Slideshow this week.


20 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. Delightful Tris!

    That forest walk looks like Argyll, and the Owls are a real Hoot! – and there’s a wee baby Orang too plus swans – you’re spoiling us today.! Some great technical shots too, love the lighthouse, in fact, love ’em all.



    1. Excellent, Gerry.

      I quite like it when other posts create a bit of controversy, but I love it when everyone likes SS.

      The forest walk is actually in Oregon. 🙂 The lighthouse in Iceland.


  2. oh those were lovely. I liked the lighthouse and Northern Lights. I really must visit Iceland one day with my Scottish passport as SS pictures have been stunning. The Scottish wildcats and racoons were favourites too. Such a shame the former are endangered – hope they can be saved.

    I sent you an email with a link to possible future SS pictures of my black and white furry family. Heck everyone loves a panda.

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    1. Hopefully Scotland and Iceland will be close allies and trading partners in the future. It’s an amazing country and well worth a visit, but save up your pennies. It’s not cheap!

      The wildcats are amazing. I hope they can be saved too.

      Got the family snapshots. Will be on the blog next week. Thank you.


      1. Trouble is……the navigation buttons are distracting, and on my computer and browser at least won’t go away. They dim a little bit, but they are always there on the picture.

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      1. It had never occurred to me what baby squirrels might look like. Wow.

        I take my hat off to your slideshow computer skillz. Actually, it was warm enough today to take my hat off. Today was the first day since November that I’ve been outdoors without a woolly hat on my head. Spring is coming!

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      2. Ah Terry…

        Munguin’s Republic is such an educator.

        I’m glad you managed to get your hat off. After all these months your hair must need a wash!

        It’s been a warm winter here. And I noticed only one small fall of snow in Reykjavik and up north the snow has more or less melted. it’s normally deep til the end of March.

        So in the Atlantic we have climate change big time!

        As for computer skills… oh how I’d love to give you the impression I knew what I was doing… Alas, one day soon you’d find me out. There’s a drop down menu and that’s one of the choices.


      1. Didn’t think it was. Was just pointing out the bug, since I brought it up before, and this seems to have pinned it down pretty firmly on what makes the pictures disappear.

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        1. LOL. Yeah, posting a new post seems to be the problem.

          That’s a bit of a blow, though. I think we’ll have to go back to the mess they were before. All over the place, but at least still there!!!


    1. I’m so sorry. Something to do with the blog. They were perfectly visible until I put up a new post, and they disappeared. I’ve no idea what cased it. I won’t use the sideshow system again.

      Next week it will just be pictures.


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