Baby orangutan named Taavi born at Metro Richmond Zoo | Entertainment |
1. Morning there. Is it right that it’s hallowe’en? Does that mean I get presents? Oh, did you remember to change your clocks? Munguin makes Tris get up at 2 am and change the ones in the Towers. All 200 of them from the attics to the dungeons.
2. Ummmm, how do I get down again, remind me.
3. Wee bit of a storm in an orchard in Ireland.
4. What, you’ve never heard of pumpkin trees. You need to go live in AndiMac’s grounds.
May be an image of nature
5. St Kilda.
6. Put it here.
7. Icelandic lights.
A long-legged spider is seen hanging from a stick in the dark.
8. Daddy long legs. I’ve not seen one this year.
A pair of mudskippers faces the photographer, on a muddy surface, mouths wide open.
9. Mud Mud Glorious Mud. Which one is in Flanders and which one is a Swan? says Munguin.
What is the Capital of Burundi? Gitega โ€“
10. Gitega, Burundi.
11. I got dressed in a hurry, but I’m pretty cute, aren’t I?
12. What d’ya think of THAT tail?
Goats, sheep and cows could challenge dogs for title of 'man's best friend'
13. Takes a lot of work to get your gnashers as white as mine. I’m working on the right side next.
Snowy Owl Becomes Kremlin's Newest Security Recruit - The Moscow Times
14. Same goes for my feathers!!!
15. Once you get up the top of these stairs, you just have to come back down again. Good cardio. Maybe the ungrand old duck of York should try it.
16. West Kennet Long Barrow.
Water Buffalo - Description, Habitat, Image, Diet, and Interesting Facts
17. That goat on about its teeth… but us water buffalos have horns to die for… or on, if you gets in our way! Beats choppers any day!
18. Munguin’s guard pumpkin making short work of Guisers.
19. Uffington White Horse.
20. I’m not sure I’ll have room for pudding.
21. Arazona.
22. I support Brighton and Hove Albion!
23. Still flowering
24. Gingko Tree in the beautiful grounds of Dundee University. Munguin wanted it, but it was too heavy for me.
25. Yum Yum is fond of chicken neck treats!
26. Pittenweem, Fife.
27. Snow on the Cairngorms.
28. Aye, folks from around the world… sorry about the weather. Contrary to what the press tell you, it is not the fault of the First Minister that it has rained so heavily over the past few days. Fร ilte gu Alba.
Chaba the Rescued Baby Elephant Loves Splashing Around in Her Bath
29. Bath time. Just testing the water here. You should probably not watch. I’m nearly a grown up elephant!
Baby orangutan at Spanish zoo delights visitors, conservationists | Reuters
30. OK, time for a nap, little one. See you next time.

Thanks to Derek, David, Kay, John and AndiMac.

Fall back, spring forward!!!

76 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. Lovely photos even 26 which looks rather familiar as a friend has been putting up a lot on Twitter this weekend for this twitter storm thingy.

    Bobby Pickett doing a parody of Monster Mash.

    and a wee trip to Burundi


    1. My Hungarian pal, Dani, did his B.Sc. in Scotland, then went on to do a masters in Sweden. For his big project there, he undertook a series of experiments in Burundi and lived there with a team for a couple of months. He loved it. Fantastic place, lovely people, amazing animals… but he never mentioned the waterfall.

      Thanks Marcia…


      1. Funnily I spoke to Tom earlier this evening and he was pleased a lot of photos he took years ago are actually being seen rather than just sitting on his computer.

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        1. Even more confusingly, a harvestman is not a spider.
          Although it is an arachnid like the spider, a harvestman does not spin a web to catch prey and the body is short, absent the long thorax.
          Easily distinguished by the long legs that are attached to the pill-shaped body, they do not have venom in their bite, so you can handle them safely.
          That’s cured you of your arachnophobia, then?

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          1. I don’t have arachnophobia. Actually I like the wee things and am always friendly and welcoming to them when they venture into the Towers.

            DonDon, on the other hand, not so much!”

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    1. What’s a spidie? Wiki apparently doesn’t know.
      And how is it different from a daddy long legs?

      Wiki does however say that “a ‘spiedie’ consists of cubes of chicken, pork, lamb, veal, venison or beef. The meat cubes are marinated overnight or longer, then grilled on spits over a charcoal pit.”

      I like the mismatched cat.
      And the houses on St. Kilda. Would those houses be lit by electricity?


      1. A spidie is a Scottish spider, Danny. The BBQ sounds good though!!!

        The Daddy Long Legs we get here have wings.

        A friend of mine went St Kilda a couple of years ago. I think they probably have a generator now for the office shop and volunteers cottages…

        But back in the day? Nope

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  2. Any minute now some pedant is going to be in touch to inform you that Pic6 is of Hirta and that Saint Kilda is the name of the entire archipelago.
    It won’t be me, however, as I only wanted to say that the yellow light inside makes the cottage look like a neep lantern, very appropriate for Hallowe’en…
    Great set of pics as ever.

