated them?

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    1. It was on the basis that anything that the English hadn’t specified as being their domain was considered devolved.

      They forgot about Antarctica.


  2. We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children

    But unfortunately Greed and capitalism as Boris lavishly praised(scum bag).
    Have the upper hand and until
    Destroying the Earth 🌏 for profit is stopped nothing will change .

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  3. Off topic I know
    But one day you LOT attack the Flag the next your AT IT again
    Breaking our Sovereign laws

    Cease and desist forwith!!!

    UK government set to go to supreme court over Holyrood bill
    Scottish government accused of trying to limit UK powers with legislation embedding UN convention on children’s rights

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  4. The wonder of arithmetic.
    Strange that the AZ vaccine is stored around this value, bloody cold.
    The ownership of land reminds me of the story of James Cook landing on the island of Australia.
    The planting of the butcher’s apron ceremony was completed with ‘I claim this undiscovered land in the name of Victoria’, queen of the world.
    At that moment a strange animal appeared.
    James Cook turns to the local native and asks ‘What do you call that?’
    The local replies ‘ cang a roo’, translated it means ‘I don’t know what you are saying’.
    The Aboriginal people didn’t have the idea of Owning the land, it was for the use of all, they still have problems with tribal land ownership, much like the real American inhabitants.
    Looking forward to King Joseph of Leichtenstein becoming the crown pretender of Scotland.
    Just ask to see the original bill of sale for the land, it will resemble a sword.

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    1. Its the Pfizer vaccine that needs very low storage temperatures and in fact its -70C (well -60 to -80C to be accurate) that its stored at.

      The AstraZenica vaccine is stored at 2-8C (ie fridge temperature) and freezing will destroy it.

      My understanding of the mRNA vaccines are that they are highly unstable and degrade within hours of being defrosted (I believe they only last 5 days at -18C, fridge temps are something like 24 hours.

      I know that here in Leicester there’s been multiple “pop-up” Pfizer vaccination clinics in the last 2 weeks for anyone (regardless of age) simply to avoid throwing them away. AIUI the extra doses are the “surplus” from over 80s who are getting their second jag as the Pfizer vaccine was all that was available in bulk in December/early January. Apparently you can’t just defrost what is required – it comes as a thousand-dose “tray/icebox” so logistics are a nightmare.

      I got the AZ one yesterday but frankly I’d have taken the Pfizer one if it had been a choice as it appears to work better (AZ vaccine is largely ineffective) against the South African Covid-19 variant. I strongly suspect everyone who got the AZ vaccine will be getting another jag in Autumn to protect against that but we’ll see.

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      1. Yeah I got AZ as well. No choice as I can’t take Pfizer. So us folk need the other vaccines to be approved and available soon and to be effective against the SA variant!

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        1. A couple of friends of mine volunteered for a test of another vaccine. Both actually got it, rather than the placebo. I believe that theirs was more effective.

          I hope it gets approval quickly.


        2. Why can’t you take the Pfizer vaccine if you don’t mind me asking?

          Given the AZ one is based on a chimpanzee adenovirus my understanding is that its likely to cause more side-effects* than a mRNA vaccine.

          *24 hours after vaccine I feel like I have a cold coming on (running a temp no doubt) and my arm feels like someone has been punching it for a while 🙂 The arm part stirs vague recollections of the booster jag (BCG/tetanus?) everyone got when I was a teenager.

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          1. Two recipients suffered anaphylactic shock after Pfizer jabs. So anyone who has had a severe allergic reaction to a food or a drug (both in my case!) in the past weren’t to be given that jag.

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            1. There’s more people than that (4) suffered anaphylactic shock with the AZ vaccine just in Leicestershire.

              I’ll have to take a look again at what is in the solution that the Pfizer vaccine is delivered in – I sort of assumed it’d be much of a muchness but clearly not.

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              1. Bloody hell. 4 in one wee English shire! AZ is a traditional type of vaccine ie uses an inactive form of the virus in a carrier (Chimp in this case) vector. Pretty much every previous vaccine worked like that. Pfizer is a mRNA vaccine, the m stands for messenger and it does what is says on the tin, it delivers a message and tells the cell to produce the spike protein the real virus uses. This prompts an immune response resulting in antibodies specific to SARS CoV2, the virus that causes Covid. The spike protein itself does NOT cause the disease, it’s HOW the virus attaches to our cells.

                Obviously that’s a bit simplified. Why the mRNA type causes much stronger immune responses I don’t know.

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                1. Leicestershire has a population of around 1.2 million if you include Leicester City; 750k if you don’t 🙂

                  All 4 cases were medical staff.

