“The kilties”? Well, yes, there were quite a few guys in kilts (it is, after all, our national dress) and some in trousers and shorts… and a few in relatively outlandish costumes. Nothing, however, quite so ridiculous as a catsuit.
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Ya tosspot.
A typical load of rubbish.

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Oh gee, this new Empire where we hold all the cards and can have our cake and eat it is shaping up to be great fun.  I can hardly wait…second hand cake anyone? Still, I’ve always believed in leading by example. I, therefore, suggest that from now on, MPs should be forced to furnish their second homes from rubbish dumps, so saving the taxpayer millions on microwaves, bedding, rugs, sofas, widescreen tellies, central heating systems and duck houses. I’m not sure if there is a moat cleaning service available at the dump though.
That seems a little unfair given that UKIP got 24 seats, Labour 20, Tories 19, Greens 3, SNP 2, and Plaid and Liberals got 1 each. Maybe the BBC just REALLY like UKIP? After all Hannan, the only Tory invited, might as well be UKIP.





You may remember that last week a 66-year-old government health minister, who suffers from asthma decided not to walk the 0.9 miles that separated her from a talk she was giving, and took a taxi to the venue.

She was roundly criticised, by a rather younger Tory MSP, for claiming £4,68 for the trip on her ministerial expenses. (Although a little bit of research by people other than the journalists who made a lot of the story, actually found examples of his own use of taxis which if they didn’t embarrass him, should have! Also uncovered was a claim for under £4. for his leader, not to an engagement, but from home to parliament. Bet he was popular.)

But we’ll draw a veil over that because this is small time stuff compared with the case of Finlay Carson MSP (Conservative, Galloway and West Dumfries) who paid a company no less than £1 200 of YOUR tax money to build him a website, using a free-to-use system called Joomla.

Now you might be saying to yourself, that was a bit of a cheat. The poor man (or rather the poor taxpayer) was rather overcharged by the company. He or his admin staff could have done it for nothing. Munguin simply ordered Tris to do the work on this website, a free one. Why couldn’t ol’ Finlay do likewise?

And you’d be right.

So, you might think, maybe we need to talk to the owner of the company about it!

Look no farther. For it appears that the owner of the company is none other than….wait for it… Finlay Carson (where did we hear that name before?) in partnership with his brother.


Nah, Boris doesn’t have anything to do with the story. I just thought it would raise a smile… and heaven knows we all need something to smile at.


Nice one, lad.

I think you should pay back the money.