Will she come up with a good reason for there to be an extension?

What could it possibly be… I mean, if you have taken it to the wire with parliament before and failed dismally to get an agreement, what can you possibly do that will please MPs enough to make them vote for essentially the same deal with a few minor tweaks?

The backstop is non-negotiable and won’t be any different in 3 months. What else is there?

Still, never mind, Farage’s great march is ca’in’ awa bra! Eh?

Thirty? Forty?


Image result for where's Nigel

He hasn’t been seen for a few days now. He can’t have spent all that time in the pub… can he?

52 thoughts on “ENCORE UNE FOIS: OH DEAR”

    1. Nigel and his goonishness has never been particularily popular up here. The tail end of invisibility certainly suggests a maximum of 36, but I’d imagine our hero will have that as an enormous march in favour of his pov.

      It was, pretty clearly, nothing of the sort.

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            1. Didn’t that Polish chap with the same name as that Fleetwood Mac album say there was a special place in hell reserved for the likes o thaim?

              I have to say that it’s a bit of a disappointment to me that there are so few of them there to burn in the flames for eternity, but then no one ever said that life was fair.

              Oh look, here’s a URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATMR5ettHz8.


              1. Mind… on the other hand, he has the same first name as you know who.

                Love that drumming…

                Do you remember that old Glaswegian lady who was interviewed during Thatcher’s funeral. You’d have imagined butter wouldn’t melt… but she was right into her. Stake through her heart and garlic around her neck…

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                1. I can’t say I do, but I can imagine. Perhaps some other kind Munguinite (is there any other kind?) can dig up a reference?

                  There are so many apt objects of our vituperation these days, we can always use expertise in the delivery of it.


  1. I have completely lost track of what is going on.

    The BBC reported this:

    “Prime Minister Theresa May is writing to the EU to formally ask for Brexit to be postponed until 30 June or longer.

    One ministerial source told the BBC the longer delay could be up to two years, amid reports of a cabinet row, but No 10 said no decision had been made.”

    Me? I just want independence and then there is a pretty good chance that we’ll know what we are doing. This is just an unacceptable way to behave.

    Perhaps unsurprisingly, I kind of trust our wee democracy to get it sorted without this nonsense.

    Hopefully, independence by next Tuesday!

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      1. You may be right, just saying, as soon as humanly possible. If we could do it in as short a time-scale as possible then we should. I know you are as exercised by independence as much as I am.

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      1. When I think back to Cameron telling us that the world feared and respected Britain…

        And now we have Don Junior telling us we’re in a mess because we didn’t take his daddy’s advice and sue the EU.

        Parallel universe.

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      1. I think I took it for a commie Red Flag, but you’re right, it’s the Manx flag. Three legs in armour supposed to be from the Celtic triscele (spelling??). Cre ta ny Manninee jannoo ayns-shen? The IoM isn’t actually even part of the UK!?

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  2. Westminster’s latest meaningless vote does nothing to stop a No deal exit from the EU.
    They can only prevent that now by revoking A50.
    Who is going to be brave enough to do that?

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    1. The SNP should raise a motion to revoke A50. The Labour Party will vote against because as Niko says “SNP Baaaad”. Job done, then it’s a no deal and we are ofsky.

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  3. Fair enough. I have spent the last few months watching the Democrats trying to find a candidate to stand against the worst President ever. And there is a huge field, from Tulsi Gabbard to Betto o’Rourke to more likely winners like Joe Biden or Bernie Saunders. It is far too far out to say who will win, and my money, perhaps ridiculously, is on Tulsi Gabbard.

    Tho’ I would also be completley happy if Bernie won.

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  4. What amazes me Tris is that if you listen to the paper reviews at night no one, well at least no one that I have heard recently, has mentioned two simple FACTS!

    1) the vote AGAINST no deal was practically pointless. All it did was show Westminster was AGAINST a no deal but it actually does NOTHING to stop a no deal.

    2) unless the E.U. 27 actually ALL agree to an extension that Feartie is prostrating herself in front of them and begging for then we are OUT of the E.U. in NINE days time. It only takes ONE of the E.U. 27 to say NON and no extension is agreed to.

    I may be wrong here but perhaps all the paper reviewers have been ordered NOT to mention either of these simple FACTS! 😂

    As far as the wee pretendy march to London is concerned two things spring to mind.

    1) a couple of marchers from the Indy 500 march last year have, I believe begun another march … Edinburgh to London. No pomp … No ceremony … certainly NOT from any of the Britnat media at least!

    2) this march to London is gonna cost Adam Hills a fortune if it keeps going like this. On Friday night’s show he said he was going to sponsor oor Nige … for every day he was NOT on the march. I can’t remember how much he is “sponsoring” oor wee Nige for but I think Adam might already be regretting saying this. By the way all money “sponsored” by Adam Hills is going to go to charity NOT oor Nige or any organisation or fund raiser linked to him. 😂


    1. It looks very much like Macron has killed her application stone dead.

      Not maybe a done deal… after all he has to discuss it with the other 26, but… he’s had enough of her.


