Musta been off persecuting minorities and refusing to take equality advice, again, or maybe refereeing another football match somewhere. Everything seems to be more important than doing his second job.

Jeeez, when I think of what they lost to get this part-time MP, part-time referee, part time Romany hater…

And it might be an idea if other Tory MPs showed a bit of interest in one of our most important economic sectors, agriculture/horticulture. And perhaps they should remind themselves too, that they all represent areas which voted to REMAIN in the EU, so mitigating, for Scotland, the worst effects of the moronic charge over the cliff that England apparently wants to make, is part of their job.

They may be Tories, but they should remember that their jobs depend on VOTERS.


53 thoughts on “THE PART TIME MPs”

  1. Tris

    You can’t write it can you. The problem will be the media in their local areas won’t even cover it at all. There is no point in any of them being there, just a total waste of our tax money.


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      1. Well, I think they need to be mindful of the fact that they are Scottish MPs. And each of their constituencies voted remain.

        Still… it’s up to them.


      1. Perhaps rightly or wrongly
        The fishermen voted to hold onto their and future Scottish generations livelihoods.

        Or are they now added to ever growing list of snps

        Do any of you ever ever imagine some have genuine
        Concerns which motivate
        Them and if instead of spitting venom at them
        Their issues were addressed
        Positively they at least could reconsider their votes.

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        1. Yeah, well that’s as may be, but Gove has told the Danes and Icelanders and Faroe Islanders that they can continue to fish Scottish waters.

          Given that what the fishermen wanted was out of the EU (and the SNP and maybe Labour want to stay in), the voted Tory to get a clean break so that all the fish in the North Sea was theirs.

          So, as I said, they have been stuffed.

          Hell mend them.


        2. I’m angry and frustrated with our NE fishermen too – I don’t know what it would take for them to realize that the fisheries policy they complain so much about is the one that was negotiated for them by Westminster, to be precise – I’m pretty sure of my facts here, but I can stand to be corrected – who sent the Tory peer Rupert Charles Ponsonby, 7th Baron de Mauley, to lead for the Brit side as a safe pair of Tory hands. Nobody was there to represent Scotland – except Mauley and his minions. Our alert readers will not be astonished to learn that he attended Eton… here’s a pic of the current Ponsonby family pile, Stansted Park. Must cost a fortune to heat.

          This might all be acceptable, of course, if Lord de Mauley’s stamping grounds – West Sussex – had a major fishing industry. However, not all of our alert readers may be aware that the tonnage of fish landed here in Scotland is a good twice as much as the total for the whole of the rUK combined.

          Let me put it another way. Given a choice between the Scottish fishing industry and negotiating sweeties for the City, which is any UK government going to choose? I am as sure as I can be that that is what happened: Westminster horse-traded our fishing industry to the Europeans in return for “passporting” the UK’s financial institutions in Europe.

          Now look again at Gove’s assurances to Danish and Faeroese fishermen that they would continue to be allowed to fish in Scottish waters post-Brexit. Assuming the man is not a complete idiot, we should be looking at quid pro quos and cui bonos and follow the money… the subtext of his message (to the Danish and other EU governments with coastlines) must surely have been, “Back the UK over continuing to allow the City’s continuing dominance in Europe’s financial markets after Brexit, or we’ll take it out on your fishermen”.

          I think you’ll agree that it makes a lot more sense if you interpret it that way.

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          1. Yep, I guess that’s about it. Although I thought that it was the discount on subs that was what was given in return for selling out the fishermen.

            Today of course, with the importance of finance, I’m pretty sure they would sell people into slavery to make sure that the super rich banking and insurance folk who caused the near depression in 2008, don’t lose out a halfpenny.

            After all, what are a few seats in NE Scotland won by a pretty uninspiring bunch of second raters?


    1. I imagine that fishing communities voted Tory and for Brexit for the same reason i.e. to regain their fishing rights so there should be a backlash when they, inevitably, get traded in by May and co.

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        1. “Betrayal! Betrayal! Betrayal!” – dead right, Niko – the cry of many Scots through the ages (hardly millennia) and very appropriate too, as they were usually betrayed, and still are, by fellow-countrymen and almost exclusively for the same reason – money. “Sic a parcel o’ rogues in a nation.” Plus ca change, eh?

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          1. Feels like a or more than a millennia listening
            to youse lot whinging on and bloody on untill
            you had your referendum and lost.
            The result even more whining on and on
            and on
            you lost get over it asap !


