Not exactly how it panned out, Mr Gove, is it. What happened? Did you drop all the cards or did they turn out to all be jokers?


What’s wrong, bird? Did you see Boris Johnson’s tent in the distance?


Without making any comment at all on what Airmiles has been up to, and remembering that, like other well known figures, such as Alex Salmond or the anonymous Tory MP, well-known people for whatever reason they are well known, have the right to a fair trial (although it would help if they cooperated with the police or FBI in order to reach that goal) and an assumption of innocence until proven otherwise. However, a protest for whatever reason, no matter how justified or otherwise, outside the head office of the royal family in their capital, is news. So why was the mainstream media so unwilling to cover it?


Now that, if accurate, IS holding all the cards. It’s an ill wind, eh?


Well PP and BlP, what have you got to say to that?


Don’t forget he appointed himself Minister for the Nations, so he’s in charge of keeping the UK together. So we can start preparing to celebrate Independence

41 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. A roller coaster of emotions with this collection, thank you Tris.
    I watched the Gove collection early on, before breakfast. I don’t mind slugs but that one is an effective appetite suppressant, who needs a tapeworm segment, when he’s on the media?
    Then you reach the £8.3 billion on shorting a no deal! That brought back a need for food, similar to Christy Moore in his song, On the Mainland;

    Then follows the Pandas, the precipitate of concentrated cuteness and a belly laugh at the futile antics of Bawris and co. boosting indy.
    And replete haaa.

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  2. On behalf of BlP and myself, apologies for our bad behaviour. We are usually solitary animals and when we are in a crowd we just don’t know how to behave. However, we have an excuse being pandas whereas the Regime members (reputedly human) should know how to behave but don’t!

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    1. Oh it’s fine. I think it’s much more fun to scatter leaves than to sweep them up, and that comes from someone who spends a fair amount of time sweeping up leaves in the grounds of Munguin Towers.


  3. OT , but interesting if you want to scare yourself,
    We all know that if you want information that is (meant) to be true while doing research we often google it, as do MSM.
    Here’s one to try for everyone,
    Put a random number in google followed by covid cases and see what your answer is.
    Try it a second time, putting in a different random number, see what the answer is.
    Now put in your mums birthday number and see what you get.
    put in any number you like and do it all day long if you have have the time and and inclination, the algorithm will always produce random numbers for you to read.
    This is amazing considering how little testing of c- virus has been carried out around the world, including in uk.

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  4. It’s quite difficult to cover that protest in any meaningful way without broadcasting the accusation that Prince Andrew is a paedophile. It occurs to me that broadcasting that kind of protest comes with a legal risk and that Prince Andrew definitely has very attentive lawyers on speed-dial.

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    1. But the press could have let it be seen that they in no way agreed with the word ‘paedophile’.

      Indeed there is no serious suggestion that he engaged in paedophilia (given the definition of that wouldn’t cover the female he denied getting sweaty with, who was 17, and thus of legal age in both England and New York State where his activities are alleged to have taken place. Interestingly, if the girl was at the Florida home, where the legal age is 18, he would have broken the law, but it’s still not paedophilia).

      I guess you don’t have to agree with a racist march to cover it, because it happened, or on the other hand a black lives matter or gay march.

      Maybe they were advised by lawyers to leave it because his mummy could afford a team of the world’s most expensive lawyers.
      If so that is sad.

      A protest, justified or otherwise, outside the royal family’s head office is, in my opinion, newsworthy.


      1. It would be hard to put it on TV, I would guess, and it would be hard to add a meaningful photo to a news article without raising the accusation. Presenting the demo as not being one that made an accusation of paedophilia would also be a false representation.

        I don’t know if this is a plausible explanation or not, to be honest.

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        1. LOL. I take your points, Terry.

          Getting it right would have been hard. Reporting it would have been hard, without getting on the wrong side of someone for whom the expense of litigation would present no problem.

          How to put that over in print, would have required some skill, but then, you’d ave hoped that someone in the newspaper world in the Uk had some of that,

          To not report it at all left me thinking that they were trying to cover up something which to the best of my recollection hasn’t happened in my lifetime: a demonstration against a member of the royal family.

          Maybe old Lizzy will take Munguin to court for publishing….eeek… or maybe Airmiles will drive his Range Rover through the gates of Munguin Towers… He has form.

          Certainly the


    1. Hell 2 months for that, what about the mob from George Square that were restrained by police, when to we hear of them being jailed, don’t say they can’t find out who were the organisers.
      HCHQ, hello.
      Back to the old days of being transported to Australia for lifting a loaf.
      Didn’t hear the case against him or who was the sheriff, of course, but seems probable he might have refused to pay a fine. Anyone know?

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    2. There was no fine. He was sentenced to a curfew between 6pm and 6am for 72 days but he refused to comply. So he’s in the clink for 72 days.