      Pour Macron, c’est décidé : il faut cesser de finasser et refuser aux Britanniques tout report du Brexit, prévu à la date du 29 mars.

      For Macron it’s decided. We must stop refining and refuse the Brits any extension to the departure date on 29th March.

      Oh well… she has all the negotiating savoir faire of an elephant, without any of the charm,

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  5. I still am putting money on a meaningless vote being called at 7PM on the 29th of March, 2019.
    Listened to R4 at 1 o’clock, nearly wet myself at leadsom.
    After 16 minutes of the maybot being very clear, we are leaving on the 29th, repeated some 6 times from pmq replies, on comes a pile of mps, all giving their point of view.
    Then leadsom comes on and blames the SNP for not backing the maybot’s deal. I didn’t think they took much notice of the SNP but along with the Eu, the SNP are the problem.
    SHe never mentioned the mogg or answered the question about the maybot being very clear and now it’s a delay until June, notice no year mentioned.
    The maybot, promises not delivered, think about solving the housing problem, when is that happening?
    Time to go and leave them to their empire.

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    1. Leadsome really is a stupid person.

      She of course wouldn’t dare criticise the ERG lest they go on a voting strike.

      Anyway, I’m surprised she was prepared to even mention Brexit. She’s using diverting techniques to get the loonie fringe behind her on other matters like educating kids about sexuality.

      She belongs in the 1700s with JRM.

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  6. Looking like Tusk has just pressed the Big Red Button.
    As Cpl Jones would say ” Don’t Panic, Don’t Panic”.
    Ok we can now Panic, all the money is now on the 2 option roulette wheel. Deal or No Deal.
    Whilst my MP and his mentor, Carless Jackass, have been worried about the local PO closure as their concern.
    I’ve just been told that a near neighbour, a young man in his 30’s, has just committed suicide, his next door neighbour tells me he had just been told his benefits were to be cut, he’s been caught up in the mortgage support changes.
    What kind of woman is the maybot? She’s supposed to be in charge of our population and has a duty of care for us all.
    How many more are there and we don’t get to hear from the media.

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    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your neighbour.

      How dreadful must your life be when your best option in suicide?

      I suspect Maybot is REALLY stupid. She has made monumental misjudgements at every step. Last night’s where she criticised the MPs, was the latest.

      I’m on your side… No you’re bloody well not.


  7. 1. Brexit means Brexit.
    2. We’ll have a red, white and blue Brexit.
    3. The UK will be Brexiting as a United Kingdom.
    4. The UK will be leaving the EU on 28 March 2019.
    5. I speak shite.

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  8. Just saw that Film4 has the bestest comment on the maybot’s wooden 4 minute chat to the nation.
    They’re showing Titanic.
    The iceberg won, maybe the maybot thinks she’s the iceberg.

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  9. Don’t know if the EU has formally replied yet but I get the impression that the offer is a three month extension on condition the Withdrawal Agreement is approved before 29 March at 23:00 hrs GMT.

    So how does May engineer another vote when the Speaker says No. Bercow may have an unexplained illness? Prorogued Parliament? General Election? (I hear you from here Jeremy, or is that Niko in my ear)

    I still think SNP should propose a motion to revoke A50, just for fun.

    I hope you have all stocked up on food and meds cause it’s going to get very bumpy.

    By the way Basle 3 comes into play at the end of the month and it has Gold being included in Tier 1 Capital. We are edging ever closer to a Gold Standard. This is real reason why the Bank of England is refusing to give Venezuela back its gold.

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    1. In all the discussions last night, no one once mentioned Mr Bercow’s ruling.

      Has he rescinded it?

      Is he locked in his room?

      Did Fluffy serve him one of his special scones and he’s locked in the Little Boys’ Room?


  10. IF you believe the EBC is fair and honest have a look at their website on the maybots speech.
    A 3:55 speech is edited down to 1:30, you can see where the cuts are, very good editing, but WHY.
    Had a look on Huffington post, it was 2:30 for the same, thought that’s strange, but their output was actually the same edition but with an advert added to the lead in.
    I thought the 10 minutes of looking at the empty lectern was more informative than the actual speech.
    Strange that the maybot could spare us some of her very busy schedule to give us 4 minutes of nonsense.
    Probably needed the time to be brieffed on how to curtsy to Tusk and Co,
    .Think she’s being clever, asking for a date that the EU won’t sanction so she can blame them, the media will of course spin it against the EU.
    The rUK is finished, time to revoke A50 ourselves as a sovereign country, Scotland says we are a free people and will decide the issue for ourselves, we don’t need colonial masters or want them.

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    1. I heard bits of the sketch from my sick bed last night.

      And I heard reactions.

      It seems that, following her usual custom and practice, she has miscalculated. Badly. Again.


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