A lot of news today about the Larysa Switlyk character going shooting in Scotland and killing sheep and goats.

Only minutes before that beautiful tup was eating grass, and for pleasure this thing killed him.

Probably most Munguin readers find that as disgusting and Munguin and I do. A sheep for goodness sake? Why?

What kind of person would do that?

As was reported in comments on the last article, Mike Russel has contacted the minister responsible (Roseanna Cunningham), so at least something is happening. Whether or not it can be stopped, who knows?

In the meantime, we should remember that the Brit royals, the Saxe-Coburg Gotha (call us Windsor, because there’s surely nothing more English than Windsor) set us an example as they continue to kill animals where and whenever they get a chance. And it goes on to the next generation despite our being assured that the royals are more ordinary and down to earth now. George was taken on a shoot this year, here in our country at their private estates at Balmoral.

I make no bones about it, I could never find a shred of sympathy for a hunter who found himself on the wrong end of an angry wounded animal or a dead animal’s mate.

It happens, but rarely.

Proud, are you?
Image result for royals shooting
Shooting peasants and pheasants. What’s the difference?
Image result for royals shooting
Amazing this dim item can remember how to pull a trigger.
Image result for royals shooting
Who’s a big brave boy then? Ya prize tosser.
Image result for royals shooting
Yep, even she gets involved in the murders.
Image result for prince william shooting
And Princess Middleton too.
Image result for prince andrew shooting
Let’s get the children dressed like ridiculous middle-aged men and teach them to  KILL things!

And just as a bonus a few extra pictures of the royals being prats:

That’s embarrassing.
Still, Willie, have another drink. You can afford it after all.
Lovely lad.
prince harry
We’re ever so ‘umble and grateful, your royal highupness.
Noooooooo, don’t laugh… Well OK, do.
royas nazi
The even more dubious side of the family.
Princess Mrs Parker-Bowles gets in on the act.
Remember. Don’t mock passeports bleus.
Oh yes… that was embarrassing.


Yes, he does, despite no longer doing squat for it.




  1. @NicolaSturgeon
    Following Following @NicolaSturgeon
    More Nicola Sturgeon Retweeted Roseanna Cunningham 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🇪🇺
    Totally understandable why the images from Islay of dead animals being held up as trophies is so upsetting and offensive to people. @scotgov will review the current situation and consider whether changes to the law are required.


  2. Tris
    Brilliant post thanks for that. I thought only farmers can have guns in and where would she get a license from to even fire one. Total cow if you ask me, should would love the Windsor’s and all the posh folk, they love killing people and animals but since they can’t just shoot commoners now they use universal credit. Bastards every one of them, the Windsor’s all look a bit dodgy in the genetics if you ask me anyway.

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    1. 🙂

      It’s all the interbreeding. Cousins and second cousins…

      I think they are all weird, but I think that we are weirder for tolerating the idiotic notion that they are our betters.

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  3. I have to admit Tris that I’m all for hunting.

    The only problem for those people like this disgusting bitch is the hunting I prefer is for people like her let loose in the “wild” with NO guns,knives etc and then the truly wild animals are released into the wild to hunt down these disgusting individuals.

    Think venatio from the roman times Tris just brought into the 21st century and the roles reversed!

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    1. Aye that’s probably it. Sheep aren’t the brightest of animals. I suspect that one never saw it coming.

      But, is there any kind of wild sheep in Scotland. Isn’t his sheep a farmed animal?

      Why do we demand that farmers kill their animals humanely at massive cost, and this **** can just know this beautiful animal off with a gun.

      I hope she knows no peace. I’m fizzing!

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  4. Killing animals for food (humanely) or self defence, fair enough. After all I’m not vegan. But hunting for “pleasure” – no, no, no and no. A sheep too, they are such tame things and would come and eat out your hand. I’m with Arbroath, if the “upper classes” want to hunt, then they can BE the hunted too.

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    1. Ooh, Ohh!

      Can we have a real-life hunger games between all the Royals? Winner gets the crown.

      That’d make some damned good television, *and* save the treasury a bunch of cash!

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  5. I’m not a fan of hunting or of people poncing around in paramilitary costumes carrying guns, but if Larysa Switlyk (and we’re compelled to ask if she’s related to Randy Bumgardener) needs to go hunting, why doesn’t she just load up and head for Balmoral?

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  6. I have to admit I don’t have any problem with hunting feral goats. They are very destructive to the environment and numbers have to be kept in check.
    However I do agree on the subject of the Black face Ram. That’s livestock. It’s probably why she didn’t hang around on the island as there’ll be a very angry crofter looking for his prize ram.

