Difficult choice…


Well, we knew that all along… (BTW, wasn’t he the one with a lot of dosh in the BVI? I hope they got someone out there trying to net it up.)
a thick1
Oh aye? On what planet exactly is that happening?
Guest houses “doon the watter” better get painting and decorating over the winter.
Another day, another complete balls-up by the Home Office.
Conservative Party Conference 2014
Not for any reason other than he seems to epitomise Brexit. Small, silly and at times comical.
Bit obvious really. It’s ok to be a Britnat or and Engnat. Just never a Scotnat.
What a fine figure of a man, I mean Nazi. I wonder why he’d want to get his top off and show himself off. Emetic maybe?
Deeeeeeeep bow everyone…
a labour
Indeed, Homer, indeed.
Oh, really… funny, that’s not what you said in 2016.
Taking back control to the 16th century. Bravo, May.
Perth played host to a small gaggle of SDL protesters today. They had to be penned in like animals. However, thousands of human beings packed the streets in a counter demonstration. The low life was seen off on an English bus. I’m wondering just how Scottish these people are.


27 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

    1. Yea, well if Nigel said it it must be right. I mean look how right he was about the £350 million a week…?

      I expect they still sang Rule Britannia though. 5 times. Although without much in the way of ships and a drunk as the cabinet secretary, I’m not sure how they will do that.

      Nigel wants to watch himself being all Nazi in Germany. They arrest you there for that.


  1. Yeah SDL dna test em I say
    Like me brothers recent one
    Which showed after Gaelic/Celtic
    The next biggest is French
    Zero English /Anglo Saxon
    Me mind may be contaminated
    But me blood ain’t

    But am I a traitor to my kind ?

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    1. Oh dear Niko…

      Munguin’s gonna get one of them. Find out if there’s any Celtic in him.

      You’re gonna have to be a bit more Celtic. Get up to John’s wee island and start learning Gaelic.


    2. Did your brother’s DNA test not say Irish, rather than Celtic, Scots or Pictish( your actually British )DNA is not normally acknowledged. Yorkshire is apparently the most British because it has the highest density ( no offence intended ) of Anglo Saxons.

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    1. Well, he’s a busy man, what with all his football responsibilities as well.

      But frankly, there is no point in a bigot meeting with these people. If he hates, he hates. That’s all there is to it.

      All this diversity training that Ruth pretended to get for his racist homophobic, sectarian councillors is all hogwash.

      They are that type of person. They only like their own sort. As the BB leader amongst them found, other people don’t like them. However, in the Tory fold they seem to be quite acceptable.

      Additionally, he seems not to be available for so many things because of his football commitments.


  2. Frankly, I don’t believe for one minute it matters who is the so-called leader of the Labour Party in Scotland.
    When you see the photographs you have posted showing the start of their campaigns, it is obviously going to be a mud throwing exercise throughout. Well, they have had plenty of practise, because that’s all they have been doing for years, except their target is usually the S.N.P.
    I could call them names, but I feel that would just lower me to their level, about gutter height, as they are people who don’t give a jot about the people they are supposed to represent. They, and their ilk in the other unionist parties, want to keep us in subservience to the most dysfunctional, that’s being restrained, Westminster administration, certainly in my lifetime, and that goes back to Neville Chamberlain, and couldn’t care less about the people of Scotland. And by that I mean all the people, no matter where they originally came from, people who have chosen to make their home here in Scotland.
    Despite being born into a Labour Party supporting family, for some reason from an early age I never trusted them, and certainly todays offerings merely reinforce that view. Two people, being restrained again, who have nothing, no policies, no ideas, nothing to offer the Scottish people, except their obvious hatred of an S.N.P Government, who are at least trying to do their level best, despite having one hand tied behind their back by the unionists at Westminster.
    So who’s bothered? Only the two careerists. Legends in their own minds. Well, that’s probably all there is room for being members of a political party whose demise will only be accelerated, no matter who is elected.


    1. The problem with all the unionist parties is that they really have to have the same policies as their bosses in England.

      They can stray on one or two details, but they can’t really change policies much.

      They’ve always fought like rats in a sack.

      Sarwar is a Blairite who hates Corbyn, even if he’s saying at the moment that he supports him.

      I’ve never heard of the other bloke who seems a bit more to the left, but I doubt he has a hope in hell.

      They must know that the likelihood of a left of centre government is small, even when Mrs May makes a mess of Brexit.

      They must know that if Corbyn actually got in his own party would force him to the right.

      So basically they have been saying for years, they would rather Scotland had a right of centre, or hard right government than Scotland was independent.

      I fail to see how any socialist could want that.


  3. One consequence of the fear the idea of independence generates in many nay sayers is that Socialist principles have been quickly turned into paper planes and launched from the nearest window. Another consequence of the fear is the difficulties faced on the journey a person must take to change their stance e.g. Admitting you’ve been sold a pup all their life by the establishment and they’ve been suckered. Also the insecurity that comes with that and the realisation that their trusted media sources have been, and will continue, to feed them lies and propaganda using every opportunity. There are many more aspects to it, its a long list and many folk can’t do it, so the prostituting of principles is inevitable, especially those of the socialist variety which must be the most routinely and conveniently set aside of the lot. This of course only applies to the folk we have a chance of persuading, albeit a slim one.

    Then we come to the apron wearing brigade and there’s just no point even trying with them.

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