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    1. So it would thanks Greens for putting up a candidate in her Constituency when you didn’t need to(even when at that stage it was the MSP election) and enormous thanks to Scottish voters who left her with 13 MPs and so providing the path to Tory Party leadership.

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  1. But she’ll have to win an English seat first.

    She can’t be an MSP and Prime Minister and, unless they repeal EVEL, it would be hard to be a Scottish MP and PM.

    But great… if they want her, they can have her.

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    1. I’ve said it before but old Ken Clarke should be watching his back, he is one of the awkward squad and if they need a vacancy pronto, who knows what they would do!

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  2. A quick bit of googling on the first site I came across revealed that the last Tory PM that was Scottish was Arthur Balfour, 1902-1905. I’m not counting Bonar Law 1922-23 because he was born in Canada.

    There is an argument to count Gordon Brown as well but he was, strictly speaking, in a same but different party.

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    1. I thought that Lord Home was Scottish but a look at his Wiki page seems to indicate not.

      But we should never forget to our shame that the warmonger in chief was Scottish (although he too was supposedly in the Labour Party…although not that you’d notice.)

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        1. I was just about to put this up as a post when I saw your post, Conan.

          What to say?

          Brought tears to my eyes.

          Thank god for some really good passionate MPs.

          (I’m still going to put it up. It’s so good.)

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