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                  1. Oh and my understanding is that the adverse reaction is to the solution the vaccine is delivered in, rather than the actual vaccine itself.

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      2. My doctor friends all got Pfizer, but that may be something to do with them getting it in the hospital where they work, which clearly has the storage equipment necessary to store it, rather than its effectiveness.


        1. They got it for the same reason over 80s did – that was all there was in bulk back at the turn of the year. A Polish friend got it because he works in ITU.

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    2. It was similar idea in the Gaidhealtachd before 1746 when the Highland culture was destroyed by British ethnic cleansing and colonisation.
      The land did not belong to the clans, they just lived there and looked after it. After Culloden the clan chiefs, those who were not executed or transported, were turned into landlords, the clansmen became tenants, and we see the results now.

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    3. How people all over the worlds must have rejoiced at the sight of all those colours.

      They’d have loved Tesco where for a change, I went shopping today.

      It is a sea of red white and blue.

      Back to Aldi!


    4. And a few years later, 1988 the bicentennial of Australia!, Mick Dodson an Aboriginal actvist and lawyer plants the Aboriginal flag at Folkstone England. Saying to the alerted press, something like,”I claim this land for the Aboriginal people. The natives living here need not worry, we come in peace. We will be issuing new postage stamps showing the head of our great elders.”

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    1. There is a photo of a bagpiper in Highland dress and an emperor penguin, taken during the Scottish-sponsored Antarctic expedition, circa 1903.
      Someone used to have it on their twitter feed, I think it was maybe Mike Russell (Feorlean).
      Anyway, the photo was made even funnier when a caption was added, pointing out that the penguin was the one on the right.
      It certainly tickled my funnybone.

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  5. Thanks for the correction.
    My worry is the delay in getting whatever second dose in the time they did the testing in, that’s not happening.
    I took part in a survey about ‘Vaccine Passports’.
    My comment at the end was that, me having a passport didn’t stop me bringing a new variant home with me on the aircraft.
    Then the announcement that a New York variant has been discovered.
    Then the big flounder says that pubs will be using the passports when Everyone has been vaccinated, that’s a long way in the future, it has taken 3 months to vaccinate 2 million people fully in the uk, less than ONE percent of the global population.

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    1. A lot of Tories are kicking off about the passport to get into pubs.

      They say…wait for it… it creates a two-tier society.

      Oh well, you can’t complain that they don’t have a sense of humour, these Tories!


      1. First thing it’ll create is a massive forging operation – there’s no way people are going to download the govt “app” to get into pubs when less than 20% did it during the (so far) worst of Covid-19 so it’ll have to be a govt-issued card like a driving licence.

        Easy money, very easy money. Printer and laminator (or worst case a couple of grand for a printer/embosser) and you’re away and running. Nobody in a pub is going to check the validity and frankly the idea that the wanker who runs Wetherspoons would co-operate is risible.

        Surely anyone with half a brain can see this moronic idea will not only crash & burn, it’ll cost a bloody fortune to rectify the damage done both domestically and internationally….

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        1. Yep. Bouncers on the doors of all pubs? What about when some of the neds have had a few on a Friday night?

          I reckon when the pubs re-open we’ll see a big spike.

          Nothing you can do about it. Drunk people are drunk people.


          1. Well you saw what happened to rates with recent events in Glasgow re football.

            I probably have a more “relaxed” view of rates than most of you – I live on the outskirts of Leicester (Scotland move on hold until we can view easily) and my eldest daughter lives in Leicester City. Leicester City has been in “lockdown” since last March bar a 2 week period last June. Surrounding areas haven’t been as bad but until relatively recently rates of over 250 per 100k were pretty much standard – we’re 80 per 100k as of yesterday which is lower than at any point since all this began. I don’t think you’ve had those sort of rates in Scotland other than in very small areas.

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    2. Its already like trying to get a Glastonbury ticket in the East Mids IF your GP isn’t participating.

      Most of the Hindu-run GP surgeries aren’t as (to be brutally frank) its all about money with them and there’s no way to monetise the vaccinations. I realise that sounds racist but its my experience of GP/dental services in Leicester over 32 years. Muslim-run services are the polar opposite – its all about health, not profit.

      So I had a choice of a community centre in one of the highest infection-rate areas in the UK (still about 220 per hundred k) which also has the highest crime rates (of everything) anywhere in Leicester (St Matthews estate – google it!) or – and I kid you not – a converted terraced house operating as a pharmacist in the middle of Belgrave (even higher infection rates). Both of these are miles away and I’m not leaving my car at the back of St Matthews estate, anymore than I am going to a pharmacist where I’m more likely to (re)catch Covid-19 than anything else.

