Good wee piece here. Technically, I think it was the Liberal Democrats who pushed for the free care for the elderly when they were in coalition, and before they disappeared as a front line force in Scottish politics. (Well done Nick Clegg.)  But the present government has continued to fund it.



  1. Great wee, emphasis on the word WEE, there Tris. Funnily enough you almost never hear about any of them from our “Glorious” Broadcaster the good old BBC and its counterparts. I wonder why that would be. Oh that’s right… to make mention in a way that PRAISES these achievements would be to praise the Scottish Government that WE all call the Scottish Government but dear old BBC and Co. MUST call the SNP government. We can NEVER have the SNP doing a GOOD job now can we so anything and everything MUST be portrayed in a BAD light lest anyone think that the S.G. is doing a GOOD job. Holyrood must be shown in a BAD light at every opportunity otherwise people will actually believe those nasty Nationalistas are doing a BETTER job than those terrific caring Tories darn surf.

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  2. Oh Dear, get it correct please. Gartcosh was a cold rolling mill long closed. I’m sure you mean Dalziel Works in Motherwell, A hot rolling slab mill saved from closure.


  3. It is difficult to see why any self-respecting voter could meekly accept May deciding how and when OUR referendum could be held. She claims it would be a distraction from Brexit but surely she has Davies, Boris and Fox/Werrity in charge of negotiations… If the result of the referendum is as clear-cut as she claims she has the option of Rees-Mog, Gove, Davidson, Dugdale, Willy Rennie, Alastair Carmichael etc etc to act on behalf of BETTER TOGETHER?

    Incidentally, its okay for Conan spouting Latin when he has the advantage of Latin being a currently common language when he went to school – heh heh!
    Incidentally as well, every time I press the ‘like’ button I get asked questions that the answers have been long forgotten so can you all assume that I like all your comments,even Niko’s, unless I indicate other-wise!
    John the lazy sod! xxx

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    1. Dear John, the lazy sod,

      It’s almost as farcical as the USA and their boy president. She’s saying we can’t have a referendum in 2018/19 because we won’t know what the Brexit deal is, but unless she’s keeping it from us, we WILL.

      The EU has said we will be out by end March 2019. But the last 6 months of that period will be for the EU and the 27 governments to decide whether or not they will accept the deal, so THEY will know the terms. Why would we not?

      Joanna Cherry was brilliant on QT last night explaining it, although Dumblebum could hardly keep the impatience out of his voice, at least the other panellists shut up and listened.

      Don’t ask me about this damned site. Nothing about it works right. It’s a wing and a prayer.

      I believe that Latin was quite a new thing when Conan sat his matriculation. Bless!


    1. Has he not got enough jobs…what with being on £650k a year with a bank some 6 months after demitting office as Finance Minister, and what with him still being an MP?

      Nice work if you can get it, and you can get it if you’re a 4th cousin of the queen.

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      1. I just ‘liked’ your post. But it’s content tells me just how far we have to travel.
        I have no idea who is first cousin to the Queen and care less. Am I alone in thinking that the Royal family reporting gig for journalists is amongst the most obsequious and servile journalism on this entire planet?

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        1. Dunno… I don’t read Japanese or Thai, and I know them to be incredibly servile.

          But the sickly lapping that is the Diana and the Sun … is high up there.


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