You may remember that last week a 66-year-old government health minister, who suffers from asthma decided not to walk the 0.9 miles that separated her from a talk she was giving, and took a taxi to the venue.

She was roundly criticised, by a rather younger Tory MSP, for claiming £4,68 for the trip on her ministerial expenses. (Although a little bit of research by people other than the journalists who made a lot of the story, actually found examples of his own use of taxis which if they didn’t embarrass him, should have! Also uncovered was a claim for under £4. for his leader, not to an engagement, but from home to parliament. Bet he was popular.)

But we’ll draw a veil over that because this is small time stuff compared with the case of Finlay Carson MSP (Conservative, Galloway and West Dumfries) who paid a company no less than £1 200 of YOUR tax money to build him a website, using a free-to-use system called Joomla.

Now you might be saying to yourself, that was a bit of a cheat. The poor man (or rather the poor taxpayer) was rather overcharged by the company. He or his admin staff could have done it for nothing. Munguin simply ordered Tris to do the work on this website, a free one. Why couldn’t ol’ Finlay do likewise?

And you’d be right.

So, you might think, maybe we need to talk to the owner of the company about it!

Look no farther. For it appears that the owner of the company is none other than….wait for it… Finlay Carson (where did we hear that name before?) in partnership with his brother.


Nah, Boris doesn’t have anything to do with the story. I just thought it would raise a smile… and heaven knows we all need something to smile at.


Nice one, lad.

I think you should pay back the money.


  1. Ha! Ha! Well done Tris. That’s one that needs pursuing, the cheating fcuk’er.

    I don’t want to jump on any bandwagons here but he should be tried for treason.

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  2. No doubt the Carson brothers would be absolutely astonished that anyone could possibly object to a normal business transaction of that kind.

    I suppose the picture is BoJo publicizing his latest wheeze for a low-impact, healthy way of getting Londoners to the jobs they won’t have at Canary Wharf and elsewhere post-Brexit… it’s the Mk. 1 Self-propelled* Individual River Taxi!!!

    * It’s Self-propelled because you propel it yourself, silly, and no, of course it doesn’t have a propeller, not that sort, anyway.

    ** If I say that coracles are the wave of the future, is that a coracular pronouncement?

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    1. Maybe Bojo is encouraging them get themselves to work even now, after their new train broke down (twice I think) with Chris Grayling on it this morning.

      Who needs trains? Mind I think that was a while ago. Boris has piled on the beef since them. He’d surely sink now.

      Or maybe, after losing half a trillion, this is the new royal yacht that he’s taking down the river for her majesty.

      Erm, it might be…

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  3. Fat Borris on the wireless said
    Amongst other shite .
    The people just want to get on
    With Brexit asap.

    Not sure who he means by
    The people cos there is a lot
    Who do not want to get on with Brexit at any cost

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  4. Tris
    It’s what yoonionists do, it’s their sense of entitlement added to looking after their own. I saw this story on twitter, or a comment, you have filled in the blanks. I tried to follow the ONS announcement of the missing billions but no one was covering it in any detail, I can’t believe it’s a none story but saying that if it’s a yoon theft the media just don’t cover it. I wonder if our media needs or teach the Russians, the Chinese and the Saudis on how to suppress truth as they are the masters of it Andrew you still get people like McKenna saying we have to be nice to journalists. UK is f’d.


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    1. I was listening for the revised dopwn figures being announced on the Radio 4 News this morning… alas to no avail.

      We are nearly half a trillion pounds worse off than we had been told we were, with these broad shoulders, and yet… and yet… the state broadcaster didn’t bother to mention it.



  5. It never ceases to amaze me that people should be surprised at the behaviour of these avaricious buffoons. After all, greed apart, they think we’re a shower of numpties anyway and that we should be grateful for their very existence. God help us.

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    1. I think, in fairness, I’m not really surprised.

