New York Times
La Vanguardia, Spain.
Caglecartoons, Greece.
De Volkskrant, The Netherlands.
Latvijas Avize, Latvia.


De Volkskrant, The Netherlands.

Thanks, as always, to BJSAlba.


Oh and here’s a joke, if ever there was one…




23 thoughts on “JUST FOR A LAUGH”

  1. Great cartoons and video!
    I can’t resist a couple of comments.

    CAUTION: Pontification follows:

    I’ve mentioned once before that I always wince at UK and European cartoons showing politicians with daggers plunged in and spouting blood. Such images involving American politicians would cause a furor in the states, and couldn’t possibly be published in any mainstream US publication. But the Brits and Europeans (who freely lecture Americans about having a violent culture) seem to readily accept daggers and blood as a more or less routine political metaphor.

    Europeans BTW sometimes miss the point about the constitutional origins of the American gun culture. It was personally owned guns that armed the early American patriots, and finally killed and captured enough of the British army to convince King George to leave our shores. So when the Bill of Rights was drafted by James Madison in 1789, only six years had passed since the end of revolution, and the second amendment to the constitution became a freedom to bear arms and not (for example) a freedom to own daggers amendment. 😉

    The cartoon from the Augusta (Georgia) Chronicle about Elizabeth Warren is overtly racist and sexist, and it picks up perfectly on Trump’s habit of calling her by the name “Pocahontas.” Racism and sexism are now simply routine in the Republican political playbook since Trumpy founded his entire political career on the racial “birther” conspiracy attack on President Obama. Any woman running for the presidency in 2020 (as Senator Warren is) will have to endure the kind of attacks that Hillary Clinton did and likely a lot more.

    The Augusta Chronicle is probably no worse than any other right wing Republican southern newspaper in this regard, but it has a lot more history than most. The Augusta Chronicle was founded in its original form in 1785, and is said to be the third oldest continuously published newspaper in the United States, after the New Hampshire Gazette (1756) and the Hartford (Connecticut) Courant (1764.) The Chronicle published the news of the day involving President George Washington.

    A little history about the Augusta Chronicle if interested:



    1. I was a little dubious about putting up the cartoon of Elizabeth Warren, I have to admit. I think I will remove it having seen your reaction.

      The stabbing in the back of politicians does seem quite traditional here although at least in the UK, it refers to an often used expression “stabbed in the back” which means, let down by people you trusted. rather than a literal stabbing. The night of the long knives, is a part of our history (although it originates in Germany I think)


      Of course now that there has been an explosion of knife crime particularly in London, people might want to review that.

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      1. Tris…….Americans are of course familiar with the “stab in the back” metaphor, and “Night of the Long Knives,” and there’s “blood in the water”…etc etc. But we just don’t see it so graphically illustrated, even as a cartoon metaphor. One reason might be a national sensitivity about assassination. Four presidents have been murdered by gunfire, Reagan was seriously wounded, and other presidents have been shot at or threatened with gunfire in some way. (FDR when he was president-elect in Miami in 1932 was seated in a car next to the Mayor of Chicago. The bullets killed the Mayor, and FDR lived to be inaugurated president.) Publicly threatening the president…….even as a political joke in free-speech America……..can get you a visit from the Secret Service or the FBI.

        Of course I was mostly just advancing a tongue-in-cheek suggestion that considering their political cartoons, the Europeans and the British are probably just as violent as Americans, but by an accident of revolutionary history and the constitution, Americans are just better armed…..LOL.

        As for Elizabeth Warren, there’s no way that a Brit or a European would know that Elizabeth Warren and her Native American ancestry controversy is currently such a big deal, what with her just declaring her candidacy for the presidency, and with Trump always calling her “Pocahontas.” All of it folding into current hot button issues of ethnicity and gender. So while that cartoon might not be surprising for a British newspaper for example, the fact that an American paper published it was just a piece of deliberate right wing Republican nastiness. However, Elizabeth Warren “Indian” cartoons are all over Google images, after only a few days since she announced her run for president. This is going to be a vicious presidential campaign on both sides…….LOL.


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        1. So Ms Warren is actually, at least partly, native to America, unlike Trump.

          I’d so love it if she stood and beat the orange bloke.

          I hope someone has it on record that he owes her favourite charity a million dollars, although I doubt he would pay up anyway. He’s not that great with charity, is he?

          Knowing what I know, I apologise for putting the cartoon up. And it’s not BJSAlba’s fault. She sends me the complete page, I select the cartoons.

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          1. Tris……There is absolutely NO apology necessary about the Warren cartoon. Apart from the fact that such cartoons are absolutely everywhere on the internet and in various publications, to truly appreciate the issue, you would have to know the details of this ridiculous “controversy” that has spanned the last six years since her campaign for Ted Kennedy’s Massachusetts Senate seat in 2012, AND how it has blown up again in the last week or so since her decision to stand for the presidency. The reason I mentioned it at all was to illustrate that the right wing Republicans are not shy at all about exploiting gender and ethnic issues in a country that is very polarized and highly sensitive about such matters.

            You make an excellent point about how Trump has a real problem with “charity.” You no doubt know that the State of New York is supervising the dissolution of the Trump Foundation, which he was using as his own tax-advantaged checkbook for personal expenses. The New York State Attorney General is continuing the lawsuit against him and his children.


