56 thoughts on “GIVE US A SIGN, OH LORD!”

  1. I saw that last picture and at the risk of being shallow I instantly thought of Jabba the Hutt so I googled it, clicked on images and I’d been beaten to it. The comparison has already been made, there he is in the Jabba images file, looking for all the world like an alien life form. Sad thing is he’s acting like one as well and he’s been elected Comander in Chief of the most powerful military force on the planet.

    I don’t know what he’s saying to Angela in that photo but a picture paints a thousand words so the song says.

    Jeezy Peeps.


    1. I think that Dr Frau Merkel is thinking… why did I go into politics?

      It’s scary that that buffoon has his hands near the nuclear codes, and even more scary when you add in another loonie in North Korea appears to have some sort of nuclear device.

      Trump appears to have corrected the spelling mistake, but once it’s out there… it’s out there.


  2. I think he’s only nominally the President now. The General is in charge. Never a good thing having Generals in charge, but in the circumstances…

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  3. I wonder how many reporters are assigned to do nothing but sit in front of computer screens to monitor his Twitter messages. AND grab screen shots before he can correct or delete. 😀

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      1. Yep Conan, without those media outlet interns watching their computer screens, we would never have known about covfefe. 😀

        SO comforting to know that he has the nuclear codes.

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  4. All good fun but do you seriously think for one minute that Trump isn’t owned by exactly the same elements who own Obama and Clinton?

    I’ll admit he seems to be on a slightly looser leash than the other two but on a leash he is.

    I’m sorry but if you’re jumping up and down shouting Trump this! and Trump that! you’ve been had.

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    1. We can only hope that his rhetoric is not a precursor to action. Frankly, he seems a tad unstable to me. You should check that out J Galt, and decide for yourself whether having a Nikita Khrushchev, shoe off foot, table thumping wannabe, is exactly what the world needs right now. For we all know Trump is a power hungry egotist. And he’d be protected underground if there were a nuclear war?

      Right, you know damn well that is right.

      There are calls in the USA for his impeachment, which is not exactly what a new President ought to expect early on in their Presidency.

      “You can fool some of the people, some of the time”, but in the modern world at least, they renege against lunatics.

      It will be a close run thing between the US electorate booting him out and a nuclear exchange. IMHO, the final action of the Trump Presidency would be to do exactly that, and then run like a rat into a sewer, well blow the surface and expect to survive. Because arseholes like Trump are unable to contemplate their own death.

      Please, J Galt, do some independent research about how near we are to WW3.

      I am sorry but, Trump this! and Trump that! suggests it is you that has been ‘had’.

      The man is, perhaps the worst POTUS that the USA has ever had, bar none, given the potential for the USA itself to be attacked by a lunatic. For whom there appears to be plenty of evidence that he means what he says. (Whether he actually can, is moot, miniaturising atomic weapons is not easy, and neither is MRV technology, nor a decent delivery system.)

      I would tend to be a tad more concerned that both China and Russia – who have immediate borders with North Korea – would see a nuclear attack on North Korea as something to be lived with. Radiation is sans frontiers. Nuclear weapon systems release a pretty horrendous payload, that spreads. I am not at all convinced that China, in particular, might not be incredibly angry at their land being turned into a Chernobyl type wasteland, and retaliate. Nor, for that matter Russia.

      Nuclear Winter, and the death of friendly debate on Munguins Republic, for none of us will be left.

      Long post, but you J Galt apologise for insanity and are allowed to get away with it.

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      1. Don’t worry, Douglas. Munguin has a personal Nuclear Bunker, with just room enough for him and a large wine cellar.

        I see that the USA has run out of money from protection of Trump and his family.

        Maybe they will have to stay put from now on; maybe they will have to pay for protection from their vast fortunes, or maybe the poor old tax payer will have to find the money to keep them in the style to which they have become accustomed.


    2. Not really under any illusion about the forces that control the president, although I’m pretty sure that Obama wasn’t driven by a racist, white supremacist, hard alt-right, Nazi constituency, but I do think that he is an utter disaster.

      He undermines his team with sometimes stupid, sometimes dangerous 5 am tweets. He seems to have little intellectual capacity for what is, after all, one hell of a hard job.

      Of course, politics is a matter of preference, and there are those who like his style, and his lack of conformity.

      He manages for me, to make May look half way as if she knows what she is doing.


