1. Ration books, but not just any old ration books oh no. They’ll be Great British Ration Books!

    Pass me some of that Dunkirk Spirit.

    I need a bloody drink!

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  2. Let’s face it, none of those appalling people – not May, BoJo, Gove, Davis, or Rees-Mogg, or any of the other [Insert extremely offensive term HERE]s in any of the Tory parties – has any plan for the future that is any less dystopic than the dystopia they have already landed us with. Rather the reverse, in fact.

    A plague on them all. Sauve qui peut, preferably with our share of the assets before They sell them all off or they get devalued into worthlessness along with Their currency.

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      1. Privacy settings – putting them back down to default sorted it in my browser. I’ve got an extension that does it dead easily – it’s called – something unusual and creative – oh, I know, it’s called “Privacy Settings”! (I had you going for a bit there, though, didn’t I?)

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  3. I just want to know Tris who I apply to to get my ration book … I will of course be requesting a BLUE Ration book with a couple of nice WHITE diagonal stripes on it as well. 😉

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    1. 🙂

      Munguin says he’ll be issuing them for a small fee… but I think that’s just him seeing a way to make a quick buck out of a crisis. I must check to see if he has joined the Tory Party. He’s beginning to act like a money grubbing *******.

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  4. For whom the bell tolls.
    Can’t understand why the tories are being shown in polls as being 6 points in the lead. Only reasonable people could decide that the polls are p…..!
    Head teachers in parliament square protest
    “Relentlessly reasonable” is an unusual rally cry – but this was no ordinary demonstration.
    Hundreds of head teachers came to Westminster to make their point about school funding in England.
    National Association of Head Teachers spokesperson said” head teachers were not really “the marching type” and if they were protesting, something must be “seriously wrong”.”.
    This is the latest push in a campaign by school leaders to highlight the dangers of budget shortfalls and the different funding levels between schools.
    Education Secretary Damian Hinds said: “There is more money going into schools than ever before, rising to a record £43.5bn by 2020 – 50% more in real terms per pupil than in 2000.
    “Every school attracts more funding per pupil through the National Funding Formula, high needs funding has risen to over £6bn this year, and the 3.5% pay rise we announced for classroom teachers on the main pay range is backed by £508m government funding which is why we are helping them to reduce the £10bn spent each year on non-staffing costs, providing government-backed deals for things like printers and energy suppliers that are helping to save millions of pounds.”
    But a Stockport head teacher said he was fed up with hearing this government line.
    “We have seen how our colleagues are having to lay off staff and our vulnerable pupils are not getting support.
    “We’d all rather be back in school teaching. But we’ve had enough,” he added.
    The head teachers taking part in the protest are from areas including:
    Blackpool • Bolton • Brighton and Hove • Buckinghamshire • Cambridgeshire • Cheshire • Cornwall • Cumbria • Derbyshire • Devon • Dorset • Dudley, West Midlands • East Sussex • Essex • Gloucestershire • Greenwich • Hampshire • Hertfordshire • Kent • Kingston-upon-Thames • Lancashire • Liverpool • London • Norfolk • Northampton • Oxfordshire • Peterborough • Poole • Portsmouth • Richmond • Rotherham • Sheffield • Slough • Solihull, West Midlands • Somerset • Southend • Southampton • Staffordshire • Suffolk • Surrey • Thurrock • Walsall • Warrington • West Berkshire • West Sussex • Wigan • Wiltshire • Wokingham, Berkshire • Wolverhampton • Worcestershire.
    This is the Maybot getting on with the day job.
    Cheeky bitch sends a message to SG through their propaganda radio shortbread, where’s that respect??????. Doesn’tapply to colonies.
    Radio 4 now using the State of Gibraltar, casting them adrift are we?
    My financial guest tells me that you need to double the investment over a 10 year period to counter inflation so a 50% rise over 20 years is negative funding.
    The Empire’s Colony Strikes Back.

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    1. I think it is pretty serious when head teachers go on strike.

      But public services are falling to pieces in England. No one has had a pay raise for years. Everyone is poorer and everything is falling to pieces.

      Now things are far from perfect here, but they are better than they are in England. As for that incompetent moron of a prime minister telling our first minister what to do… there are two words I can think of to say to her. And the second one is OFF.

      Get your own mess sorted out, May, before you tell us what to concentrate on.

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      1. Ackshly, I think one of the reasons the Tory regime hates the Scottish Government so much is because it’s far better at the day job than their motley crew of narcissistic fools, backstabbers, dunderheids and weirdos ever could be.

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