One of the Tory Party’s dimmer lights, she didn’t hold enough of an opinion on Brexit to actually vote in the referendum… and then, as soon as Mrs May’s whips told her what she thought, she tumbled to it… and indeed is probably sure that she knew it all along.

The captions on this are hilarious.

My thanks to Sarah Mackie for drawing it to my attention.

6 thoughts on “THINKS: “I WISH I DIDN’T HAVE TO DO THIS…””

  1. I don’t know anything about this lady, but she looks somewhat red in the face, so is she just another Scotory ‘busted flush’?

    Talking about ‘flush’, with all these motions flying about, does that mean the UK parliament is going down the toilet? Scotland should pull the plug fast, wash its hands of the whole awful mess, and skedaddle out of the WC (Westminster Club) as soon as possible while the thingamajig is hitting the fan.

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    1. Dear Kirstene. To be fair she’s mainly kept a low profile, but when she has said something, normally it has been ridiculous and laughable… and how we have laughed.


  2. To think they got rid of Mike Weir for that. I mean she gives blondes a bad reputation. I mean, sure, Derek MacKay is also a university dropout but at least he has some brains and some nous. Her, sake.

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    1. No… Uni isn’t for everyone, and plenty of bright people never went near university… My friend’s son, so bright he went to uni a year early, has just dropped out and is off to NZ with his girlfriend for a year.

      Kirstene, on the other hand… doubt it.


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