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    1. I’ve read a number of different justifications for shooting feral goats. One is that they are “non-native”. That may well be true but the fact remains that they’ve been on these islands for about 4,000 years. Then there’s the one about keeping the numbers under control. Well, there are only about 1500 of them scattered about the UK ( Northern Ireland, Wales/Snowdonia, Anglo-Scottish Borders, Scottish West Highlands) I’m not entirely sure how destructive they actually are. If their grazing is actually destructive, it begs the question , destructive to what? Certainly not the “native habitat” because our landscape in this country isn’t in any sense native or natural being the product of deforestation, reforestation, upland sheep farming, grouse moor management, beef & dairy farming, cereal production ( aye, rapeseed, I’m pointing at you). Where there are goats on hunting estates they are deliberately put there being transferred from other estates to keep the numbers up and/or deliberately cross bred with domestic goats for the same reason ie to provide enough targets for the lucrative business of huntin’ & shootin’ in the off season (ie when there are restrictions on shooting deer and game birds), or just to provide a “bag” if they haven’t managed to get a stag/hind, or ( for the cheaper end of the market) if they can’t afford the price of a days deer stalking .

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  7. On the shooting one, no one seems to be concerned about public safety. Islay is a small place and the weapons these Rambo wannabees are using have considerable lethal ranges. Add in right to roam and it’s not inconceivable that some poor soul could get hit by a missed shot up to a mile from where the ‘hunt’ is taking place.

    These are amateurs. How closely are they supervised? Do they have to prove competence in the use of their weapons on entry into Scotland? Do they have to hold a firearms certificate same as a UK citizen?

    They also come from a society in love with guns and the use of them. Not wanted here.

    I know I’m being naive because the most important thing is that someone makes a buck (pun unintentional).

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    1. Yes. These are good questions.

      There is the safety of people and of other livestock and wild life.

      And again, importantly, what about their firearms certificate? Their competence?

      I think it may have done tourism on the island a bit a bad turn.


  8. People who draw pleasure from violence,in my mind,have little or no empathy for other creatures,including humans.
    Right wing authoritarians who believe that might is right and reject concepts such as society and community responsibility.
    The problems start to arise when they are allowed to be in positions of power over others and their lack of empathy has a detrimental impact on others.
    Humans with these sort of attributes have always been around but they need to be held in check before they can cause too much damage.

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    1. They’ve usually been the ones in charge. Which may explain the mess we are in.

      To kill another living thing, to me, seems like an evil deed. I’m with PP on this. I eat meat which I have reason to presume has been humanely slaughtered under EU regulation, supervised by vets.

      And I’d kill something that was trying to harm me. Not that I’d ever have the means to do that at hand, unless, maybe it was an angry wasp!

      I’ve killed a wild animal that was dying once. The most horrific thing I’ve ever done, but it was done out of compassion and cost me nightmares.

      I just can;t understand what drives someone to kill for pleasure. I can only assume that you are right. Psychopaths.

      And if you can’t feel something for a beautiful animal like that ram, why would you give a damn for another human?


      1. “And I’d kill something that was trying to harm me. Not that I’d ever have the means to do that at hand, unless, maybe it was an angry wasp!”

        So you’d be up for killing May if you were in need of Social Security? She is actively harming everyone reliant on that *right now*.

        Or any trans person shooting Trump, after his latest “pronouncement”? Again, actively harming people.

        And just for reference, an inch of soup is a lethal weapon, as is your finger – so you always have the means at hand.

        I know there were some implied “and obvious to my monkey-brain” in what you said, but when you think about it, if someone is actively harming you, and you cannot remove yourself from their ability to harm you, and they will continue to harm you as long as they draw breath, what other rational option do you have but to kill them?

        I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: “9 wolves and a sheep are voting on who’s for dinner. What should the sheep do?”


        1. OK. I’ll rephrase that a bit.

          I’d kill if something was trying to kill me. Or at least injure me (a wasp sting puts me in hospital for days and I swell up like a balloon…and despite that I’d try hard not to kill one, and have even, at personal risk, rescued them from water and blown on them till they were dry enough to fly away).

          If a tiger was going to kill me, then I’d kill it first, if I could. If not, I’d be dead.

          No. I’d not be up for killing May or any of her brainless heartless team, because I’d go to prison for it, and, if I needed social security I guess I’d take my chances like the next man, with a few good friends who are solicitors and doctors behind me.

          And yes, I feel incredibly sorry for the poor sods who don’t have my resources, and I will help them wherever I can. (I’ve acted as an aid on many occasions for people who have gone up to tribunal and won!).


          1. You’ve still got an implied “obviously enough that my monkey-brain sees it” in there.

            I’m transgender, so I will never be visiting the states. Because it is simply not safe for me to do so with the big baby in the white house.

            If I wasn’t employed, May would be trying to kill me. That *IS* the upshot of the current debacle of what she’s turned Social Security into. People are dying because of it, and she authored it. Her publicly declared excuses actually don’t matter – her actions make her intent blindingly clear – she wants the poor and homeless dead.

            So, since she is obviously trying to kill you (unless you think you will never need Social Security help ever again in your life) why are you opposed to her death?

            Is it just because it’s not her that’s taking the knife to your arteries, it’s the system she designed, built and supports? If that’s the case, would you be willing to kill the taxman who’s come to take away the last of your ability to feed yourself? Or the cop who’s come to kick you out of your home to die of exposure because you couldn’t pay the rent?