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  2. My view is that it comes from Brutus and friends killing Caesar, the actual deed, which has been spun into a benign symbolic act rather than the physical.
    The power of spin. The cartoons make you think how stupid it all is. The Bestest deal at present is to Stay In but spin only says Deal or No Deal.
    Really liked the troop movement one, pity it didn’t include the star trek beam them off to Africa to sort out their problems. Maybe oor Donald hasn’t quite caught on to the idea that taking decisions on the hoof can lead to unintended consequences.
    Wonderful piece from R4 Sunday about Brexit. An interview from Birmingham where the interviewee’s reason for voting to leave the EU was due to all the immigrants taking the local jobs, the irony was that she was an immigrant from Pakistan and only in the rUK for about 15 years.
    Anyway thinking we need some bricklayers for the new Northern Ireland Wall and the new Hadrian’s Wall, contracts to be issued soon by the maybot. The magic money tree will provide.
    The day of the meaningless vote is nearly upon us, upon us, upon us, upon us.
    No hurry as the can gets kicked down the road until the crash out.

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    1. Well Boris has told us that No Deal is the best deal.

      And Gove has decided that no deal is the worst deal, despite him holding all the cards… Bingo cards methinks.

      I see Donald has changed his mind about removing the troops from Syria. What could be more cruel, to tell them they are coming home, then to tell them they are not, because their president is a stupid half wit.

      Aye Europeans take all the jobs… but at the same time they provide a great number of them.

      Still, if that is what the British people want… and not what the Scottish people want, then let’s have an end to the wretched thing…

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  3. One thing that had been niggling at me was whether May could keep coming back with it if (when) the Brexit vote doesn’t go her way. I’m not a student of Westminster’s rules and procedures, having little tolerance for nonsense and quaint arcana in the context of governance, but not permitting the same subject being put to the vote again and again is, of course, eminently sensible – though it seems that the Prime Minister was unaware of it (quelle surprise!). Here’s an article in the Independent entitled “Brexit: Parliamentary rules will stop Theresa May staging repeat votes to force her deal through”: http://t1p.de/s426.

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    1. Yes, I thought it was against the rules to bring something back to parliament after it has been rejected, but… hey, in Westminster a rule is only a rule as long as it suits people.


  4. The Trump video is very disturbing.

    I believe he is teetotal but the overall impression is of someone who is intoxicated (not the motor skills or speech articulation, but the rambling and grandiose speech patterns).

    An MRI scan or post mortem examination of his brain would be fascinating.

    I do wonder if there is damage to specific parts of his brain that in the rest of us require alcohol to impair.

    Just idle speculation because it is not going to happen; his medical report is one of the best ever 😏

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    1. LOL yes, surprisingly (or not) his doctor said he was 100% fit.


      Oh well at least his lunacy distracts the world from the total !*&^£!** being made by May … and in particular her demented Transport secretary, who, it seems couldn’t organise a traffic jam with £50,000 in his hands.

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      1. Ah yes, that medical report – actually, I think there have been two made public now – for the first one he threatened some GP into saying he was near immortal, and the second he made up himself and got his White House doctor to read out by offering the inducement of putting him in charge of the Veterans’ Administration, which is ginormous (Danny will correct me if I’ve got that wrong – which resulted in the man being investigated for various sorts of wrongdoing and Going Down bigly. Oh, I mean there have been three: there was also the one about bone spurs way back in Vietnam War days.

        Trump’s medical reports are like his tax returns: always partial, always suspect, and always thin on the ground.

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        1. This brings back memories.

          Yes Ed, you have it exactly right. There’s the famous Dr. Bornstein, his personal doctor, and then there’s his White House military doctor, a Rear Admiral…..who was better groomed than Bornstein and looked nice in his uniform…….but who had questionable credentials to head the Veterans Administration which Trumpy nominated him for.

          Dr. Bornstein was a gift to the TV comedians, and was even one of the White House characters parodied on “Saturday Night Live.”

          Dr. Bornstein:

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            1. LOL…….I think this was the first SNL skit that showed Mike Pence’s addition to gay phone sex. This is now a running joke on SNL. The guy who does Pence is great. 🙂


            2. PS……With all the endless Trump chaos, I’d forgotten about the hair growth medication incident…..(which BTW followed the stories about his military doctor, Ronny Jackson)………when Trump sent goons to raid poor Dr. Bornstein’s office to confiscate all of his (Trump’s) medical records. Fortunately, although it’s almost impossible to keep track of all the Trump crimes, scandals, and bizarre incidents, Stephen covered the Dr. Jackson story and the Dr. Bornstein office raid for history. 😉


                1. Tris…….There’s just too much craziness going on to keep track of it all…..LOL.
                  I thought it was funny that Trump’s goons made the doctor take Trump’s picture off the wall. But Dr. Bornstein was clearly not amused. 😉

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          1. Yeah – it comes back to me, Danny – the foot doctor was Trump Snr.’s tenant, can’t remember if he was given an inducement such as special terms on the lease of his foot-doctoring practice or whether Dad sent round one of his boys to say “nice little foot-doctoring racket you got going there, doc, the boy better have bone spurs or something might happen to it”.

            Bornstein came out with a tale about Trumpy sending some goons around and demanding a report saying that Trumpy was no 70-year-old obese guy but had the health and circulatory system of a 21-year-old, and the Rear-Admiral read a script saying that His Orangeness had good genes.

            I’ll watch the SNL skits later … waiting for a phone call…

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