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    1. Ha ha ha… I hope they don’t because Munguin would point out that No 6 is of a wee dug! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

      But I take your point, and it was the light through the window that particularly attracted me to the picture.

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  3. #3………Those apples look tasty. Small, round, multi-colored, slightly ugly looking apples usually have great taste. That brings to mind an O.T. story about the worst apple in the world, which originated as a mutant seedling in Iowa, and became the mainstay of the US apple industry through the marketing skills of the Stark Brothersโ€™ Nursery of Louisiana, Missouri.

    For years I thought I hated apples, since as a kid, the only ones I’d ever tasted were the large, shapely, bright red apples, ubiquitous on grocery store produce shelves…….the “Red Delicious”…….an apple with a thick, dazzling red skin, and flesh that is sugary, dry, mush that tastes nothing like a proper apple. But the Red Delicious was for years the mainstay of the US apple industry, and is still grown, often sold to institutions (such as schools, hospitals, and old folks homes,) where they are forced on people too young or infirm to fight back. They are also sold on the international market to countries who clearly don’t know what an apple is actually supposed to taste like.

    In 2014, The Atlantic published an article about the worst apple in the world.

    “The Awful Reign of the Red Delicious” :

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      1. PP………I wondered when they would get to haggis. Said to not be awful, as long as you don’t know what’s in it (or around it).

        That deep fried Mars bar sounds excellent! Much fine American cuisine is deep fried of course, and in particular McDonald’s and KFC (originally “Kentucky Fried Chicken”) have a Scottish/British presence. I do like deep fried mozzarella cheese, but my favorite “State Fair food” is Funnel Cake, named after the funnel through which the batter is poured into hot oil while you watch.

        I suppose when the president travels, the American Ambassador or Consul General is probably consulted as to which “local” foods can be eaten, and which American cuisine should be flown in from the States. I see that the US Department of State maintains a webpage showing the history of the U.S. Consulate Edinburgh, which dates from 1798 during the presidency of John Adams.

        Philip Reeker, is currently the US Chargรฉ d’Affaires ad interim to the Court of St. James’s down in London, (usually incorrectly rendered BTW without the possessive apostrophe “s”.) Exactly why the royal court of the United Kingdom is properly identified with a possessive apostrophe is confusing. I heard once that it actually meant “St. James’s Palace”, but was not able to immediately confirm that.

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        1. That funnel cake sounds good.

          I can just imagine Marcia licking her lips!

          I love the term “Chargรฉ d’affairs ad Interim”. A splendid mix of French and Latin.

          I’m sure that the Brits, not wanting to have all these foreign terms bandied about in their global country will demand that this terminate, at the same time as they bring back furlongs and groats.

          Although, probably Mr Johnson would welcome someone to be in charge of his affairs… if you know what I mean.

          It is actually quite amazing, Danny, the number of rules and law that do not apply to Brit Royalty.

          And What Do You Do?: What The Royal Family Don’t Want You To Know bu ex minister Norman Baker (available on Kindle) is a good read about the nonsense that surrounds that woman and her brood of scrounging layabouts and weirdos.

          I think ambassadors and the likes are to “The Court of St James”, although what that has to do with the Saxe Coburg Gotha lot, I’ve no idea.

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          1. I always imagine royal protocol (things like the queen does not visit a relative in hospital within the first 3 days of their stay) to have been made up on the spot after a group of people like Liberace, Nicholas Witchell or Judith Chalmers had got themselves blitzed on Tia Maria.
            When the protocol becomes unworkable, the scrounger in question gets an illness.

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            1. Oh dear. Imagine the three of them off their faces on Tia Maria…

              There seems to have been a few books recently that have dared to tell it the way they see it, rather than the usual sycophancy that surrounds them.

              The book I mentioned by Norman Baker goes into a bit of depth over the Nazi connections of the royals. It mentions that photograph of the queen doing a salute at the age of 11 or 12, which could be excused because she didn’t know what it meant, but reminds us that the Queen Mother most certainly knew, and must have known that her brother in law and his “paramour” were Nazis in all but name.

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          2. Tris…….I suppose that “Chargรฉ dโ€™affairs” must be quite an important position at No. 10 these days. ๐Ÿ˜‰

            I think I’ve sorted out the “St James”/”St James’s” thing.

            Seems that “St. James’s Palace” (spelled with the possessive apostrophe “s”) was built by Henry VIII and:
            “St James’s Palace is the most senior royal palace in the United Kingdom. It gives its name to the Court of St James’s, which is the monarch’s royal court and is located in the City of Westminster in London. Although no longer the principal residence of the monarch, it is the ceremonial meeting place of the Accession Council, the office of the Marshal of the Diplomatic Corps, and the London residence of several minor members of the royal family.”
            So foreign diplomats are formally accredited to the “Court of St. James’s.”