            All of them are trying to kill people, yet because they’re being “subtle” about it, there’s no outrage. It took a “western” reporter being killed by the Saudis before anyone got publicly upset about them – newsflash: they treat everyone like that – if you weren’t outraged by them before, then its rather hypocritical of you to be outraged now. Either that or just plain racist.

            The law is not perfect. If it was perfect then politicians wouldn’t need to change it. So the law gets things wrong. Therefore claiming something is wrong to do because “it’s against the law” is the same type of moral cowardice that got Germans executed for “just following orders”. It’s the same excuse, just worded differently.

            Everyone needs to take a long hard look at themselves, and decide what needs to happen in order for them to be willing to step up, risk the bullies in authority, and put themselves on the line for what they believe to be right. Because unless you know where that point is for yourself, and recognise when that point has been crossed, nothing will change for the better.

            What’s that quote? “All that is needed for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing”?

            I do not intend to do nothing, but I am willing to give others and the system one more chance. I will be the best footsoldier I can be for the SNP and the Scottish Independence movement. I will be whiter than white in the eyes of the law. Because that has the best chance of making the world a better place.

            But if that fails again, then I honestly don’t know what I will do. But I know I will have to do something, because I will never be able to live with myself if fascism comes back into mainstream force and I didn’t do everything I could to stop it.

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  9. Tup out on the hill this time of year, means he was slipped to do his job. It also means there will be one seriously pissed off farmer/crofter who, if it was a dog, it would be within the law for him/her to shoot it.

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    1. Well, I hope their MSP will help the crofter to find the person responsible. Mike Russell is a good man and I’m sure that Brendan O’Hara is too.

      She’s hardly kept a low profile. He won;t get his animal back, but he should sue her for compensation.


  10. What people tend not to realise is that nearly all crofts are part of private estates. The estate retains the right to use your croft at all times for various purposes (shooting/fishing and mineral rights being ones which spring to mind) and this happens on a regular basis.

    I lost count of how many inbred English wankers walked across my dad’s croft in the 1990s and shot anything which moved – rabbits, grouse, gulls (yes I know its illegal), anything which vaguely looked like a bird of prey (again illegal). Even the sheep (not the brightest creature) got out of the way.

    Find out who owns the land this happened on & you’ll be on the money trail…..

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  11. At the risk of Tris’ blood pressure, she’s even been pictured with an artic hare (bunny) and a peacock (NZ). In the twitter feed I saw some folk have posted cat photos and tweeted her to say we don’t kill them with guns either.

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  12. Why doesnt Larysa Switlyk go home and do something useful – like hunt Trump !!!! Still cant understand why nobody has felt the urge to take a pot shot at him.

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    1. Well, thankfully it hasn’t come to that, but I have to admit, you’ve got a point.

      I see, however, that some of his supporters are trying to get rid of the Dems.


      1. Just for the sake of balance these will be the same “Dems” who cheerfully upped Bush’s wean killing in the mythical war on terror and laughed with relish at their carnage in Libya.

        Don’t be taken in by wolves in sheep’s clothing – Obama and Clinton and Trump – scum all – utterly equivalent.


          1. True, however the “false flag” scenario is as likely to be true as the “Trump’s fascists did it” scenario.

            We’re dealing with ferrets fighting in a bag here – anything goes.


              1. Not really, they’ve worked out the punters will accept anything that’s served up to them!

                Remember these are the people that told us they chucked Bin Laden oot a helicopter over the Indian ocean for Christ’s sake! LOL

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  13. Who, in the name of any wee man or wumin wakes up on a fine autumn morning, the sunlight easing through curtain cracks imbueing the room with the redolence of autumn’s gold that awaits you, contemplates a rich nourishing breakfast and thinks, this day will be near perfect if I can kill something.
    What sort of creature can arrange the animal in a grotesque pose of normality with the last of the blood it choked on still around it’s muzzle and then pose with it for posterity?
    How can a dead pheasant, snipe, hare, a tup ffs be better than the living, breathing creature. Many elements of the human species are fucked up.

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  14. I thought that I had suggested hereabouts that animals ought to be free to get about their business without being owned by estates, etc. Perhaps it was elsewhere. It seems that all animals in the UK are owned by someone. I think that that is verging on ridiculous. It allows a hierarchy of murder for food – which I am sadly a part of -, murder for control, which is easily rectified by re-introducing predators, and murder for fun, which loops around to trispw point.

    You may have to kill to live, we may have industrialized it, but, I doubt anyone who eats meat or fish, see’s this moron as their heroine. This is frankly pretty disgusting.

    Maybe, we do bad things, maybe we are in the wrong, but we really don’t need a complete guilt free carnivore who relishes in it to be anywhere in Scotland.

    [Indeed, a carnivore at least eats the animal it kills. Apparently this poor beast wasn’t even eaten.]

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