      1. You are joking, of course. Theresa May is perfectly capable of taking us into a nuclear war, and no-one wins a nuclear war. What does she care? Her complete incompetence as a prime Minister will be utterly extinguished from the history of this planet. For she will not be remembered by the few survivors. None of whom will be English, Scottish, Welsh nor Northern Irish. We will sink, as will most of Eire, into the death of civilisation.

        ( We could have avoided all of this shit with a decent degree of co-operation across international boundaries, but the mad and bad Brexiteers are too stupid, too xenophobic to see mutual co-operation as a good thing. I quite like European co-operation, call me crazy.)

        We may die because of their stupidity.

        We are lions led by people that do not give a ****. It begins with an ‘f’.

        I would grieve your death trispw, except I’d expect mine to come a few minutes or hours before yours. Such is the damage that nuclear weapons can do. Especially here in the West of Scotland.

        Theresa May is, a tad, mad.

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        1. Well, let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

          Trump may be impeached.

          May may be binned by her party when 2019 comes and we face no deal… it being, you’ll remember, better than a bad deal.

          Maybe then we’ll get independence and Munguin will run for the presidency!


  5. J Galt,

    I think that I have been annoyed at your last few posts. Have you anything positive and less ridiculous to say?

    Please tell.


  6. Tris
    Having family and friends in the USA, my son is currently over there staying with his Grandparents for a few months while he hides from me telling him to get a job lol, I find that Trump has more support than people realise.

    Whatever anyone’s views on the man are, mines are not good, he does have support. Many on the Christian right, you know the Israel lobby, really support him. They see him as standing up for white Christian values, whatever they are, they see him as being the only world leader who will stand up to what many in America see as the Muslim attacks on their way of life. I had lengthy chats with my ex in-laws when they were in Dundee in June and who voted Trump and they think either way they are screwed, but at least he will stand up for some of what they believe in even though they know he will shaft them on rights and the race to the bottom. They totally understand what he attracts and that his being President will fuel the hate elements on all sides but they are sick of being shafted by the established order, even though he is part of it. I think it’s like Brexit here, people wanted to hit back at those they feel are doing them down even though the same very people doing them down got the vote they wanted. That vote will turn out to be their worst nightmare and that is what the voters wanted to inflict in the first place as many have had enough.

    I never really blog about other countries as I think it is their business and while Trump is out there and reactive so are May, Merkel in protecting German economic might in the EU, Putin the same in Russia, Xi Jinping in China and the list goes on. They are all mad and play games with all our lives on the world stage, a high risk game of Risk but for real and not on a board. There are no easy answers to any of this but if the answer is more right of centre same as always politics it is just not going to wash anymore. While I would never vote for someone like Trump or May I can understand the frustration that many feel, who knows maybe revolution is on the way when things get to there lowest ebb. Most people will only take so much, other than Scotland of course where the yoons are happy to take everything the UK throws at them, and people will fight back. With terrorists using religion and culture as weapons things can and will only get worse. A while back I thought that any sort of large war was unlikely in the extreme, now I am not so sure. The East and West might just dook it out sometime soon and heaven help us all if that happened, Trump is just another one of the players in the vacuous bunch of leaders we have to choose from.

    Sorry long rant.


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    1. Good rant though, Bruce.

      I know he has some support, but according to the polls his approval rating is very low.

      Indeed at this stage the lowest in memory.

      I know he promised to bring jobs back and to put America first, and build a wall to keep immigrants out.

      Of course he is an immigrant…or the son of two immigrants. And none of the people in power are native Americans. They are all descendants of immigrants.

      I doubt he has brought any jobs back, although by paying companies to do it, he has kep some jobs there. If he does, Americans will find that prices will go through the roof, because stuff made in America is necessarily much more expensive to make than in Guatemala or Costa Rica…or indeed China, and the Far East, where a stack of Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump stuff is made.

      The wall, in my opinion, won’t happen. It’s impracticable. For a variety of reasons. I can;t see Congress voting him the money. Mexico won’t pay in a heartbeat, and if he taxes Mexican goods out of affordability (although not for him) who will suffer? Well Mexico for sure (but they will find other markets) but the American people, who buy the Mexican products will.

      I too can understand that ordinary people are sick to death with the “system”. The well off politicians who lie and cheat and fail to live up to what they promised.

