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  1. Am I first again? Looks like an early night for me tonight.

    Pic. 7: Keeping Up Appearances. Patricia Routledge as Cynthia Bucket (Bouquet), and Clive Swift as her long-suffering husband.
    Pic 8: RAC or AA?
    Pic. 12: Does that say Strathallan above the hangar door ? I think the twin-engined biplane is a D.H. 89 Dragon Rapide.
    Pic. 15: The esplanade at Edinburgh Castle. Don’t know who the troops are, but they appear to be kilted.
    Pic. 16: Elizabeth Taylor, sometimes matrimonially linked to Richard Burton.

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    1. You are…

      Hyacinth Bucket! The first couple of series were really funny… if you like that kind of thing. I’m surprised an actress of her standing went on with it once the scripts became ridiculous.

      It’s supposed to be the AA. Story here: Dave sent a great picture of an AA man, but it wouldn’t load on to the blog (although the rest of his pictures did) so I substituted this one.

      Dave for the 12 and 15.

      Yeah, they seemed to get married and then divorce and repeat.

      I hope they didn’t expect gifts every time?

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        1. Their home was like a QVC store, presents when they got engaged, married and divorced. Instead of years they got presents on 10 weeks, 25 weeks and 50 weeks.

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  2. Great pics.
    No.2, online shopping before the internet. Crackers.
    No.10, poor lass looks thoroughly exhausted, no wonder she ‘won’t wash clothes’! I know how she feels.
    The Carbolic smoke ball sounds a tad dangerous, no.13, unlucky for some?
    The ‘Turko Russian bath cabinet’, not great for those of us who are claustrophobic. Argh, I’d rather smell than sit in that!
    The last one, thingmy from that band, oh yes, Elvis Caustello, not sinile yet, phew, me I mean not the singer. Hope that’s right..hm..

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      1. Mrs. Louisa Carlill, however, lived until she was 96. She died on March 10, 1942, according to her doctor, Mr. Joseph M. Yarman, principally of old age.[22] But there was one other cause noted: influenza.

        Hmmmm… She should claim her £100.

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      1. There was a type of petroleum jelly called Carbolated Vaseline that was apparently once widely used for its antimicrobial antiseptic properties. Apparently no longer produced but widely used back in the day.

        Carbolic Acid (AKA phenol): “Phenols, or phenolics, have been used as a hospital antiseptic and disinfectant since Joseph Lister used a phenol agent in his groundbreaking work on surgical antisepsis in the 1880’s. Phenol (carbolic acid) is one of the oldest antiseptic agents.”

        Wiki: “Phenol is a measurable component in the aroma and taste of the distinctive Islay scotch whisky, generally ~30 ppm, but it can be over 160ppm in the malted barley used to produce whisky. This amount is different from and presumably higher than the amount in the distillate.”

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        1. He he… A mate of mine was telling me that when restrictions are lifted, he will be taking a tour of Islay’s many distilleries and sampling the product.

          Maybe he could save himself some money by drinking Dettol!

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  3. Speaking Truth to Malcontents
    On me Grand 👶 kids lives.
    Watching Alex on the Telly was
    Just a sad !sad !old thing.
    I even said to me telly
    Wot the fu?k are you doing.

    From Towering statesman to a tottering….well I won’t be rude
    Some do not realise it’s time to leave the stage gracefully.

    How did it come to this ?

    Mixed messages and divided party’s will not deliver Indy 2
    Victory ✌️.

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        1. That’s a laudable aim, Niko.

          Do you think that the British Conservative government will be able to provide that or indeed that they will even try to?

          And do you think that there is the slightest chance that one day a proper Labour government will be elected?

          They tried with Miliband in the centre… no deal; then they tried with Corbyn on the left, nope; and now with SIR Keir on the right.

          And Johnson is still miles ahead in the polls in England despite making a mess of Covid and bringing in frightening laws that mean you can go to prison for longer for daubing paint on Winston’s or Thatcher’s statues than you can for murdering your partner.

          And remember, we get the government England elects.

          So how can you square that with wanting to remain a part of the UK?

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  4. Pic. 8: Delightful to see the motor cyclist saluting to Moira Anderson.
    Pic. 16: Glorious to see serial bride Elizabeth Taylor in full radiance.
    Pic 19: Rather boastful. I’m sure others can achieve a more rapid climax.

