I wonder if that’s an appropriate plea given that, once free, Moses’s people were lost in the wilderness for 40 years.

(I’ve just read that a telephone conversation between May and Mrs Foster resulted in Arlene saying NO.)

It’s OK, Mr Blackford was clear that he couldn’t disclose any actual information about his source or about the facts. Just the conclusion.  I suspect we already knew it. 

36 thoughts on “OH BORIS…”

  1. Of all the charlatans that have spouted off about Brexit, BoJo the Clown must be the worst. A man totally devoid of intelligence, empathy or principles. He would kill his granny for a shot at being prime minister. May’s term as worst PM in history would be a short one if he ever got elected.

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  2. But we have Macbeth, waiting in the wings, along with Lady Macbeth, who is, one suspects even deadlier than the male. (I refer of course to Holinshed’s/Shakespeare’s characters, not the historical couple). He has already done for Duncan Johnson – one hopes.

    Gove though might be Scotland’s revenge for Flodden (along with Fox, Scotland’s revenge for the Clearances). Unfortunately, I am unable to think of a way of foisting them both off on Khazakstan – but no, that would be quite unjust.

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  3. (I’ve just read that a telephone conversation between May and Mrs Foster resulted in Arlene saying NO.)

    Oh tris yoons always say NO
    It’s our favourite word even
    When it self harms us


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    1. Well, Mrs May got her revenge at PMQ!s by blaming the need to ask for an extention on Northern Ireland (and by association, on Arlene). End of a beautiful (and very expensive) friendship methinks.

      I’ve heard Yoons like a wee bit of self harm…


  4. I would be very happy to see BoJo and his “people” go.
    Just go and leave the rest of us in peace.
    Wouldn’t surprise me if May brings back her zombie deal again.
    She apparently claims to be a Christian woman and of course believes in the resurrection.
    Except in her case,it is an event that happens on a weekly basis.
    What a charade.

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  5. Replacement for May?
    Listened to a couple of tories answering this on the radio. The usual suspects were named but alongside them, as serious contenders/favourites, were Dominic Rabb and Jeremy Hunt. Now, those two, and their connections, give me the shivers.

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        1. Because they’re being pompous ar*seholes and think it’s funny to pun on a word which can mean a wise and sagacious person, but nevertheless flirts with offensiveness and evil – très Bullingdon, that. I say “flirt”, but I mean throw in the sewer and bang away at it. Très BS Johnson, actually – always keen to offend, that one.

          It also reflects the fact that they’re all male. Très English public single-sex boarding school, and très that horrible, braying posh boys’ club atmosphere that reigns supreme at the Palace of Westminster, even supremer than the Speaker or even Her Maj. Unreconstructed exemplars of homo porcinus, the lot of them, not just sexist and racist, but snouts in the trough and polluting the body politic with their vast quantities of shite.

          “Grand wizards” my posterior: more like dirty great wisearses.

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        2. Trying to be kind here.
          Whilst the KKK reference is relevant, they probably didn’t connect the dots when they thought up the name. More likely they were thinking they were the puppetmasters and got confused.

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            1. Ed, Tris, Kangaroo……..I always have the same trouble trying to figure out what motivates Trumpy’s behavior. Is he sometimes simply ignorant of history and law and the historical norms of presidential behavior, or is he more likely acting with the low cunning of the con-man and demagogue that he’s always been, creating as much turmoil, dissension and division as possible to advance his self-serving ends? Could the hard Brexiteers REALLY be so stupid about American history as to implicitly ally themselves with the KKK?

              The photograph caught my eye. I noticed that the guy in KKK regalia in the original photo, before Rees-Mogg’s face was Photoshopped on it, had managed to be photographed in front of John Trumbull’s famous painting of the “Committee of Five,” the drafting committee for the Declaration of Independence, presenting their draft to the Continental Congress in Philadelphia on June 28, 1776.

              This monumentally-sized (12 ft x 18 ft) painting is in the Capitol Rotunda in Washington, where a guy in a KKK Grand Wizard outfit is not likely to be, given the layers of security at the Capitol. Trumbull also painted a smaller version of the picture, which this one appears to be, that’s in the Yale University Art Gallery in New Haven, Connecticut. A guy in a KKK outfit might more likely be found among the undergrads at Yale than in the Capitol Rotunda. 😉

              BTW, the big painting is fairly dripping with history. Each individual face (47 in the painting) of the Continental Congress has been identified. Of the Committee of Five in the right-center foreground of the picture, Jefferson is the tall red-headed one in front, John Adams the short fat one on the left, Ben Franklin on the right, and Roger Sherman (left) and Robert Livingston (right) are behind and between Adams and Jefferson.

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  6. Lord, grant that Marshal Wade,
    May by thy mighty aid,
    Victory bring.
    May he sedition hush,
    and like a torrent rush,
    Rebellious Scots to crush,
    God save the King.

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  7. Perhaps Danny,
    She just ignores us, no need to worry when 10 of the resident tories voted with her yesterday.
    Only masterton voted against her.
    Irish Times has a great quote:-
    Britishness is out of stock but we can supply Brexitness, same thrill of tribalism, the DUP support the cut down cheap version but the mogg is about to ditch them for the maybot’s deal.
    A parcel of spivs, liars, criminals, misfits, sadists and petty bureaucrats leading ruk to the cliff edge.
    Still thinking of putting money on the deal passing on the very last day possible, now likely to be 10th April. The quote from the maybot said International Law, not ruk law, she can slide under a snake with her version of the truth.

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    1. Mogg said of her deal that it made us a slave state, instead of a vassal state… and the little weasel is going to vote for it?

      Beyond contempt.

      I see that a massive poll by Survation from Channel Four puts Remain at either 54 or 55%


      Only Great Britain it seems. (Do they have channel four in Ireland?) But Wales (nearly) and Cornwall have followed Scotland.

      And they are still going to leave…

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  8. We need to start the next petition.
    We demand the ruk government start immediate negotiations to rejoin the EU.
    The SG can just take over as the remainer part of ruk.
    Independence for england. The last poll in WoS suggested that 90% of the english population would support Indy for Scotland and NI if it helped them get out of the EU.
    The magic rounabout of the House of Fools in westmonster.

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    1. I like the “successor State” idea myself, Dave. I also rather like the idea of the Westminster regime booting us rebellious Scots out of the Union to hush us; apart from anything else, it would save us having to have any more of those nasty, divisive independence referendum thingmies that the Ruth Davidson Party dislike so much, which I’m sure would make them very happy. If they’re not, we could always promise them a referendum in a generation’s time to see about applying to join the queue to rejoin the British Empire, which I am sure would silence all their objections.

      Over the water, if the Westminster regime wants to tear up the Good Friday Agreement and flout international law, we can’t stop them. They have a great deal of form in the area of reneging on agreements and violating international law already; the phrases “perfidious Albion” and “Britannia waives the rules” are founded in fact and bitter experience. That article by Fintan O’Toole is a right belter, by the way.

      In the Fintan O’Toole article, there’s a picture of a Unionist gable-end with the slogan “Vote Leave E.U. Rev, 18:4”. My vast erudition and peerless googling skills tell me that that verse from Revelations reads (in reference to Babylon) “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.”Oh well. Seguing seamlessly from Babylon to Bishops and from Belshazzar to the Papacy, it occurred to me that the Westminster Parliament includes 26 Anglican ones as Lords Spiritual and the European Union does not have an established church at all, but there I go again with my pre-postmodern attachment to facts, which are chiels that winna ding, imho.

      Does anyone have any idea what “British values” are, by the way? I still haven’t worked out what They mean by that, or even what They think They mean by that.


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