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23 thoughts on “HOW TO FILL A HALL”

    1. That picture was taken early in the day, not everyone had arrived or were still saying hello to friends. 2 Exhibition Halls and the main foyer were all full. I kid you not, there was no where to put your feet.

      Just leaving Moray shortly for 2nd day and Nicola’s Speech. You’ll hear the cheers all over Scotland.

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  1. According to my “blinkered” accounting methods Tris I’d say that if you add the attendances of the “big three” party conferences together they would probably fill no more than the right hand section of the SNP conference. LOL

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        1. Silly me. I should have known.

          Trouble was that in anticipation of people miraculously being conjured up by JK Rowling’s boy wizard, they all booked halls that were too big… in some cases, by a MILE.

          I fear the SNP is not perfect though. It booked a hall that was too small.

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      1. In fairness Tris I did suggest to Peter Murrell over on twitter that they might like to look at transferring their conference to Pittodrie. LOL

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  2. Yes and if you remove the members of HM press corps,all you would be left with is a few corpses.
    I remember the latter days of the Soviet Union where they used to wheel out the dead and almost dead members of the politburo to inspect the troops and try to create the impression that all was well.
    Ho ho.

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  3. Funny to think of so few people at the Perth empty-room events, yet all three infused with the weird acrid stench of dried urine and carers’ pandrops.

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    1. daibhidhdeux,

      I am not sure which category I fall into, but I have been an SNP member for quite a while.

      I think I am 68, y’know, it is tough being ancient.

      But I hope I don’t push off this mortal coil before seeing Scotland as an Independent Nation.


      It is water of a ducks back. But you should be trying to persuade older voters rather than satirize them.

      It is not clever and it is counter – productive.

      Frankly these folk are probably the hardest to challenge. Consequently I joined – through someone on this site providing me with a link – a group of OAP’s for independence.

      Some of us, are just as committed as you younger folk.

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      1. Douglas.

        We all know that there are older voters who are with Scotland, and some youngsters who are British to the core.

        But all the polls seem to show that 70% of young people want independence and 70% of older people don’t.

        I think that was a pretty light hearted comment.


  4. Yes, Douglas me too – well, 69 this year. I am in absolute support of Independence and I am happy to debate at home with children, their wives, husbands (they only have one of each), and grandchildren.
    And another point. None of these pics was shown on BBC Reporting Scotland, except maybe SNP Conf today. Each conference was presented by Brian whatisname as important, despite the fact hardly anyone attended (comparatively)….or listened.
    BBC 6 oclock UK news tonight said that Nicola “hinted at compromise” with May, framing it as a sign of climbdown. What a whopper! She did no such thing, she said she was willing to enter talks. Entirely different.

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    1. The BBC this morning was peddling the “once in a generation” thing again. Experienced journalist, John Humphries, as if there had been no change in the UK’s situation, and as if they hadn’t lied through their rotten teeth about everything in the vow.

      I wish people would stop funding the lying snakes.


  5. Yes well the nats are all giggling at pics of
    Not full halls. And and yet the three party’s
    Combined massively and conclusively with
    The largest majority ever recorded
    won the snp referendum.

    Personally political party’s who fight on two fronts
    Both separating from the Union and the EU invariably
    Come out as the losers.

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    1. Who knows, Niko, but if we simply submit to the Tories and the monumentally incompetent May, where will your grandchildren be?

      Let me ask you a couple of questions:

      Do you think that Gordon Brown’s promises were fulfilled?

      What do you think of all the threats/promises before the 2014 referendum (you know, tax jobs will go; passport Jobs will go; DWP jobs will go; warships will be built; etc etc) that fell apart after they got the result they wanted.

      And how about English votes for English bills, instead of a separate English parliament?


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