The Minneapolis Star-Tribune, U.S.
Caglecartoons, Netherlands.
joke minnasota
joke maryland
What you might call a WARM welcome.


What that you say… 4 points for jumping a red light? You give points now?    Yes, and at 12 points you win a bike!
jpke massachusetts
Massachusets spelling.

Thanks as ever to BJSAlba.

27 thoughts on “JUST FOR A LAUGH”

  1. Great cartoons! But I don’t have a clue what the one from the Netherlands is about.

    The Maryland pic must be in Baltimore. (A tough town!) The British burned Washington no problem. Baltimore sent them running (by the dawn’s early light.)

    The science is wrong about matter and energy. You would have to multiply yourself by the speed of light SQUARED. 😉

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      1. Conan……Kool-Aid?! It’s a glass of poison? So who’s the odd looking man with the Union Flag tattoo and his hand in a pool of liquid? And the strange face affixed to a drinking straw, apparently by some sort of twisted wire? I still don’t have a clue. 😉

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    1. I’m thinking… “drink me” (with Maybot’s head speaking to him). He’s clearly a Boris fan and a UK Nat. And he’s pushing away her deal, which is pretty much what Boris and his likes are doing.

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      1. Tris……that certainly sounds plausible. Although I would say something about the cartoonist “clutching at straws” if Kangaroo hadn’t already used it.

        Maybe the Dutch are just a tad inscrutable in their political cartooning. By contrast, the British cartoons showing daggers in the backs of prominent politicians lying in pools of blood are wonderfully easy to interpret. 😉

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        1. There is a tradition for that sort of thing in the UK, Danny.

          There was a cartoon in this week’s collection that I decided against putting up … involving May’s coffin and her still saying that she could negotiate a workable deal. I’m sure it meant that she will go to her grave promising the impossible, but…

          Sometimes they can be tasteless, and although I can laugh at tasteless stuff, Munguin can’t!

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          1. Tris…….A matter of different cultures! In the USA, if mainstream media published such a thing (which they never would) involving the head of state, or even another prominent Washington politician, they would likely get a threat assessment visit from the Secret Service (presidential protection detail) or the FBI.

            A psychologist might consider the possibility of a lot of repressed hostility and anger among the famously “polite” English people. An Irish author I heard once on a TV talk show discussing the history of Ireland, mentioned how polite the English are, right up to point they march you to the gallows or a firing squad for acting contrary to their imperial interests.

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            1. Very true.

              I remember once talking to an Iraqi about life under Saddam. He said that by comparison with life in many other Near East countries it was very free. The only thing was that you had to be careful not to get caught criticising the president.

              You, he said, can stand in the High Street and shout “F*** the queen” with impunity. (Not entirely true as you’d probably be done for causing an affray.)

              Try that in Baghdad and you’ll soon be in serious bother…. like dead, for example.

              Of course we do have treason laws in in the UK. We are supposedly not allowed let the royal bloodline to be contaminated with “ordinary” blood (by impregnating a princess), but as most of us don’t ever see them, never mind meet them, never mind…. well you get my drift.

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              1. That archaic royal bloodline treason stuff brings to mind the soap opera of Charles and Diana. They seem to have both approached their marital vows with the same degree of fidelity, and there does seem to be very little resemblance between William and Harry. 😉

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      2. PS Tris…….You spotted what I missed entirely (when I couldn’t figure out the hand in the pool of liquid.) That he’s just pushed the glass away with his fingers, and the wet spot is where the glass had been sitting. I also didn’t identify the tattoo on his right arm as representing Boris. I did realize that the oddly attached face on the straw might be Theresa May.

        Just not paying attention! I also failed to catch the meaning of the stranded motorists wearing reflective vests a while back. Also a Dutch cartoon. 🙂

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        1. Trouble is that they are foreign, Danny! 🙂

          Actually, going by these cartoons, the Dutch do seem to have a pretty weird sense of humour… not unlike the English one.

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          1. Sometimes humor doesn’t travel well across international boundaries. 🙂

            Among the “strange” Europeans (from an American perspective,) I wonder about Swiss political cartoons. As strange as the Swiss themselves can be?

            On a serious note, it brings to mind a scathing article I read a while back about the Swedes and the Swiss, who maintained their sovereignty by claiming to be neutral, even as the Swedes sold vast quantities of iron ore to Germany for its armament factories, which effectively circumvented the allied blockade of Germany. And the Swiss, who offered no safe heaven to European Jews, even as their banking system eagerly accommodated the Nazi’s plundered wealth from the Jews and conquered countries. After the war, the Swedes and the Swiss (not to mention the Irish) didn’t even apologize for maintaining neutrality in the face of one of the greatest evils in history. I knew about the famously corrupt Swiss banks in serving the Nazis, and countless dictators and criminals, but had not heard about the Swedish iron ore.

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              1. Tris…….Now that I think about it, I think it was a radio program on National Public Radio, and the Vatican City State was placed among the prominent neutral states with not a lot to be proud of in WWII.

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