      I’m still angry that the council committee of an SNP council should have changed the start time at short notice. It was a deliberate attempt to cut the numbers on the march by preventing people from distant parts of Scotland participating.

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      1. “He was sentenced to a curfew between 6pm and 6am for 72 days but he refused to comply”

        Somebody said he was a taxi driver so that would be when they make most of their money normally. Mind you he might lose his taxi license now.

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    3. AN indyref march organiser who defied Glasgow City Council safety concerns and refused to change the start time of the event was today jailed for 72 days.

      Mandeep Singh, 41, of All Under One Banner, also failed to apply to have streets closed during the event. This had to be organised by Police Scotland.

      He was told on several occasions that starting the march from Kelvingrove Park to Glasgow Green last May at 1.30pm would cause congestion in the city centre.

      Council officials ordered the event to start at 11am, but Singh started the rally at 1.30pm to accommodate marchers travelling from all over Scotland.

      The day after the march he was charged.

      Singh pled guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court to holding a procession not in accordance with the council-imposed conditions.

      Sheriff Paul Brown ordered Singh, of the city’s Charing Cross, to be placed on a 72-day curfew from 6pm to 6am.

      But, Singh refused to comply with this and was sent to prison.

      The court heard that on the lead up to the march there was a meeting on March 5, last year, with council officials, police and the fire brigade.

      Singh estimated that between 20,000 and 100,000 people would attend the event.

      Council officials told Singh his route and start time of 1.30pm would cause congestion in the city centre and recommended an 11am start time.

      Prosecutor John Bedford said: “Singh refused the recommendation put forward and stated he would perhaps bring it to 1pm.

      “He wasn’t prepared to accept the significant time change.”

      Singh was told to submit a temporary order to close the roads the group wished to march.

      Mr Bedford said: “Singh never paid for the order and it wasn’t put in place.”

      Taxi driver Singh also disagreed with the route favoured by the council which would take the march south from Kelvingrove Park to Kelvin Way, Sauchiehall Street, Pitt Street, West George Street, George Square, High Street and Glasgow Green.

      The council said the changes were due to concerns over “public safety.”

      Singh attended a police office the day before the march and was reminded about the measures in place.

      Singh told the police that he was going to ahead with his original route and time.

      Police organised road closures in accordance with this.

      It is estimated 30-40,000 people attended the march which went north through Gibson Street and Woodlands Road before taking the council’s route from Sauchiehall Street.

      Lawyer, Bob McCormack, defending, told the court that having the march earlier than 1.30pm was “not possible” due to the attendees from further afield.

      He said: “Singh discussed the route and police manned that route.

      “There was no deviation from the route that the police had taken which was followed to the letter.

      “This wasn’t the route in writing but it was the route agreed by him and the police.

      “They were in attendance at every part of the route.”

      Mr McCormack added that Singh could lose his job as a taxi driver as a result of the conviction.

      In my opinion he was wrong to defy the authorities, but jail? That seem to me to be a bit steep.


      1. You would have thought that the National would have mentioned that the 1:30 start had previously been agreed by the council. Then, at a late stage, the council demanded the earlier start time.

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    4. Very odd, seems like a vindictive sentence for no reason other than to be vindictive. There are other cases which fit with the same vindictive narrative. The Unionists revenge perhaps.


  5. Odd isn’t it?
    A Scottish court gives him 72 days in jail for organising a march to start at 11.00 rather than 1.30. Just a well he didn’t do a Clara Ponsati and organise a referendum.

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  6. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EgQ2V0_WsAUt9R9.jpg:small

    Broadcaster Kirsty Wark admitted she is worried about cancel culture and warned it is “dangerous” to hound people for having different opinions
    Kirsty Wark finds cancel culture “really worrying”.
    The 65-year-old broadcaster thinks an online “mob mentality” has become a “real issue” and warned it is very “dangerous” to hound people just because they hold opinions which others disagree with.
    She told the Sunday Times magazine: “I think there is a real issue about cancelling people.
    “It’s a really, really worrying aspect of our society, because what it does, it encourages a kind of mob mentality, which is completely fed by the internet and which can become incredibly dangerous.
    “People who have neither been charged nor convicted of anything are found guilty in the court of public opinion. Once we start going down that road, where do we stop?”
    Kirsty insisted the best way to understand opposing opinions is to “engage”, not cast people aside.
    She explained: “It’s really difficult as a journalist to say that people should be cancelled for ever, because you have to engage in order to understand. It’s really important that you actually air the argument.”
    Citing the backlash against J.K. Rowling for wanting to protect female-only spaces, she added: “Obviously there are lots of people who feel very hurt by what J.K. Rowling wrote. But not publishing her? Locking away? That’s not the way to deal with it. You have to engage.”
    However, the ‘Newsnight’ presenter also feels sympathy for the trans rights activists who want the author to be cancelled because she believes they are frustrated at not having a platform of their own.
    She said: “If you were a young person who’s feeling really insecure, and you had no money to make your voice heard, well, maybe it was about the fact that she has a voice and you feel you don’t have a voice.
    “Maybe you’d feel she had the privilege of a voice… It’s very hard for some people to find a voice. If they don’t have the education and so forth.
    “And if they find themselves without access to the education, and without the wherewithal or friendships or family to help them through things — the feeling that they are in the wrong place in their body and they want to transition — it’s tough for them. I can’t imagine what that would be like.”