      It said a huge amount that Trump was the best that they could put up from the right. And that Clinton who had so much baggage was chosen for the Democrats.

      Damned if I know the answer… but I seriously doubt that Trump is it.

      So far he has accomplished more of less nothing. He’s played a lot of golf, and his extended family has cost the taxpayer a lot of money. He’s made America a laughing stock with his idiotic tweeting and the rate of sackings and resignations in the White House.

      All that said the UK cannot laugh too loudly.

      Theresa May is the worst prime minister ever, and her leading ministers are incompetent fools. I’m struggling to think of one that has a handle on his or her brief.

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    2. grumpyscottishman,

      “A while back I thought that any sort of large war was unlikely in the extreme, now I am not so sure. The East and West might just dook it out sometime soon and heaven help us all if that happened…”

      It seems obvious to me that Trump is the most likely one to release nuclear devastation, probably in advance of our annihilation. America, up until 9/11, was pretty well insulated from attacks on it’s soil. It’s reaction to 9/11 was adolescent and violent in the extreme. It lost my sympathy pretty much during it’s ridiculous intervention in Afghanistan, something I believed was right and was then proven utterly wrong. I will never, ever, again be persuaded by mainstream media that they are particularly ‘truthy’. They lie out of their teeth. Iraq war victims have been an area where that West both has lied and frankly denied.

      Trump is, may I say, the lead player in the game of nuclear war. A completely incompetent idiot. He can go fuck his nuclear bombs. We, you and me, have to be better than his threats. Though the brain dead Donald is the one with his finger on the West’s nuclear arsenal. Not, sadly, a couple of reasonable people commentating on some Dundonians web-site.

      I quite like Dundonians.

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      1. How come **** translates as fuck. If I had known, I’d just have posted ‘fuck’. You are a brother, as we say on American TV.

        Have I mentioned how it is just propaganda for USA exceptionalism?

        Much respect, and admiration for your frankly, solo, up – votes for my annoying comments. It would be upsetting to post into a vacuum, much respect. Too much respect in a single paragraph, perhaps?

        On another note.

        J Galt has much to explain. Lest I think he is a complete, utter idiot. Which is perhaps where he and I lie right now, he thinks I am daft and I think he is. It would be fascinating if J Galt actually engaged in conversation instead of running away. Fascinating internet troll, who ought to be exposed as such?

        I am not at all interested in ‘discovery’. The J Galt, who comments early, and stupidly, on your site, refuses to correspond, much, below the line.

        I think you have a troll, as in an ‘under the bridge’ flesh eating zombie.


  7. I wish the guys who did Spitting Image were still doing it. You couldn’t make half of this stuff up in your wildest dreams 😀

    On a more serious note – its probably getting close to the point that were the current POTUS to authorise even a tactical nuclear launch, it may not be actioned.

    For those about to say “that’s treason and the USA does in fact try people for that” – well they do and people get long sentences. In most cases outgoing presidents commute/pardon lots of stuff – Obama did a load of minimum sentencing* pardons before he left and commuted/pardoned whistleblowers too (who did get convicted of treason).

    Interesting times for summer months….

    * worth noting we still have the Labour obscenity of IPP convictions whereby some people are serving double or triple their term because there are no (funded) facilities to prove they are OK to be released. There’s one particularly nasty case where a young guy set fire to an empty building – he got (IIRC) 3 years. He’s still in prison after 11 years because the facilities for him to meet his release conditions no longer exist due to cuts.

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  8. Douglasclark

    I’m sorry my posts annoy you.

    All I’m trying to say is that the likes of Obama and Trump are but actors on a stage.

    I am interested in trying to know what is behind the curtain.

    Yes we are close to WW3, but that is not because of Trump, if the elements in control of the US/”west” have decided to tackle China/Russia now, then it matters not whether they have a Trump or a Obama or a Clinton as window dressing.

    China and Russia are coalescing the Eurasian “world island” – the nightmare of the maritime Anglo-Saxon led “west” (google Mackinder!), and the reason Russia was targeted for destruction in the early 20th century and the efforts to keep the Chinese divided and occupied in the same time period. That China and Russia have emerged from that is miraculous and almost supernatural. It almost makes you think that there are powers we barely comprehend in play.

