Over the last few weeks I have collected a load of Brexit pics, thinking I’d have time to write a commentary about at least some of them.  Fat chance.

So I present some of them here for your amusement.

Click on the photographs for a larger representation.


14 thoughts on “BREXIT PICS”

    1. The Daily Diana is always looking for the smallest hint of something that they can use to prove that xenophobia and racism pay off handsomely. Ha ha…Just wait till none of their readers can afford to buy the rag.


  1. Yeah a mention of the clangers. That’s the children’s tv characters, not the latest speech by Boris Johnston which is far less enjoyable but probably has more clangers..


    1. Aye Boris. Bless him. Maybe someone should remind him of the agreement his country has with the French for aircraft carriers and which the president has the power to annul ‘en un clin d’oeil’.

      Bloody liability.


    1. Yeah, I thought a lot of them were pretty neat.

      Seriously I’ve never come across a UKIP politician that wasn’t a complete fruit loop with the tact of… oh, I dunno, Boris Johnson? I mean seriously. I’m all for politicians being a little different, but for heaven’s sake! it might be worth pointing out to this muppet that, if there were no people to consume that which had been created, there would be neither point nor profit in creating it in the first place.


  2. I hope No voters are taking note of Mrs May’s conciliatory tone with Ireland as opposed to her “get knotted” attitude to Scotland.

    The only way there can ever be a true partnershp on this island is if Scotland and England deal with each other as independent, sovereign nations.

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    1. Ireland is an altogether more complex situation that Scotland. I’ve been wondering if Martin McGuiness resigned ONLY because Arlene refused to stand down while they investigated her dodgy doings, or if, given the situation with Brexit he just couldn’t continue/saw an opportunity to cause trouble/saw an opportunity to change the government and be first minister… or what.

      Mrs May thinks that a few silly promises about being allowed to change the speed signs will console the Scots. She knows perfectly well that unless she finds a solution to the Irish situation she could be facing real trouble including economic meltdown of the province.

      If there’s anyone were less able to cope with all these things than David Davis, Liam Fox and Boris Foot in the Mouth, I really don’t know who they are.


      1. “She knows perfectly well that unless she finds a solution to the Irish situation she could be facing real trouble including economic meltdown of the province”

        Economic meltdown? Try bombs in her boot, if recent history is anything to go by.

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  3. I think the Labour Party have altered their tweet to read “No jobs in Scotland depend on EU. All jobs in Scotland depend on Theresa May. No need for a second referendum. Vote Conservative.”


  4. The “soar” in the pound is a figment of the tabloid express imagination, but it is of greater worth than the vote Mayhem has deigned to give MPs mentioned in that same headline.

    No negotiations can happen until Article 50 is triggered. Future relationships with the EU will be negotiated only after the withdrawal terms are agreed. If the MPs do not like the terms of withdrawal – that is tough noogies. Equally if they don’t like the new terms offered – that is tough noogies too. It will be too late there is no mechanism to revoke or retract from the withdrawal process.

    So what exactly will they be voting on?

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    1. Nothing. Which, let’s be honest, is usually what they vote on. People who are whipped to vote may as well not bother voting.

      (The only exception to this is the Labour Party who vote against the whips in an effort to annihilate themselves.)


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