Boris Johnson has just told Parliament that the UK Government will be taking control of all of Scotland’s waters under his proposed Deal.
Sounds like the #WithdrawalAgreementBill is as much about clawing powers back from the devolved nations as it is from the EU #indyref2020



So much for the will of the NORTH British people.



I just saw this graphic on Gerry’s Twitter feed.

The £15b black hole pays for Nuclear Weapons; “punching above our weight around the world”; wars in places that we have no business to be; ridiculous cost of doing up Westminster and the running of the Commons and Lords (which care not a whit about Scotland and spend most of their working/drinking time on English matters); royal weddings, funerals and general upkeep of princes, princesses and palaces; infrastructure projects like Cross Rail, London Sewers, HS2, etc, etc. (Feel free to add to these things that the Brits let us pay for.)

The English-based unionist press tells us repeatedly that England subsidises us. Politicians and “lords” repeat the fantasy. Some baroness said the other day that we need to remember that the South East pays our bills. It’s utter rubbish, but it’s what they want us to believe, and amazingly some still do.

Gerry writes:

I see a letter in the local newspaper this week talking about the Scotish Government “deficit”.We need to get something like this out to every household to open their eyes.Check out your local printing service and see how much they would charge to print 1000. Then distribute them.

Always remember that there is no deficit in the Scottish government. The deficit comes from the British government spending. Some of it necessary; but a great deal of it to pay for the tra la la that goes with a country that Britain would like to be, but isn’t and hasn’t been for a very long time.

Visaprint does 1000 small leaflets for around £20; 5000 for around £40. But you may get better prices locally. Of course, some printers may refuse to print indy stuff and would have the supreme court ruling on the gay cake behind them. You can’t be forced to produce material which goes against your principles. They are reliable. They printed Munguin’s mugs.

I’d like to give a plug here too for Indyposterboy

You can print his stuff from your computer.

Thanks to Gerry for bringing this to Munguin’s attention.


Poster for AUOB walk in Dundee From Baxter Park leaving 12.45 to Magdalen Green


Cloudy windy dry & even warmish 17° rising to 19° & feeling 15° rising to 19°.

Before the walk, there’s a 5% chance of rain, but 0% for the walk.

A rather blowy 22-24MPH wind, so the flags should look grand.


Munguin will be there, of course, along with Tris, his faithful retainer.

Hopefully, we shall see you there.

The march sets off from Baxter Park at 12.45, but the organisers want people there a bit earlier than that. So Munguin may be persuaded to rise a little earlier than his normal noon, and, hopefully,  we’ll be at the pavilion in the centre of the park from around 12.15 to 12.30.

Munguin will be delighted to make your acquaintance if you want to pop over. He’s a bit like the First Minister. He is quite prepared to hug! And, remember, it will be a great honour for you to meet him!!!!!

If you don’t make it to Baxter Park for the march, we may see you at Magdalen Green.

Here is hoping for a good turn out. Dundee was YES CITY in the referendum… let’s show them that we still are.

Image result for baxter park pavilion

At Inverness march a few weeks ago, there was a small band of unionists involved in a counter-demonstration. And I read that Scotland in Union was asking for people to come to a similar demonstration in Dundee. Although Conservative politicians have said that they would not be participating (for obvious reasons), there may be others bussed in by Scotland in Union.

This is completely legitimate. They have as much right to demonstrate for their union as we have to march against it. Let’s treat them with respect, regardless of how they treat us, and not rise to the bait of any provocation, the like of which was seen in Inverness.

AUOB marches, and indeed the independence movement in general, are known for being peaceful and good-natured. This is a great image for our movement.  So smile and be cheerful and let any hate come from them to us, and not in the opposite direction.

A note of caution. In light of the news that British Unionist, Peter Morgan, a regular protester at the independence marches, has been jailed for 12 years for plotting terrorist attacks in Scotland, and a tweet from John Ferguson (below), don’t be backwards at taking photos of anyone making personal threats, and be prepared to report anything like that to the Police.

This makes the threat that I received slightly concerning. It was from one very excitable older unionist woman protester at the Inverness AUOB Indy march when she pointed the finger at me and told me they knew who I was and they would get me’ wonder who they are?



Have a great day, everyone.


Even the Brexit Express says so!

Philip Hammond has reportedly warned that finding the extra money for the NHS (because the Brexit Dividend is fantasy) means taxes will rise and that other areas of government spending will have to be reduced. 

If this is true, then which taxes will rise and what government funded services will we have to do without?


And, while we are looking at this, what other changes will be made to our lives because of the Brexit Dividend? How will we replace the vastly reduced number of people from all walks of life, who will no longer want to make their homes in the UK? Will it be, as Mr Gauke suggests, prisoners, who fill that gap? Or as Paterson suggests, pensioners.

picking fruit

We should be in no doubt that a post-Brexit Britain could be a very different place. A place apart. A place that has taken back control maybe. But clearly, as we have seen, that control taken back and kept for a select few in Westminster and Whitehall.

Well, we could write all day on the subject…

But Munguin suggested that you guys might like to do the hard work.

Obviously, this is the answer…

If, by some evil chance, we are still in this union and under this insufferable government with its joke of a prime minister, cabinet and a Secretary of State who was deemed unfit to lead for his government on a debate on devolution, when the cliff edge comes, as it will…

Is bringing the health service funding a little closer to the levels of other western countries a priority for you?


If so, how should it be funded? Tax rises, so derided by Scottish Tories recently when the SNP did it? Cuts to services, so derided by every opposition party? Increasing our already massive debt burden?

How should we make up the labour shortage? Continue to accept people from the EU (if they are prepared to come to a ”foreign” country)? Look for immigration elsewhere? Make prisoners/retirees/sick people work for their benefits?

And, what taxes should rise? What services should be cut?

A Brexit Dividend may not be measured in cash terms, but as we said, changes are coming!

So what is your Brexit Dividend? What do you want to see happen? What do you dread happening?


Munguin says Tris can put his feet up for the rest of the day… or rather for 10 minutes, then start sorting out the mess in the grounds of Munguin Towers, devastated for the second time in a week by high winds.