      I said sod this and played the “fastest finger first” game online to get an appointment at the Leicester Royal Infirmary. Several days later still no luck.

      Was funny how I got the appointment actually. I was out with Moose (husky, some may remember him) and he’s been digging out a rabbit/fox burrow* for some time. Anyway we met another husky owner and basically he said the LRI had appointments available – I’d been out since 0630 with Moose so hadn’t checked before. So off to the burrows where after about 20 minutes I’m so bored I get the phone out and find I can book a next-day appointment, with the next appointment booked for 11 weeks later, same time, same place. It’s still before 8am at this point but by 0845 all the appointments were gone.

      The tl;dr of all that is nobody is going to be getting first jags after Easter IMHO – unless you’re in the specified groups. It’s all going to have to be second jags and I don’t think this is anything to do with the EU. Its global pressure on the AZ vaccine, especially in India.

      *pretty sure the rabbits/foxes/whatever moved out some time ago – the fact a husky had dug in far enough to get his entire body into the hole AND round the corner would have been a hint 🙂 Actually I’ll send Tris some pics for soppy sundays

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  6. Breaking news pro indy party Alba Scotland being announced by Alex Salmond. Mid Scotland and Fife candidate Eva Comrie. South of Scotland – Cynthia Guthrie. More being announced.

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      1. Just seen this…

        Jimmy Ferguson
        Mar 23
        Hi guys n’ gals. Heard people have been asking after me. I really appreciate that. Got some personal issues I am dealing with at the moment. Hope to be back next week. Take care everyone
        BoringOleFartFlag of ScotlandFlag of WalesFlag of European Union
        You take care


    1. Voted SNP twice in 2016 – got a Tory on constituency and 5 unionists on the list. Plus Ross Greer. Don’t vote for the Alba party if you don’t want to.

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      1. This is the problem. The SNP look like they will do very well on FPTP votes.

        I asked James Kelly (the nice, clever one) for his opinion on voting on the regional list.

        I was thinking of Green.

        He pretty much said, it was possible that the SNP might get a seat in NE Scotland, depending ion whether the Tories manage to pick up a seat in the area on the FPTP.

        But the fact is that it is virtually impossible to game the list.


        1. If the “Greens” (both sides of the border) were more concerned with environmental issues rather than gender issues I’d vote for them.

          Brother in law lives in Brighton where there’s been green councils and a green MP – Caroline Lucas. They did fuck all for the environment but plenty for the LGBT community. Not denigrating that but its not “green” is it? Oh and of course they spent a deal of time enriching themselves.

          I have no time for Patrick Harvie – the phrase “venal self-serving scum” fits him like a glove IMHO so I hope the “Alba” party deprive him of his sinecure. If they do only that then their efforts will have been worthwhile.

          As always YMMV….

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    2. I wonder, if elected, would these people work with the SNP to get laws passed; would they work with the SNP to get independence?

      Or is Eck just getting revenge on Nicola.

      If he’s trying to get back at that dreadful permanent secretary person that works for London, it’s possible that he’s doing her masters a service here.


      1. I think the intent is to hold the SNP’s feet to the fire to force them to actually do something re independence rather than mouth platitudes.

        Of course that won’t work if the SNP get a majority…..

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      2. Alba are sticking to the list vote. Until yesterday I was two votes SNP, now… not so sure. If Alba could be seen as the SNP b team and treated as such by SNP supporters it could work.
        We have a few weeks to discuss this.

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        1. I’d suggest that they are the only viable way to a “Plan B”.

          Of course if the SNP get a majority then there’s no leverage.

          Worth a punt I’d say, depending on what your SNP list candidates are like. A fair few regions seem to have what I could only describe in public as chancers at or near the top of the list – if yours is one of those then why not?

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            1. We are in luck, Tris. Eva Comrie, who was top of the SNP list, has defected to the new party and will be standing in Mid Scotland and Fife.

              Cynthia Guthrie, who resigned from the SNP Finance and Audit committee because Murrell refused to let them see the accounts, has also defected and is standing as a candidate in South Scotland.

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        2. Conan top of the Lothian list for SNP is the odious Graham Campbell, one of the laziest Glasgow councillors with an “interesting” past easily found on google. He didn’t get the most votes but was top because of the illegal top ranking of BAME candidates in 4 regions and self declared disabled on the other 4. J Mitchell QC told the SNP this was illegal and they could be sued costing mega bucks. But my MP, the Chair, allowed a vote and 2 people who would directly benefit from this “policy” including Campbell, and one indirectly ie his partner Anne McLaughlin voted for it. One person with integrity recused themselves as they would directly benefit. Tied vote and then the Chair, against convention voted against the status quo and passed the resolution.

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