Only for the pros

A CHALKED notice at The Pub With No Name in Florida Road.

“WARNING: Bars need your help. We can open at only one third of our capacity. Those who cannot drink for THREE are kindly asked to leave their place for the PROFESSIONALS.”  


Lite advice

ANOTHER chalked notice, post-lockdown:

“Ladies:, don’t let a man who drinks ‘lite’ beer abuse you.

“Talk to him, girl to girl.”


Hmmm… Chris Grayling in charge of transport and roads in England again?

Thanks to Brenda, Andi, John, Erik and Brendan…

28 thoughts on “JUST FOR A LAUGH”

    1. Noted, BlP. Oddly, I was able to “like” it (but quickly cancelled it. Munguin doesn’t like self-agrandisement)

      WordPress again! But I see that Ray was able to “like” it.


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      1. Oddly, I was able to like your post, Tris, and you comment, and BlPs’. Unfortunately, I was unable to like it twice to compensate for BLP not being able to. Indeed, the reverse happened, so I reversed it again.

        I could go on like this for quite a while, but I’m sure everyone, including Mr. Munguin, would rather I didn’t.

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        1. Re-reading the ‘like’ comments now that the sun is well up, dawn has also broken in my head. Originally I took BlP’s “I cannot like” as equating to “I dislike” yet nothing followed to substantiate that. I had not realised you could ‘like’ an entire post by Tris. My forehead is now weel skelpit for such glaikitness, but when I tried to compensate by using my new-found knowledge, no ‘like’ could be added – just a blank page that appeared briefly and disappeared with equal speed.

          I’ll therefore make my ‘like’ public here, and also to all who have made such good comments on the topic and helped alleviate my ignorance thereof.

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    1. M unguin has a driver, Kangaroo. You know that.

      Driving is well beneath his dignity (and the pedals are well beneath where his legs reach! but don’t tell him I said that).


  1. Some crackers there. Loved andimac’s again – talented guy – and the sea monster but my favourite was the battery one.

    More funnies from Jimmy Ferguson since it’s funnies day.

    “A group of kids outside the shop asked me to get them 20 Richmond.
    So I did.
    You should have heard the abuse I got.
    Next time they can buy there (sic) own sausages.”

    “My old Grandad always used to say ‘when one door closes another opens’
    Lovely man.
    Rubbish cabinet maker.”

    “My mate bet be a tenner I couldn’t do an impression of a butterfly.
    I thought ‘that’s worth a flutter'”

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  2. Andi Mac’s cartoon reminds me of the man who went to Glasgow Central and asked for a one-way ticket to jeopardy. “There’s no such place”, came the reply. “But I just read there’s 1000 jobs in jeopardy”.

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  3. The battery one is very witty indeed.

    True story. A friend of mine was a lecturer at college and taught computer studies. One of the students seemed to be having a problem logging in to her computer. She was getting more irate as time went on. She was asked;

    Lecturer: Are you having a problem?
    Student: I keep putting in the password and nothing is happening. I keep getting the same message over and over.
    Lecturer: What have you tried?
    Student; The computer said my password is invalid and I have been putting invalid in and nothing is happening.
    Class; Laughter all round.

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    1. LOL LOL…

      Jeez… I’m glad she wasn’t a student of mine, although to be fair, in what world would anyone ever choose me as a computer lecturer?


  4. The battery, chalked comments, and marriage vow all came from my mate Graham in South Africa, so he should get the credit. Where they originated is another story as he’s a computer expert on a par with Tris. He can mange to fw stuff to me and that’s about it.

    I asked him to send the printed version of one of his newspaper columns. No can do, no access to the production side. Just take a photograph and send that. You’ve got a smartphone, otherwise you wouldn’t be sending cartoons etc. Yes, but I’ve no idea how the camera works. Aye, he’s probably still typing his column on the light-weight Olivetti portable that we thought such a brilliant invention 40 years ago.

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