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n what happened
Damned birds. You nod off for 10 winks and when you wake up they’ve built a nest in your antlers!
n 3 days
Very little bath for a very little animal.
n alaska
n baby squirrel
We don’t only eat nuts, you know
n batty
Absolutely bats.
n blue spotted salamander
Blue-spotted salamander.
n buddies
A stray dog was befriended by this bird. The dog was adopted by a guy who still brings him down to the dock to spend time with his friend.
n boelens python
Boelens Python.
n california condor
California Condor.
n devils tower wyomig
Devils Tower in Wyoming.
n foxkiss
Mummy’s boy?
n gulfoss iceland
Gulfoss, Iceland
n inca tern
Inca Tern.
n indonesia
n leaopard
I like my meat rare.
n paris
n peacock tree frog
Peacock Tree Frog.
Image result for ORANGUTAN BABIES
I’m just gonna play over here.
Image result for ORANGUTAN BABIES
OK, lasses and lads. I’m off for a sleep with my mum now. Maybe see you next week.

40 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. trispw.

    Beautiful stuff. I was particularily amazed by the ‘Paris’ picture. If that has not been ‘enhanced’ I take my hat off to the photographer, that is a work of art!

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    1. I thought that the Paris picture was gorgeous too.

      But I do wonder if there’s a law in France that strikers, tax protesters, and sundry outraged revolutionaries must abandon their barricades and bonfires so that they can be removed for the taking of pretty pictures of Paris.

      Any chance the yellow vest people would contract to come to Washington for anti-Trump protests? We need them badly. 😉

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  2. Gotta love Devils Tower! A nice day trip into eastern Wyoming from Rapid City, South Dakota, while you’re there to see the presidential heads on Mount Rushmore. (Considering the night life in Rapid City, it’s not bad having more than one tourist attraction within driving distance.)

    You can climb it if you want to, but a walk through the trees around the base is recommended for those not into rock climbing. The park ranger at the visitor center says that the gigantic fluted columns of igneous rock are attached better than they look, and that there have been no rock falls in the historic time of humans on earth. But 900 feet of loose-looking stone pillars towering above makes you wonder about it, especially when you look around at the piles of broken rock at the base which have certainly fallen through geologic time.

    (On the other hand, it did survive intact Steven Spielberg’s visit with his Hollywood crew in 1977.)

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    1. PS:
      Nice group of critters too! Love the moose with the “birds nest” in his antlers. Probably the same crazy bird that builds a nest around my porch light every Spring.

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      1. I saw Close Encounters in the cinema. At the arrival of the mother ship, I looked around me and saw row upon row of rapt faces… still my second best SF film of all time. You ken my first one 😉

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        1. Conan……the SECOND best eh?
          My view is that of the two SF movies featuring tall monoliths, “Close Encounters” is the one which is NOT pretentious cinematic garbage! Just saying’ 😉

          (BTW, the strange attraction that advanced civilizations have for tall slabs of stone remains unexplained to this day.)

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          1. Close Encounters was no bad for its day I suppose but kind of spoilt by the silly Richard Dreyfus character. Comparing it with the other one is kind of an apple and oranges thing because Close Encounters is a family movie. The other ones the real deal.

            Now if you want some proper sci-fi, how about this?


    2. Macleods Tables near Dunvegan on Skye are strange, flat topped hills that always bring back happy memories for me. They may not be quite as dramatic as the Devils Tower and I don’t know of any sci-fi movie being made around them. My younger self however, used to imagine a meteor in ancient times brushing the earths atmosphere and skiffing the tops off them, hence their shape. Every day was a sci-fi movie in my head back then, unfortunately the astronaut training programmes didn’t recruit 10 year olds from West Fife in the 60s.

      I would imagine the nightlife in Dunvegans a bit harder to find than in Rapid City Danny.

      I wonder if the Dunvegan Hotel still has its pool table?

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      1. Greig, you weren’t too far off with your remark about ancient meteorites on Skye. Here’s a BBC (yah, boo!) story entitled “60 million-year-old meteorite impact found on Skye”: That article has a link in it to another one entitled “Ancient meteorite impact crater lies under Scotland” – not the same impact crater, it’s a much older one centred around Lairg.

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  3. lovely stuff. I didn’t know about the Devil’s Tower so thanks Danny for extra info. Is the Paris picture not a painting rather than a photo? It has painting quality about it either way.

    Loved the ely and a foxes. Of course little one, I’ll be back next week. Wouldn’t miss it for the world.

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    1. PP…….Devils Tower offers impressive views from the first sight of it on the horizon. The Belle Fourche river flows around its base in the area of the National Monument. About 5,000 people a year climb the almost vertical face of the rock.

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        1. Vestas…..The last time I was there and walking the trail around the base, it was the summer vacation season, and I spotted climbers all over the rock at various heights. I’ve read that climbers are occasionally slowed up by other climbers. There are many routes for climbers of various skill levels. The Park Service says that the average climbing time for two climbers on the popular Durance Route is 4 to 6 hours up, and 1 to 2 hours to rappel back down. They also say that a local native free-climbed alone (without ropes or anchors) the Walt Bailey route in 18 minutes.

          Features of the popular Durance Route on the south face. Said to be relatively “easy.” HA!

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    2. Well spotted, PP! it is a painting, not a photo. it’s by an artist called Evgeny Lushpin. He paints lots of these sort of scenes – Paris, San Francisco, Venice, etc. A bit too chocolate-boxy for me, I’m afraid but, chacun à son goût, as they say.

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  4. Lovely stuff as always, Tris. Life-affirming orangutans, and I know that view in Paris. Fond memories (including a fair amount of fairly fervent nookie française t00 … ah, those were the days!).

    Seguing seamlessly into today’s theme, here’s something suitably soppyish, a song sung by Salvador Sobral, “Mano a Mano” (Hand in Hand): And here are the lyrics:

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