    China will not allow North Korea to be destroyed, and Russia will back China – hence a US attack against North Korea means WW3. Will “They” take the risk? Who knows – I certainly don’t!


    1. J Galt,

      Well, we meet at last!

      Thanks for at least replying.


      You and I are not actually far apart, if you and I believe that US exclusive use of nuclear weapons has always been stupid, as has mutually assured destruction.

      “China will not allow North Korea to be destroyed, and Russia will back China – hence a US attack against North Korea means WW3. Will “They” take the risk? Who knows – I certainly don’t!”

      Me neither. I think the Donald Trump Presidency puts our future lives on this planet at far greater risk. He can’t argue down a pip squeak bunch or morons without diplomacy? The man is completely setting himself up for a nuclear strike. Personally, I think he is an idiotic up his arse fool. And I say that J Galt, because I would like you and I and trispw and everyone else that comments here and doesn’t, to be alive and active after the insanity when the Donald Trump has passed.

      Thanks for replying. I have much more respect for folk that engage than otherwise.

      S0, kudos.


      1. Yes I don’t think we need to fall out over this – any delay in replying is due to doing other stuff.

        Check out the Harold Mackinder – I found it really useful in trying to understand what is happening just now.

        BTW I’m not a “Troll”, my name is my real name and not a reference, far less a sign of support for the fairly weird beliefs of Ayn Rand!


          1. OK. Apologies, but I have, much like most folk in West Central Scotland, committed thoughts of nuclear incineration to my back brain. In other words we chose to forget about it’s reality, just because it has only happened twice and in a land far, far away. It doesn’t take an enormous amount of time for that denial of reality to get wafted away. When that thought surfaces because of a complete utter idiot occupying the White House it is, err, disconcerting to say the least.

            I would quite like it if sane people ran our governments. Instead we appear to be electing morons.

            I will, separately, attempt to make my peace with J Galt.

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        1. J Galt,

          It is unfortunate and not your fault that you pressed several of my trigger issues simultaneously. We, have lived under a nuclear threat for, in my case, my entire life. It becomes ‘normal’. But when the threat becomes reality, for we should make no mistake, these weapons are real, it releases a pent up fear for the future of the human race that is usually hidden behind a facade of sang froid.

          We, you and I, probably have plans for the future. It is frankly inconceivable that they should end due to stupid. And yet, that is the reality of the world we now find ourselves in. The last time I felt anyway as much at risk was when I was sixteen or so, and that wasn’t yesterday. The world stood on a precipice over the Cuban missile crisis. I had a summer job working for the Inland Revenue. That weekend we all ‘joked’ about looking forward to Monday. In an existential, not really a joke, sort of a way.

          I have managed, as we all have, to push thoughts of nuclear extinction out of our conciseness. It is not really a happy place to be.

          There is, to my mind, no excuse for anyone – particularly politicians – to have the capacity to end civilisation.

          So, apologies for going off on one.

          You and I do agree about Ayn Rand though!


  9. What about the “FDR knew about Pearl Harbor” conspiracy? Or did I misunderstand?

    China and Russia are making money hand over fist with investments in US Treasury Bonds (China), and selling stuff to the US and Europe (China and Russia.) You don’t try to destroy your best customers with nuclear weapons, even of you are not motivated by avoiding your own destruction. WWIII hand wringing is the stuff of Cold War nightmares and went out of fashion 20 years ago.

    As for North Korea, fearless leader is motivated by self preservation. That means he does NOT attack the most powerful military power on earth which would crush him like a bug. (The casualties in Seoul would be unfortunate, but that would not stop American retaliation.) China and Russia wouldn’t raise a finger. They have no conceivable motivation to do so.

    Maybe we can agree on Ayn Rand…..a weird woman eternally PO’d by the Bolshevik’s destruction of her family’s comfortable bourgeois life in Russia. She wrote the book and the screenplay for one of the weirdest, most gawd-awful, unintentionally funny motion picture ever made –“The Fountainhead.” Seeing Gary Cooper almost literally turning to the camera to start reciting paragraphs from her book is funny enough, but Gary Cooper and Patricia Neal struggling with the bizarre dialogue is priceless. They have a “why on earth did we agree to do this damn movie” look about them.

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  10. Danny and Douglasclark, I actually ploughed my way through the Fountainhead until the last few pages when I lost the will to live!

    I didn’t know there was a film though – she must have had powerful friends.