      I just think that this kinda thing should receive as much publicity as we can get for it.



  6. A couple of things.

    It would be ‘quite good’ if Scotland could give refuge to any Catalans attacked by the Spanish State?

    It would also be quite good if y’know we, as people, concentrated on the rich but non-newsworthy thieves that take enormous chunks of money out of our economy.

    I refer that notion to the sort of weird Finlay Carson MSP, who is a bit of a cad. Mr Carson has some explaining to do. I doubt very much that it will be here.


    1. Yes, it would be good to do that. But of course we are too wee, poor and stupid to be allowed to decide who can come to Scotland.

      I don’t think Mr Carson will have much to do in the way of explaining. I don’t know what he’s like as an MSP, but unless he’s careful he may find himself given his marching orders by the Colonel.


    1. Why can’t they see that this drives people away from Spain?

      I’m no politician but that is certainly NOT the way I’d have handled the situation.


      I hope their tourist trade suffers. I know I wouldn’t dream of going to Spain and spending money there now.


        1. And when they get hospitalised the hospital will be looking for a policy. And that will put up the price of their package, which is already up becasue the pound is shot to pieces.

          Then there will be wait at airports for aliens.


          Que tengas unas buenas vacaciones a todos ustedes


  7. I took a look at It’s not a very ambitious site and certainly looks like something made with freeware by an amateur. Here is a list of bugs I found in less than 5 minutes:

    1. Broken link alert – the facebook and twitter icons are hyperlinks that take you back to a page on his site. There is a separate link to his twitter account but only on the home page and it doesn’t have the twitter logo. The hyperlink looks like a relic from 1997.
    2. The contact form just gave me an error about “invalid keys”. Poor old Finlay will never learn about his broken links.
    3. Photographs 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 13, 15, 17 are all the same photograph. Photos 2 and 14 are also duplicates. Photos 7 and 19 are also duplicates. The budget didn’t go on content.
    4. The photos do a slow fade transition but that slow transition also triggers when I click on a specific photograph. A fast transition should result from a directed click.
    5. None of the articles have a date so it’s impossible to tell when they were posted eg is that job vacancy for an assistant now filled or still vacant?
    6. The “start”, “prev”, “next” and “end” buttons bring up a weird link info box but the adjacent “1”, “2” etc buttons don’t. Very odd.
    7. The address and telephone details are very weirdly spaced. It’s almost as though each line is a separate entity unrelated to the previous or following one. Really amateurish stuff.
    8. The photograph selector is not the work of a professional web designer.

    I reckon his brother charges about £1200 per hour.


    1. OH Lord, Terry. That is just SOOOO good. Thank you.

      I think it might be reasonable to surmise that the company isn’t very good if it can’t get a site right for one of its own directors.

      If I were looking to fork out over a grand for a site, I think I’d be on Yell, looking for an alternative.

      Still, easy come, easy go…

      Brilliant work, Mr Computer Expert!!


  8. Geez. This is the kind of thing that regularly gets our aldermen (local councilors) in trouble with the U.S. Attorney’s office (local federal prosecutors). While clearly unversed in Scottish or UK law, beyond occasional — and overdue (nudge, nudge; wink, wink) — visits to the Lallands Peat Worrier, I have to think an ambitious equivalent in Scotland could fry this guy and his brother for breakfast.

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      1. All’s well here, thanks, except for you-know-who being president and my beloved Cubs on the brink of elimination from the National League Championship Series (we’re down 3 games to nil in a best-of-7 against the LA Dodgers going into tonight’s game, just under 5 hours from this post). Luckily there’s plenty of beer in the fridge.

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        1. Well, I wish you luck with teh Cubs, Jon…

          But no amount of luck could possibly make up for the inhuman flotsam residing in the Goldhouse.

          You could hope for impeachment, but you have to ask yourself, is Mike any better. Not so dumb surely, just just as nutty.

          Thank god for beer at times like these!


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