            Wiki: “The court is named after St James’s Palace, hence the ‘s at the end of the name. This is because St James’s Palace…has remained the official residence of the British monarchy despite the nearby Buckingham Palace having been the main London residence of all the UK’s sovereigns since the accession of Queen Victoria in 1837. When the court’s name is spoken, it is sometimes incorrectly identified as the Court of St James, without a separate “iz” pronunciation for the possessive “s” suffix……….
            The Marshal of the Diplomatic Corps (before 1920, Master of the Ceremonies), who acts as the link between the British monarch and foreign diplomatic missions, is permanently based at St James’s Palace.”



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            1. I’ve walked past it, Danny. I can’t say I noticed much about it except a very bored looking bloke in a sentry box outside.

              I didn’t know you had to say St Jamesiz. I’m not sure that the BBC does, otherwise I’m sure I’d have noticed over the years.

              I see that Andrew’s lazy children get/got to live there… but that wouldn’t have put much pressure on the building as they both spent most of their time on holiday or buying ever more expensive clothes on our money.

              I see that it is still the official home of Lizzy even though she’s never lived there.

              Only in Britain!

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              1. Interesting! I’m not really sure what it means to say that St. James’s is the “most senior royal palace.” Windsor is still a royal residence and is almost 1,000 years old. (Unless there’s an official distinction between a “castle” and a “palace.”) But for that matter, Holyrood is (I think) an older royal residence than St. James’s.

                Anyway, I don’t think I’ve ever actually heard it pronounced “Court of St. Jamesiz.”

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                1. I’m sure I would have noticed, because normally the rule is that something ending in s takes just an apostrophe in the genitive and is pronounced as such

                  Windsor Castle dates back as you say to 1070. and appears to have been used as a royal palace since around that time

                  Our palace dates back to the 1100s.

                  St Jamesiz apparently was opened in the middle 1500s.

                  But who knows why the Brits and in particular the inbred royals ever do anything. They are all quite mad.

                  Talking off royals, I see that the duke of pork has rather foolishly claimed that the woman he is in dispute with, and whom he said he didn’t know and had never met, was a procurer of underage girls for the guy he once called his best friend…

                  I was wondering how he would have known that if he didn’t know her. Surely old Jeff didn’t share that with him, especially not given that Porky was purer than the driven snow!

                  I bet other people involved in all this like Bill Clinton and Donald Trump must be worrying about what he’s going to say next.

                  If he weren’t such a complete dumbass, he’d probably keep his fat mouth shut.

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    1. I rarely buy apples nowadays. The supermarkets have restricted the range of varieties and they are picked before they are ripe.

      Ditto for pears.

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      1. I find that the fruit in the supermarkets tend to get mouldy rather quickly. Strawberries don’t last mre that a few days. Pears are a bit of a chance of being rock hard for weeks or have that horrible mushy texture when you bite in.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. auldmarcia……..Absolutely!
          It’s exactly that dry mushy texture that makes the Red Delicious apple so awful. And it seems to so often be the case for commercially produced fruits like pears and peaches.

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      2. Dave……I definitely agree that commercially grown fruits and vegetables in the produce section of grocery stores are pretty awful compared with field and orchard ripened varieties. I do think that they do better with commercial apples than most other fruits, because you at least have a wide choice of variety (at least here in the States) and can avoid abominations like the Red Delicious variety. Grocery store peaches on the other hand are almost always dry tasteless mush……similar in that respect to the Red Delicious apple……..compared to the luscious juicy fruit I remember from my grandfather’s peach trees. (I’m not crazy about the fuzz on tree ripened peaches however. At least commercial peaches are defuzzed.)

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    2. Ha ha ha…

      I guess everyone’s tastes are different, but I agree, some apples are beyond disgusting. I’m a green apple fan, but I doubt a field of green apples would look as cheering as that one.

      Liked by 1 person

          1. LOL……I have friends who insist that the Golden Delicious is not as awful as the Red Delicious. But I wouldn’t want to risk it by trying one. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. That was lovely – some great photos. Re Halloween, lots of very inventive people with decorations there’s one near Muirend in Glasgow where a horse’s head is beside a hedge with the top half of a jockey thrown over the top! Lots of white sheets draped like Casper.

    That multicoloured cat is quite something. Which human does Zum Zum own?

    Lovely baby ely and two smashing orang photos – very much balm for the soul. Merci Beaucoup.

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    1. I heard he took a private jet out there and will have one on the yay back… And to Glasgow.

      It seems his royal arse doesn’t fit on seats that common people use!

      Prance suits him well.

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  5. The Hollies should rerelease this one with a wee twist, to bring it up to date, ‘He aint heavy, he’s my Mother’.
    I’ll get me coat.

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  6. Watching B.B.C Breakfast. I know, I know, my wife, who unfortunately suffers from moderate to severe Alzheimer’s Disease, just said, without any prompting from me, ” That B.B.C are trying to put words into Nicola’s mouth”. If she can see what they are trying to do, surely others must?


    1. Yes, I think so.

      You can get away with so much of this put down for a little while, but I think they may be taking it too far.

      A unionist friend of mine pointed out how often Douglas Ross is on the telly and you’d think it was him that was the first minister.

      It’s all a bit amateur.


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