Let’s get rid of the historical pageant of fancy dressers, Hooray Henrys, idiotic little fops and other weirdos about whom it would be unwise to talk on a family blog…eh Mr Green?

27 thoughts on “I AGREE WITH A TORY?”

    1. The twat at the back is 1/6th of a doughnut, and wotsisface who’s quacking is the ars*ehole in the middle. The hot air happened to be about Scotland, so naturally they couldn’t raise the numbers to make up the quorum for doughnutting. Not a problem, of course, because proper Tories never waste their time on anything to do with the Provinces, let alone any of the really remote territories such as Scotland, Tristan da Cunha and the Falklands.

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      The Westminster regime doesn’t care what the EU thinks. Even if the EU says it’s going to stick the £160 million on the divorce bill because it was not spent in the way it was supposed to be, it’d be a drop in a bucket of many billions – which They will almost certainly twist and weasel Their way out of paying, or at least paying in full.

      It’s actually quite likely that the UK will be unable to pay all that divorce bill anyway, because They will have crashed the economy, adding to Their already enormous pile of debt – which they will have to pay much more to finance as the UK’s financial rating , which was already taken down a notch under Cameron, goes down the tubes. (I have no problem with government debt if the interest isn’t excessive, and it’s not caused by the rich getting enormous tax breaks while the rest suffer, or by extremely expensive, wasteful and unproductive boondoggles such as Trident.)

      So – They will do a “Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay” on Brussels – capital of an EU which will naturally be portrayed by the Great British Meeja Machine as the source of all Britain’s woes. They may pauchle the bill by denominating it in pounds rather than euros, regardless of what the EU demands, using an exchange rate reflecting the value of the pound before it started to tumble. Then They will print more money, in particular giving great wodges of the stuff to their friends who will stash it all away overseas in non-sterling accounts, depressing the value of sterling even further. The extra money being pumped into the shrinking economy will then let Them inflate their way out of the problem by making the debt worth less in pounds.

      The arch-Brexiteers imagine exactly this sort of scenario in their fever dreams of a hard, blind Brexit – as they’re the ones who will be handed loads of lovely lolly, and the rest of us peasants and artisans can just go and f* ourselves for all they care.

      We Scots need to get out before They go bust on us and there’s nothing left in the Central Reserve Bank of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland – known to some as the Bank of England – to give us back our share, and we have to be prepared for illegal and gross violations of normal rights and practice – because this regime is authoritarian, heartless, fascistic and reckless.

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      1. eddjasfreeman

        “…because this regime is authoritarian, heartless, fascistic and reckless..”.

        This, perhaps, is as good a stamp collection of reasons as any for digging an escape tunnel. It is, I would posit, no longer a case for Scottish Nationalism, as it is for liberty from insanity.

        Thanks eddjasfreeman.

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    1. I suspect, nothing, Wullie They gave it to the English government, or rather Brit government and the Brit government has used it. Scotland isn’t a member and has no voice. I imagine though that the EU will be aware of this and it’s another black mark against them.


  1. See the Peterloo massacare
    Movie 🎥 is out soon.
    Shows how the English Tory’s treat thier own throughout England’s inglorious history .

    Must admit be more than happy 😃 to see Holyrood
    Closed down and all shuttered up .

    With an old Labour government at Westminster .

    Still you can’t always have what you want .

    Every day, the future looks a little bit darker. But the past… even the grimy parts of it… keep on getting brighter.


    1. Hmmm. You have as much chance of getting Old Labour back as fly in the air. As Mandelson said, to form a government you must win the South East (of England), where thanks to Mrs Thatcher more than a third of the total population lives, and lives relatively well.

      If you don’t win them, you won’t win the country, and to win them to have to treat the well-off better.


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  2. Tris, could you please delete that duplicate post about the doughnuts? I was trying to reply to Niko about the Labour Party, but it disappeared somehow when I hit the Post Comment button and the previous one appeared again instead.

    WordPress drives me nuts sometimes.

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      1. Yeah, Niko, why the Labour Party? It’s thoroughly compromised.

        Then the LibDems supped with the devil when they went into a coalition with Cameron – and there is no spoon long enough to compensate for that. In Scotland, Alistair Carmichael has tarnished the brand even further. That sneak Mundell was his underling then, of course – another flagrant liar.

        So, who’s left? In England the only real ideological alternative is the Greens, just as in Wales it’s Plaid Cymru and the Greens, in Scotland it’s the SNP and the Greens. It won’t help us any at Westminster, of course, but Holyrood is a different creel o haddies.

        All in all, of the devolved administrations in Britain proper – I am not going to get into Norlin Airlinn, because that’s yet another kettle of fish – Scotland is in the best situation, as neither England nor Wales has a real electoral alternative to Labour or the Tories.

        By the way, Niko, can you tell me how long it has been since the Labour Party first promised Home Rule for Scotland, and to abolish the House of Lords? How about renationalization of the railways? Taking the water industry out of private hands? Where does it stand on getting the National Grid back from the Chinese and the Qataris, and will Scotland have to compensate them if it wants to take its bit into public ownership after independence, given that it did not agree to the sale in the first place?

        Even when Labour do have a clear policy, there is very little chance that they will actually do it – it’s a large part of why so many of us in Scotland have deserted the party, because it wasn’t FOR anything positive, it didn’t DO anything positive, and it stopped delivering anything but jobs for political hacks, dimwits and placemats, and obscene levels of graft and corruption.

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  3. Quite astonishing.

    We are.perhaps seeing a re-alignment amongst, honest and honorable Nazi heros’s and dishonorable Labour Party scum?

    It is hard to keep up with the right wing of politics morphing into the left wing. To the extent that they fuse. And are, sort of together, in their love of each other. What no right wing nutcase, except perhaps a trained liar, would be willing to admit is that they are a born-again fruit-loop.

    Same as it ever was…..

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    1. I am reminded of something Mark Twain once said: “”Reader, suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.”

      It’s not 100% true, naturally enough, but when we consider the likes of Annie Wells, Ross Thomson, Murdo Fraser and Wullie Rennie…

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