            1. Nobody’s forcing you to listen – or comment. Do something to make the whinging go away, like putting your fingers in your ears or your head in the oven – that’ll be when you manage to pull it out of the sand (your head, that is, not the oven). Oh, keep taking the medication. I know you don’t like the side effects but actually it’s a lovely shade of green, but then that’ll be your Irish ancestry coming out, Nick O’Stratos 🙂

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        2. I wouldn’t myself screech “Betrayal!” without good reason, so I will be pleased to join in debunking any spurious claims – if it’s a lie, I don’t want to entertain it. Does anyone have a specific instance of us independentistas yelling about betrayal when they had no real reason to? If so, I want to take a look at it myself, and decide for myself whether “betrayal” is the word I would use.

          I’m not interested in counter-accusations against the Yoonatic fringe who come out with quaint notions such as favouring Scottish independence is to betray the memories of the many, many thousands of Scots in the UK’s armed forces who not only fought but were maimed and killed as well. I don’t care either about the ritual backstabbing that goes on in the two main Unionist parties – the phrases “hell mend them” and “a plague on both their houses” come to mind…

          I suppose that what I want is quite simple, really: if there is any real betraying going on in our political life, insofar as it affects Scotland, I want to know about it, and if it’s one of the lies that are being used in the Britnat propaganda, then I want to know about that too, so I can help other people see through it too.

          Last, and if anyone is still interested, if anyone who claims to share my values and ideology is doing a spot of betraying while they’re at it, I operate a policy of zero tolerance.

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    1. At the risk of being flippant, I wonder what the wind will do for his hair!

      I expect though that he’s popping out to the BVI to check on his money, and that of his cabinet colleagues.

      With Fallon in charge of relief and the buffoon out there, these people really haven’t had their troubles to seek.

      I noticed too that the Brits came in for a pile of criticism from British holidaymakers in Cuba. Apparently other nations were arranging evacuations for their citizens, but neither tour operators nor HMG had bothered their backsides about the Brits.

      One imagines that they are thinking that holiday makers can just order private jets to take them home!


  2. Tris,
    Sadly if you’re a British Nationalist politician your job doesn’t depend on the voters. You either get put on the list for Holyrood or “elevated” to the House of Lords where you can milk the public purse for as long as you want.

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    1. It’s hand too, for getting a table at a crowded restaurant… “Now look here, my good man, Lord Watsit here… see what you can do, there’s a good fellow.”


      Munguin, of course, doesn’t require a lordly title to get good service. His charm is all that’s needed!


  3. The voters who elected the Tories in Scotland were not voting for anything but against the SNP and independence.
    So long as their elected representatives hold that line,they can pretty well do what they like in other matters.
    That will be the case until these voters’ living standards start to take a hit.
    The I’m all right Jack and Jills.

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  4. Aye loosing Angus and ending up with Doggie Ross is a complete no brainer. You will find Doggie at the head of the queue when it comes to getting his picture in the paper, but right at the tail end when it comes to doing any actual work.

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  5. Tris have it on good authority that this dingbat only stood for Westminster on the “promise” of more work working as a linesman from the English F.A. than what he currently gets from the Scottish F.A. The bonus he gets is that the taxpayer pays his housing bills for running the line at football matches.

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      1. I got rather frustrated, angry, upset de dah de dah deh earlier in the year so took a wee sabatacle from all my usual haunts. After a couple of weeks I began to feel great nae high blood pressure swearing cut doon, tae a bare minimum (for me), totally relaxing time. Still times must and from what I’ve been reading recently it would appear that thre bitch, the bitch fae hell MUST return tae the fray … so here I am!

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  6. Interesting that none of “Ruth’s” MPs could be bothered to turn up to a debate concerning agriculture. After all, farmers are nearly all Tories.

    Also the millionaire landowner /farmer and MP for Dumfries and Galloway, (don’t blame me I voted SNP), didn’t show up either then. The man’s doing a good impression so far of the invisible man. Still if he reinforces some people’s red white and blue prejudices, then he’s doing his job I suppose.

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    1. Ah well, the money is good and the expenses are good… not maybe as good as they were when duck houses and moat cleaning was still permitted, but y’know, better than you get at Munguin Incorporated.

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    1. No. Horror movies are going to have to get a whole lot more horrible, and satirists are going to have to get a whole lot more inventive to ape Trump and May.


  7. I feel in permanently angry mode these days. If I had a pitchfork I could gather other like-minded folk and storm the Bast…oops sorry, got carried away there!
    But seriously, surely we are close to the end of the union now?

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  8. Douglas Ross isn’t a gypsie hater. Utter rot. He merely referenced a valid issue with travellers illegally occupying farmers fields.


    1. It’s more important than Brexit, poverty., homelessness, rank inefficiency of the Home Office, inflation, falling wages, what’s happening in Myanmar…

      It seems to play very big in his mind, given all the things he could have said were his priority.

      The Tory party is rife with that.

      Murdo who expresses disbelief that Rees Mogg actually obeys the teachings of the Catholic church… because he must be the only one who does (you know Murdo of the Queen’s Eleven), and he has a few friends in councils… including the lovely guy who brags about the size of his dick.

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