I can just imagine every child going out in the morning with their mum or dad’s words: “Be careful; keep your distance; have your mask with you at all times; don’t let anyone else touch it, and make sure you use the hand sanitiser I got you” ringing in their ears.

Then they get to school to be told by this buffoon that there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

I’m reminded that the self same moron bragging about shaking hands with virus victims in a hospital a couple of weeks or so before they carted him off to ICU with… Coronavirus.


  1. See the handcock is giving out £13 a day if you’ve to self isolate AND your on Universal Credit.
    Quote ‘If you’re in work or looking for work you can claim UC’
    In the 6th largest economy!!!!!, a worker can get an extra £13 A day IF Covid Positive and not able to work IF they are claiming UC.
    Why not give them the House of Lords per Day allowance, £325.
    The doris doesn’t need a face mask, he’s already robbing us blind in full view and no action taken.
    Anybody know what’s happened to ross hands down the trousers in pubs ex mp?
    Current mp accused of rape?
    Blind driving advisor?
    Baron ruthie backtracking on care homes issue.
    Len the Slab idiot raising reserved matters again but can’t see the solution is to be a normal country but then he’s still in the englander mode.
    Wee willie doesn’t seem to get the covid timescales to be infected and show symptoms.
    We are moving slowly to the big decision day, hopefully soon.

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  2. Reminds me of a clip of film with Neville Chamberlain arriving off a plane from Berlin and waving a bit of paper “I have in my hands Mr. Hitler’s peace (not piece as suggested by Monty Python)”.
    Aye Right!

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  3. The children look so engrossed and comfortable in his presence don’t you think. Just hanging on every word waiting for it to make some kind of sense.
    Maybe he thought he was doing a warm up for the tory party conference.

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  4. My daughter works at that school.

    To say the staff were less than impressed with the visit is the ultimate understatement.

    My understanding is that the head now has a significant amount of complaints from parents whose consent was NOT sought before using their children as political props.

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      1. Maybe this was a ‘surprise visit’ like the hospitals supposedly were, and nobody knew but pre-briefed media. “Bloody hell, the prime minister’s just turned up! What do we do? Suppose we’ll just have to let him in.”

        Do schools have a front-office/reception these days, with phone extensions to every classroom? Not in my day, admittedly a very long time ago. There was a secretary but she was tucked away in a remote and unmarked office that would take a bit of finding if you didn’t know where to look. Same with the heidie. How did casual visitors manage, unless they happened to bump into the jannie on his rounds?

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      1. You can’t deny that he’s a fine figure of a man…

        Nah, I’m havering. Of course you can deny it.

        Have you seen their Dad’s Army ad justifying getting rid of immigrants looking for a safe home… you know, like…well, for example, the Home Secretary’s parents?


  5. And here he is, talking about how sexist Harry Potter is or isn’t, with school children who look utterly bemused by it all.


    1. From the picture I take it that ALL schools in the uk have a pm’s lectern with stereo microphones, just in case je turns up unexpectantly.
      Shades of adolf hitler and the modified Maltese Cross.

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      1. And all the English ones have a King James Bible that no one can understand with a presentation dedication by the Rt Hon Michael Gove.

        Oh how lucky are the schools in England.


  6. Sky news reporting that the grayling has resigned as a member of the intelligence committee, maybe he got a revised school teacher’s assessment.
    Might be they had a strict entry qualification for members that didn’t apply to the chairperson.
    Oor Nicola says we shouldn’t pressurise staff back into offices, some people I know are happy to work from home, no commute is like a huge pay rise as no travel to work costs and more time for life.
    Reading that big companies can see it works for their staff and they will be able to downsize their property requirements.
    Big problem for pension funds who invested in building to lease arrangements.
    Interesting take on GERS by Mr R Murphy, they compare tax take in Scotland with money spent in the UK, comparing apples with bolts.

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    1. Well, in honesty, Grayling wasn’t best suited to the intelligence committee. Perhaps they could put him on the catering committee. He might be OK at making tea.

      Covid may well change life forever. I read somewhere that 90% of people asked would prefer not to go to the office.

      Wouldn’t work for everyone but for many it would be a fantastic break, particularly those who have to travel for 2 hours on crowded, out of date, dirty, trains that are never on time. Massive savings on annual tickets.

      Of course, that’s not going to be great for all the places that provide lunch.

      They try the GERS thing every year. I always refer them to the leaked memo for the Noble Aristocrat Lang to John Major saying that GERS was a way to make Scotland look bad.

      I rarely engage with their stupidity, but every year you get the tweets from the usual suspects… from Dross to Jackie Bailie and Useless Jack.

      They are either really thick, or they think we are.


    2. Row over government claim Brits should ‘get back to the office or lose job’

      What happened?

      The government is trying to persuade British workers to return to the office after scrapping advice to work from home. Boris Johnson is planning a newspaper and television blitz to get people to begin commuting to city centres. A row over the issue broke out after an unnamed source told the Telegraph that those opting to keep working from home could make themselves more “vulnerable” to redundancy.

      Why does the government want people back in the office?

      Ministers want to boost the economy and rescue empty city centres by persuading people to start commuting again. The CBI warned this week that city centres resemble “ghost towns”, with serious consequences for businesses that rely on office footfall. The prime minister has been calling for employees to start returning to their place of work for more than a month after insisting it is safe to do so. Transport secretary Grant Shapps said this morning there is a “limit” to what can be achieved while working from home.


      Labour shadow business minister Lucy Powell hit back at the suggestion workers were putting their jobs at risk by staying at home, calling the remarks “unconscionable”. She said: “It beggars belief that the Government are threatening people like this during a pandemic.” Dave Penman, general secretary of the civil service union, said ministers need to accept the “world of work has changed” and called them “dinosaurs” for attempting to woo officials back to their desks.


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