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    1. Ms Wark added: This doesn’t apply to vile separatists who want to throw away our solid Britishness with all its millions of advantages and no disadvantages, like the Noble Lord McConnell, for example.


  7. Trying to copy the image for this but no luck. You’ll have to google it or look up google maps.

    Yesterday they changed the name of “Guantanomo Bay Detention Camp” to “Camp Justice”.
    🤗 Getting ready for some new inmates.

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  8. Well well well. I missed this at the time, but very interesting. Why we are in lockdown and a very damaging one at that – High level corruption at its finest!

    Then there’s this
    which kind of backs up all the medics that are saying covid19 testing is showing too many false positives. I have vids from medics in Spain and USA who claim the same as the Tanzania President.

    Just so there is no misunderstanding here.
    They are using testing which is showing false positives and demanding countries impose severe lockdown measures.
    Ask yourself why would they want to do this?

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  9. All heil,
    Today is GERS day, the day we find out that Scotland is responsible for 60% of the UK debt.
    The day that we should be celebrating the gold plated roads given to us by our benevolent colonial masters.
    Quite how 8% of the population racks up 60% of the uk debt and we still have food banks and potholes in the roads isn’t explained.
    Then again if you have a look at the accounts for the uk it’s amazing that the £2 trillion debt is not a problem.
    The hoky koky government turns again, masks are to be unworn , worn, unworn again and again and who’s to blame, poor wee mantlepiece salesman , gav.
    My take on the Greek trial just shows how far down the english exceptionalism has grown, a footy player says ‘Don’t you know who I am?’, hell price harry’s taken up footy now.

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    1. Good old GERS.

      Dreamt up by the Noble and Rt Hon Lord Lang to make Scotland look bad… as admitted by him in a memo (they didn’t have the net in the dim and distant 90s) to Sir John Major.

      It will give Dross yet another press opportunity.

      I understand that he says he’s going to concentrate all his efforts on putting the SNP down.

      Good thinking, Dross. What with the expected winter spike in Covid, the expected flu and the impending doom of No Deal Brexit. Obviously a strategist extraordinaire.


  10. A quick look says they’ve added Scotland’s contribution to the EU to make the deficit.
    You know the £350m a week on the red bus, we’re accountable for £35m a week, just short of a couple of billion a year, BUTT that’s already been found to be a fairy story missing out the return money for projects which are fully accounted , ie they know how much is spent but how to allocate it to an actual year is a problem.
    No doubt someone with more experience of the figures will update us.


    1. And:: £3.4bn removed from Scotland’s accounts for UK military, £4.5bn to service Westminster debt, £1.8bn for UK ‘service costs’, £966m for ‘international services’. A £11 billion reminder this is a picture of Scotland largely run under Westminster.


  11. Quote from Mr Murray
    So, use this data with extreme care, but in the meantime ask three things:

    Why does Scotland control less of its spend now than it did despite increasing devolved powers?
    Why hasn’t Scotland had the investment it needs?
    Why isn’t Scotland credited with the tax it might really generate?

    One day we may get answers. But not this side of independence, I suspect.

    Remember ‘estimates’ calculated on the basis of population not where the money is raised or spent.
    Simple fact, Scotch Whisky, exported from english ports is NOT a Scottish Export, Fact.

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    1. It seems to me too (although I could be wrong) that tax income from stores like Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury, B&Q, etc will be reported from their head offices… in England.


  12. Agree Tris,
    Plus all the costa coffee, amazon, netflix, virgin, apple, microsoft, ebay and lots of other spending places that are based in englandshire.
    Loved a wee documentary i saw from the last war, the dam buster raid, the raid was launched from a North Of England RAF base, just a little north of Watford.
    Sky news, don’t eat the salmon that have escaped from Argyll, 50,000 of them, they might not be fit for human consumption, bad marketing there I’m thinking.

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  13. What a bunch of lying gits.
    Just heard doris say to school pupils it was a Rogue algorithm that handed out low grades.
    My experience says it was the normal algorithm that is used each year to Normalise the results.
    You win a watch IF you can get and afford a tutor as your school’s history will be improved for the following year, grades manipulated by post code.
    The standards should be normalised by markers not knowing where the papers have come from.

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