One of the Tory Party’s dimmer lights, she didn’t hold enough of an opinion on Brexit to actually vote in the referendum… and then, as soon as Mrs May’s whips told her what she thought, she tumbled to it… and indeed is probably sure that she knew it all along.

The captions on this are hilarious.

My thanks to Sarah Mackie for drawing it to my attention.


So, Joanna Cherry QC (that QC bit’s important because, as an advocate, she kinda knows stuff about law), tweets that a new none-too-bright Tory MP, Kirstene Hair, has made a fool of herself by criticising the SNP government for failing in an area that is reserved to Westminster. (Incidentally, it’s not the first time that this has happened.)
The makes it’s final descent into total farce as the indecisive makes a speech during criticising Scot govt for failures which as reserved matters are the responsibility of her Tory mates in UK Govt.
Then the terminally dim Secretary of State/teaboy, Fluffy Muddle, jumps on the bandwagon and supports the aforementioned woolly-headed Tory MP.
He’s getting as bad as Trumpy, but someone needs to teach him how to do caps. SAD!
Next, our own dear “Arbroath” points out to him that he’s havering through a hole in his bucket.
So, for the benefit of Mr Muddle, BROADBAND is part of the telecommunications brief. It is reserved. If the Scottish government had been responsible then something would already have been done.
Interestingly, farther down the twitter discussion are some interesting comments, including one which pointed out that a group of his own constituents had contacted him as their MP on the subject. He achieved nothing and didn’t bother turning up to a meeting to which they had invited him to discuss this issue…vital in a rural area.

Oh dear. David wasn’t interested enough to try to do something even in his own constituency…never mind throughout Scotland.

Well devolve it then & let us get on with it. Or do your day job and sort it out, along with the rest of the stuff you’ve reserved to Westminster.

A perfectly sensible alternative…

davey daveydavey!!! it’s reserved. are you a total liar?

Probably the answer to that is… yes.

Anyway, there are hundreds of tweets to our mentally challenged SoS pointing out that he is wrong.

I don’t really expect much from the dimwit that is the Angus MP, Hair (wasn’t she the one who was so confused by the EU question that she didn’t bother to vote in the referendum?), but Muddle has been either Secretary of State or Minister of State for over 7 years.

a david

You might have thought that by now he would have had some handle on what the Scotland Office does, besides organising the tea and biscuits for cabinet meetings.