Indeed, so upset is he, that he has filed an official complaint with Evolve politics about the fact that they called it an “anti-immigrant” newspaper in an article last week.

I can’t imagine how they got that idea, can you?

Evolve tweeted that they would like to apologise for almost pissing themselves laughing.

That I CAN imagine.



  1. They don’t do irony. I’ve nearly wet myself at the thought.
    Anyway we would’nt expect the editor to actually lower himself to read the comic.
    In all my vast journalistic career I never read the newspapers I was involved with, just didn’t have the time.
    You see I had a very large Sunday paper delivery round to complete.

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  2. …. and here’s the story in question, I think, from Evolve Politics: It’s got the following lovely title: “Daily Express accused of “whitening” picture of Tory Home Secretary Sajid Javid for anti-immigrant story”.

    EP call the paper “The notoriously right-wing anti-immigrant newspaper, The Daily Express”.

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    1. I don;t think it is unreasonable, and Javid did look remarkably lighter in colour than normal, which I think is disgusting. The guy is Pakistani in origin and very welcome here as such. For the Express to try to make him look more English for their dubious readership is utterly repugnant.

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        1. I think a press campaign encouraging tanning companies to add a bit more blue dye to their spray tan might turn the orange to a more natural browny shade.

          That of course is right off the top of my head and, you’ll no doubt be surprised to hear is based on absolutely no scientific knowledge whatsoever. It’s so simple I can’t think why these so called boffins with their fancy chemical plants haven’t thought of it already.

          You’d think folk actually wanted to be coloured orange for God’s sake.

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          1. I’ve always wondered why someone as rich as Trump and who wanted to be tanned, would use something that turned him orange.

            There are more expensive tanning systems which make you look tanned.

            He looks like a chav who bought the cheap stuff from a pound store.


      1. Danny, may I remind yew that there are many in Norn Irn who are prowde te be Orange an we shall never surrender! And, let me tell yew we are not anti-inmmigrunt – we are anti-everyhthin that is not part of our undyin Protestant herrytige.

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        1. LOL Andi………I’d actually forgotten about the issue of being Orange in Northern Ireland.
          Perhaps our Mr. Trump in all his orangeness might actually be appreciated there. 😉

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  3. Are these Express types living in a bubble, is it bare faced cheek or a mixture of both?

    We seem to be living in an age where for some at least, consequences are not expected or tolerated. Where what you say today does not make you accountable tomorrow.

    Maybe we could access some EU money to commission research into alternative realities in media and government and their long term effects on society in general.

    Oh, hold on, we can’t, because that boat has sailed

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  4. The editor of the Daily Record must be on a shoogly peg what with Dugdale’s court costs and the possibility now of litigation from Alex Salmond when the police drop the “case”.
    I thought,especially after the Cliff Richard fiasco,that trial by media was a thing of the past.
    The only way to bring them to heel is by hitting them where it really hurts,in the pocket.

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    1. The thing is that you have to hit them REALLY hard. The extra sales/ad revenue generated by these sensational lies are worth millions. The fines are always small.

      The same as the electoral commission fines. Break electoral law, get loads of illegal donations, pay a small fine and no other punishment. Is it worth it? Of course.


      1. News and journalism and democracy, and throw in justice YouKay style, you’ve got to love it.
        If you are a politician or a propagandist with a certain character impediment, one who is or the right persuasion. One knows that if, and it is a BIG if, there are consequences they will be so minuscule that they will not impede your next “Wheeze”.

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      2. Sorry to disagree with both you and bringiton tris, but these publications will still be spouting their lies even although their sales drop to zero. Why, because along with the broadcasters, they are the U.K Establishment’s propaganda arm, without whom successive Westminster Governments would have been exposed as charlatans long ago, especially in relation to Scottish Independence.
        I mean they don’t even bother to disguise it nowadays, with the B.B.C giving money, our money, to various newspapers to employ more staff to pump out guff in support of an increasingly dysfunctional Westminster, trying, and failing, to cover-up the greatest act of self-harm ever inflicted on the people of these islands.
        So no, their circulation will continue to plummet, but they will continue to be funded, by any means, by a British State absolutely determined, in our case, to keep Scotland, and its people, under their thumb for as long as they possibly can, although that day of reckoning, I hope, is getting closer and closer.

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        1. Yes, I heard that there was a proposal to help fund failing newspapers with tax payers’ money.

          What happened to good old Thatcherite policies. You can’t buck the market.


  5. Have to agree with Alex
    Have a look at these so called Scottish editions, only the Two outer leaves are englandland takes on Scottish news, propaganda sheets only.
    Have a look even at the Metro, you will find the jobs section only really has the Local Journalists Jobs funded by the EBC, your money given to Johnston Press etc.
    They don’t reall y tell you the local news they just support the establishment.
    Bet we don’t see much of Untruthfuls mules who voted against their constituants wishes anywhere in the publications.
    Last week’s Reker, Billy is on deaths door, Rename Glasgow Airport, this week no mention that he’s fine just a wee shaky hand problem.
    I wonder if a visitor from elsewhere in the Universe, looking down on our wee planet could make any sense of the news that there’s No Money to shelter people, feed them properly and give them self esteem. When that bargaining chip is made from wood grown on trees and printed with a promise in Ink. Made from metals that carefully have less notional value than the face value, in other words a fraud, or now just a chance that the stuff is created on a computer to purchase Government Bonds from the same Government.
    Just thinking.
    Why hasn’t Javid brought back the Aircraft Carrier, sans aircraft, to police the Channel between england and France? or use the one at Rosyth, it must be ready by now.
    Bet the members of the lords are miffed that the drivers at Manston got £550 for a days rest in a trial traffic jam.
    Oh forgot the Scottih Civil War has broken out again, glad I bought some camoflage t-shirts, might need to go underground.
    Roll on Freedom for Scotland

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