I mean, why exactly is he there?

Intellect? Looks? Charm?

WelI I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

But, here’s an idea. Standing up for Scotland in a largely English cabinet?

Well, no, whatever else his raison d’être, it’s absolutely not that.

Here’s some of a  “Good Morning Scotland” interview.


Just so as we are sure, let’s check it through one more time:

Q: Aren’t you a Scottish Secretary to defend the interests of the Scottish people?

A: No.




  1. Intellect? … FAILED
    Looks? …….. FAILED
    Charm? ……. FAILED
    Coward? …… PASS
    Tea Boy ……. PASS
    Bag Carrier? PASS
    LIAR? ………. PASS
    Mouthpiece? PASS

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    1. It seems his job is to do ‘ as little as possible for as long as possible’ so he’s obviously PERFECT for this highly overpaid parasitic position in westminsters pocket.

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  2. There was an empty seat in the Scottish Office which required an arse to occupy it – cue Fluffy. You have to admit that arses don’t come any bigger than Mundell.

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    1. Yes, Chas. There was a job and no one to fill it except him. He’s third rate, but the best that was available. But if his job is not to stand up for Scotland in the understandably largely English cabinet, then what IS his job?


  3. Perhaps he is trying to outdo Carmichael in his own thoroughly inept way.

    Hopefully, he’ll be the last Muppetesque BritNat colonial governor to be imposed on Scotland and very soon at that all going well.

    His legacy, Buggy Bear Carmichael’s and all the rest of the Yoonionista placemen’s and women’s naked opportunism makes that Toom Tabard Balliol look like a principled Rambo.

    Him and the rest of his gangsta peers will be damned until hell turns into heaven and then forevermore by generations of Scots to come.

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    1. Well, Carmichael was clearly determined to, possibly on orders from Clegg-Cameron, disgrace the First Minister.

      His job was to lie for Britain.

      Fluffy just seems to stutter his way through life at £140,000 a year, as Mrs May’s lapdog.


  4. PS Erratum heads up: Should read HUGGY BEAR CARMICHAEL (no offence intended to Rangers aficionados nor other lovers of teddy bears anywhere).

    PPS Whither the barking mad Brit Bulldog Nazi, GWC, and his snakeoil version of ANONYMOUS?

    There bottle crashed now that it’s clear the Blessed Teresa Margaret Thatcher May is going to shaft them, too, with her big Brexit dildo?

    Enjoy 77 Brigade wannabes:)

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    1. He has his eyes looking three ways at once Bringiton.
      He is looking one way to ensure Scotland is kept securely under the thumb of the corrupt Tory government of Westminster.
      He is looking another way to check his cloak of ermine is still hanging on the coak hook awaiting his future ennoblement.
      He is looking a third way to ensure that Scruffy Fluffy Junior is kept in his place … lap dog to the leetle tankette commander.


  5. The one and ONLY reason that this man is actually Scottish Secratery at all, is because he is the ONLY Tory in Scotland. Hobsons Choice in other words! The fact that Cameron chose te Lib Dem liar, Carmichael, over him in the coalition days speaks volumes!

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    1. Aye Colin.

      Best out of one!

      Picked above all the…oh dear…

      They had to put someone from the House of the Living Dead in as his deputy to rattle around in Dover House, moving pictures from one wall to another.

      They probably help each other to fill in their expenses forms.


      1. I’m still slightly annoyed at the Greens.,_Clydesdale_and_Tweeddale_(UK_Parliament_constituency)#Elections_in_the_2010s

        Had the Greens not stood a candidate there and – granted, this is the biggest assumption – had at least 799 of their 839 voters went SNP instead, Mundell would be out of a job. Or at least ermine-cloaked.

        Still. It’s a democratic result, as we can guess the UKIP vote would have preferred Mundell to Emma Harper.


        1. I can understand your frustration, but in the end every party has the right to stand.

          Tactical voting has its place and certainly the unionists use it to try to embarrass the SNP.

          Perhaps and electoral pact would work, where the Greens would agree not to stand there if the SNP stood down their candidate elsewhere. On the other hand two could play at that game, and if neither the Liberals or Labour stood in his constituency, he might well be returned with a bigger majority… not because they like him, or because he is any good, but just to spite the SNP.


    1. Nah Niko … he doesn’t annoy us … he just makes the Tories look even more ludicrous than normal.

      Anyone who is as brain deid as this incompetent moron can never annoy anyone … piss off occasionally perhaps but never annoy. He’s the sort of twat who, if they were not a greed driven self centred hypocritical Tory, most folks would almost feel sorry for.

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    1. Ah well, at least that’s something then.

      Although I’d have kinda liked the idea of one of the belted Earls or Marquises or whatever they are laying down the law in plumy tones.


    1. One itsy bitsy teeny weeny little problem there Niko.

      WE do not need to do that much work … Her Greatness Mayhem the First is doing a wonderful job on our behalf.

      I’m sure even you have to concede Niko that every time Mayhem the First opens her gob she pushes MORE people to move to Scotland in search of unity with our independence fight and yes quite a few are also joining the SNP a well.

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  6. Tris

    The ones I can remember

    George Younger Tory
    Malcolm Rifkin Tory
    Ian Lang Tory
    Michael Forsyth Tory
    Donald Dwer Red Tory and not father of the nation
    John Reid Red Tory
    Helen Liddel Red Tory
    Alistair Darling Tory
    Douglas Alexander Red Tory
    Des Brown (who was he) Red Tory
    Jim Murphy Tory
    Danny Alexander Tory
    Michael Moore Yellow Tory
    Alistair Carmichael Yellow Tory and Liar
    David Mundell Tory

    Michael Moore had a bit of decency but the rest are or were anti-Scots, they served their masters and believed in Britan, none of them really gave a shit about Scotland in my opinion and Mundell is just the joint thickest with Murphy, Liddel, Carmichael.

    That list tells all you need to know what London thinks of Scotland.


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    1. Good list. That’s as far as I can remember too. And, as you say, apart from Michael Moore who wasn’t that bad, they were all utterly useless.

      Now we have the crowning glory. Muddle.


  7. Mundell : “I believe the best possible outcome for Scotland is having access to the Single Market”… but in cabinet he argues against it. That a Scottish Secretary could take such a position against his beliefs is extraordinary. And frightening.

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