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      1. Naughty notion! There have been no climaxes on the Isle of Man since since 1963 when the birch was de rigueur. They’re illegal.
        Was that really “acting” that perennial blushing bride Elizabeth Taylor got up to in between modelling wedding dresses? Moira and I thought she was auditioning for Acorn Antiqes (sic)?

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  5. I’ve just seen Moira Anderson at the back window of the can in picture 20. Looks like she’s high on glue.


  6. Those green card in No3 that you were given on the plane before arrival in USA always provoked a bit of mirth. Who would declare they were a terrorist on a form.

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    1. Ummmm…. Nope. No one.

      Wouldn’t it have been better to do it before departure. It seems a bit of a waste to fly all that way only to have to fly back if you were stupid enough to admit you were a terrorist.


      1. Just every so often somebody did tick the wrong box either mistakenly or for the hell of it. Our cousins across the pond have no sense of humour whatsoever and it never ended well for the poor box ticker.
        Hence, in the days before ESTAs when we took a family holiday to Florida I would collect all the forms from the family and fill them in myself.

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        1. I remember someone in front of me joking with customs men at Tangier airport about their mate carrying drugs…

          It seem Moroccan customs officers don’t have much sense of humour either…


  7. Pic 1 The old Edinburgh Evening News prior to the Thomson takeover used to have a fleet of delivery vans like this with the bodywork in highly polished natural metal finish.
    They also had similarly finished little 3 wheelers of the Reliant type.

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  8. I have been following your blog for a couple of years. As the Americans say about the Sturgeon v Salmond issue, “I don’t have a dog in this fight,” but in a way I do as coming from Wales I hoped that we would achieve independence by following in your slipstream as you leave.
    By what will probably a split in the SNP achieve but snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. If both nationalist parties want a fight can they not wait to hold it in an independent Scotland?

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    1. Hi Gwyn. Nice to see you.

      That’s how I’ve flet about it from day 1.

      There’s certainly a lot more interest in Wales in Independence than there was a year or two ago.

      The Johnson effect perhaps.

      It may be a good thing. Salmond will attract votes that the other breakaway parties couldn’t hope to and will possibly manage a few seats.

      I hope that they won’t be seats that might have gone to the Greens. The latest polling estimate is that the SNP would get no list seats at all, pretty much taking all but a handful of the FPTP seats.

      Who knows if that will mean that Alba will take some seats that would otherwise have gone to the Tories.

      Certainly it is worrying Ross.

      There is a worry that the two parties won’t work together after election.

      It is most perplexing.

      Don’t be a stranger


    2. The ad in No 10 features in a Para Handy story in which they play a prank on the Tar (crewman replaced by Sunny Jim in later stories.) Having persuaded the Tar that he has some kind of life threatening illness, they show him a “mirror” into which they have pasted the monkey picture from the soap “that won’t wash clothes” and in the poor cabin light, Tar decides that he is really all right and makes a miraculous “recovery”. One of these parts of a Para Handy story which hardly makes sense without this kind of contextual knowledge.

      No 17 comes from mid to late 50’s, an AEC Regal or Regent. Once treated myself to a bus ride to Dundee through all these villages later bypassed by the dual carriageway. Visited again in later years when Inchture and neighbouring villages seemed to have gone back to sleep. The Dock St bus station was Dundee Corporation so not sure where the Inchture bus would have started since Alexanders’ services in that direction usually departed from North Tay St and would not pass Dock St.

      Was the Dragon Rapide not also known as the Dominie or was that a different aircraft ?

      Late on job tonight – day of distractions !

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      1. I got my mum a dvd set of Para Handy stories a couple of years ago and watched them with her.

        Everything was totally improbable but a laugh anyway.

        That’s true. I hadn’t thought about why that bus was there. As you say they worked out of the bus station on the Seagate and picked up passengers in Tay Street.

        Nice bus though…

        Hope the distractions were of a pleasant nature…


        1. Dominie’s different.

          My sister lives out near Auchterhouse.

          No. 5 isn’t a Mamod engine; looks like a German one, but I don’t know the make.

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