A lot of news today about the Larysa Switlyk character going shooting in Scotland and killing sheep and goats.

Only minutes before that beautiful tup was eating grass, and for pleasure this thing killed him.

Probably most Munguin readers find that as disgusting and Munguin and I do. A sheep for goodness sake? Why?

What kind of person would do that?

As was reported in comments on the last article, Mike Russel has contacted the minister responsible (Roseanna Cunningham), so at least something is happening. Whether or not it can be stopped, who knows?

In the meantime, we should remember that the Brit royals, the Saxe-Coburg Gotha (call us Windsor, because there’s surely nothing more English than Windsor) set us an example as they continue to kill animals where and whenever they get a chance. And it goes on to the next generation despite our being assured that the royals are more ordinary and down to earth now. George was taken on a shoot this year, here in our country at their private estates at Balmoral.

I make no bones about it, I could never find a shred of sympathy for a hunter who found himself on the wrong end of an angry wounded animal or a dead animal’s mate.

It happens, but rarely.

Proud, are you?
Image result for royals shooting
Shooting peasants and pheasants. What’s the difference?
Image result for royals shooting
Amazing this dim item can remember how to pull a trigger.
Image result for royals shooting
Who’s a big brave boy then? Ya prize tosser.
Image result for royals shooting
Yep, even she gets involved in the murders.
Image result for prince william shooting
And Princess Middleton too.
Image result for prince andrew shooting
Let’s get the children dressed like ridiculous middle-aged men and teach them to  KILL things!

And just as a bonus a few extra pictures of the royals being prats:

That’s embarrassing.
Still, Willie, have another drink. You can afford it after all.
Lovely lad.
prince harry
We’re ever so ‘umble and grateful, your royal highupness.
Noooooooo, don’t laugh… Well OK, do.
royas nazi
The even more dubious side of the family.
Princess Mrs Parker-Bowles gets in on the act.
Remember. Don’t mock passeports bleus.
Oh yes… that was embarrassing.


Yes, he does, despite no longer doing squat for it.