    Trump is apparently a fan- whether that’s a pose or not I’ve no idea!

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    1. @ J. Galt……..Love the description of your personal experience with The Fountainhead! I have a certain admiration for anyone who has the persistence to plow through an Ayn Rand book.

      My only knowledge of it is the movie with Gary Cooper, Patricia Neal, and Raymond Massey. I saw it playing on TV one night. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. Like a horrible train wreck. Was it melodrama……or comedy…….or WHAT? Now I believe it was an intellectual drama to that weird Rand woman, and surely unintended comedy for everyone else.

      On his best day, Gary Cooper could never manage dramatic presence, but as architect Howard Roark, Cooper simply seems perplexed. Especially at the trial when he squares away at the 35mm movie camera and effectively starts reading from Rand’s book. She DID write the screenplay of course, and she wanted her precious words to inform as well as entertain……..while she tortured the director and producers with her opinions on modern architecture.

      Patricia Neal, as Dominique Francon sleep walks through her lines, but she has a thing for Roark, and it is REALLY funny when she has a serious case of the hots.

      Raymond Massey as Gail Wynand is doing God knows what. And British actor Robert Douglas as Ellesworth M. Toohey delivers the most (unintentionally?) funny performance ever put on film.

      You MUST see this overwrought intellectual melodrama! Everyone must! It is SO bad and SO funny!

      I’ll bet that Trump loves it and does so quite sincerely, without a trace of irony.

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  11. Danny,

    “WWIII hand wringing is the stuff of Cold War nightmares and went out of fashion 20 years ago.”

    I hoped so. It does seem to me that we are nearer midnight now than we have been since the Cuban missile crisis.

    I do sort of wonder whether North Korea is crazy enough – it’s leaders obviously, not it’s people – to just launch. Perhaps you are right, perhaps North Korea is merely using it’s nuclear capability as a bargaining chip designed to extract whatever economic benefits it can. If so, this would not be the first time.

    I am interested in your FDR / Pearl Harbour comment. What’s the background to it? Apparently the UK was absolutely desperate for the US to join the ‘good guys’. They, us I suppose, had a huge presence in the US aimed at achieving that. Pearl Harbour was, probably one of the three most important events in WW2. The others being kind of obviously, the tank battle at Kursk and Battle of Kohima, neither of which appear to be recognised as important, yet they were.


    1. Hi dc…….Nuclear weapons are serious business, and having a real estate charlatan and political con-man and demagogue in charge of the nuclear codes is no picnic. But we had Khrushchev and Kennedy in 1962. Both of them dedicated Cold Warriors. Khrushchev a communist ideologue, and JFK a womanizing poseur. Today we have “leaders” with no particular ideology except personal self-interest. I don’t think that the danger is even in the same league with the Cuban missile crisis.

      We can all have our opinions on the likelihood of an awful miscalculation of course. But self-preservation is a powerful incentive, from Trump who wants his business intact after his presidency, to the Russians who are making money for Putin hand over fist selling energy resources to Europe, to the Chinese who are a capitalist economic powerhouse selling all kinds of consumer goods to the USA and investing their money in a portfolio of US Treasury bonds, to the North Korean dictator who has a family business whose only clear goal is personal and dynastic self-preservation.

      Could a mistake happen? Surely! But if we survived Khrushchev and Kennedy in a nightmare Cold War time when the chances of war using MUCH larger and many times more numerous nuclear weapons, then IMHO, we can survive capitalist China and Russia who have a powerful incentive to maintain great customers like the USA and Western Europe, AND the tinpot North Korean dictator, AND the medicine show carnival barker and all purpose con-man Trump. Importantly, what CONCEIVABLE incentive is there for Kim Jong-un to fire one of those nuclear missiles that assures his presence as a “serious” player on the world stage? There is no sign so far that he is either stupid or suicidal, and a nuke fired at American territory in or around the Pacific would wipe him and his forces out with precisely targeted small nukes and conventional weapons that would hardly rattle the windows in Seoul. (A conventional North Korean artillery barrage on Seoul across the DMZ would be another matter.) China would then issue a strongly worded statement of condemnation, and then buy more US Treasury bonds at the next Federal Reserve auction in Washington. That’s the way I see it anyway. Worth exactly what I’m charging for it of course…..LOL.

      As for the background about FDR and Pearl weapon, I’m referring to your conversation with J. Galt and an earlier comment about FDR and Pearl Harbor. The conspiracy theory about FDR knowing the attack was going to happen, and taking no action to assure the war would happen is never ending……although it was investigated fully in the Congressional Clarke investigation of 1945-47 with no finding of wrongdoing.

      FDR had been Woodrow Wilson’s Assistant Secretary of the Navy. He knew naval strategy and tactics like the back of his hand, and he loved navy ships better than his own children. YES…..he and Churchill needed a provocation to finally overcome the historic American isolationism that had been only partially overcome with Lend Lease for Britain in 1940. However, FDR needed a war with Germany, not Japan, and even if by some madness he wanted a Pacific war, he wouldn’t have done it by sinking or disabling EVERY capital ship in the American Pacific fleet, except three aircraft carriers that the Clarke investigation found were accidentally……and appropriately…….at sea on December 7. If you want a naval war……you have to have ships left to fight it.

      After concluding his telephone call with FDR on the night of the 7th, Churchill famously said that he went to bed and slept the sleep of the saved. But American war with Hitler was not at all assured by the Pearl Harbor attack and Congress’s declaration of war with Japan on December 8th. It was only Hitler’s unexpected and unexplained declaration of war on the US on the 11th that assured that Congress would respond with war on Germany that same day. It was Hitler’s bizarre unexplained stupidity that finally led to the European war that FDR knew needed to happen; not FDR duplicity involving the big naval base in Hawaii.

      BTW……FDR waited until the night of the 11th to announce the military’s “shoot on sight” order until the evening of September 11. Months earlier, he had ordered American ships deep into the Atlantic combat zone, and shots were fired with a German U-boat by the destroyer USS Greer on September 4. Notably, while FDR was giving the radio address on the 11th which described the Greer incident, Charles Lindbergh was in Des Moines, Iowa, at an America First rally, describing how “other people” like Jews, British supporters, and the “White House,” had formed a conspiracy to push the unwilling American people into war.

      FDR and Churchill were engaged in a dangerous high wire act with the fate of western civilization in the balance. I must look up Kursk and Kohima. I know next to nothing about the Russian war, or the British war in the Far East except the sinking of the Prince of Wales and Repulse, the surrender of “Fortress Singapore,” and the shambles of the British Empire’s Singapore Strategy that had been in place since the end of WWI.

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      1. Well I still think Japan was led up the garden path – but let’s not fall out over it!

        As for the Eastern Front read “Icebreaker” by Victor Sovorov.

        It’s not easy to obtain and the emeritus professors of history hate it, however show me an emeritus professor of history at Oxford or Cambridge and I’ll show you a paid liar.

        Uncle Joe led Uncle Adolf up the garden path just like FDR led Tojo up the garden path. The only difference was that Uncle Adolf twigged and tried to throw a spanner in the works – but too late!

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        1. J Galt,

          Tell us more. Where is it available? The book you mention:

          “As for the Eastern Front read “Icebreaker” by Victor Sovorov.”

          I would probably be interested.

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          1. I got mine on amazon but last time I looked there was only second hand copies available.

            Please read the book and don’t be put off by all the negativity heaped on it – make your own mind up.

            There’s also a youtube video of him giving a lecture in the US summarising his main theory – but really try and get the book!

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      2. Danny,

        Thanks for the reply. Very interesting response. FYI Kursk was the first time the Blitzkrieg lost and Kohima – Imphal was the first time the Japanese lost a major battle. It is perhaps worth noting that Russia lost more folk to combat related deaths than anyone else, and that India provided the largest ever volunteer army, for a given definition of volunteer, that has ever existed.

        Neither of these statements take account of nuance.

        However they had only tenuous links with either the USA or the UK. Perhaps the defence at Kursk was supported by American ironmongery, perhaps Kohima- Imphal had British officers in charge, but in both cases it was the poor bloodied soldier that won.

        It is a convenient fiction that either or both of the USA and GB won WW2. It is no-where near the truth.

        Makes great movies though.

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        1. Remember DC that the Soviets had had the German Order of Battle in detail for weeks allowing them to prepare a well prepared defence in depth along the anticipated lines of attack, the US aid may have been useful however the vast Soviet armaments industry safe beyond the Urals was churning out T34s faster than Germany could ever hope to match.

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