And he’s been going around taking photographs of bins in the city. Well, it’s a way to pass the time.

Of course, the object of this exercise is to persuade folk that Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t care about Glaswegians, just intentional leaders.

It might be fair to mention that Anas’s family firm doesn’t care that much about ordinary people, given that he refuses to pay them the living wage, but that’s another matter.

The question here is is about bins.

Maybe Anas is proposing that if only we had a Unionist government in Scotland and even better, a Labour one, our bins would be empty and our streets would be clean.

You know, like they are in Wales…

Disgusting' litter left in Cardiff Bay after drinkers flock to waterfront -  Wales Online
Waste: How will Wales end landfill and incinerator use by 2050? - BBC News
Rubbish piling up in Cardiff as bin collection changes cause confusion

And these photographs and many more go back a long way. In some cases Covid and Brexit can be blamed, but it seems to be an on-going problem in Wales.

So, if there are any world leaders out there reading this… President Biden, Premier Ministre Trudeau, Président Macron, Prime Minister Xavier Espot ..anyone really… could you do us a favour and invite Mr Sarwar to meet with you and make him feel like he matters.

Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar calls for Glasgow to get lockdown exit  plan | Glasgow Times

Here’s a photo, in case you don’t know who to look for.


  1. See that last photo with the green bin.
    That’s in London because that’s the very photo I posted.
    For me, this casts doubt on the other photos!

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    1. Next to the large green bin is a black brown topped smaller bin with what looks like
      *Cardiff cleansing* under a stylised dragon, like on the first bin.

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      1. Yeah. I thought Wales on Line wouldn’t have got it that wrong.

        I see that all trains out of London for Scotland have been hit by weather problems.

        Ironic really that the weather for a climate conference should be that bad when it is still October.

        Great British Railways appears to be flooded and there are trees falling on the line between Milton Keynes and Rugby.

        Oh well… Global Britain… and they can’t get trains to run from their capital to Glasgow.

        Just as well Boris Johnson and Her First Ladyness travelled by private jet and His Royal Highnessness Charlie, likewise, but obviously in a different plane from the commoners.

        I was just reflecting that, although I don’t travel a lot on long distance trains in the UK, I can’t remember a single time when I have and there haven’t been hold ups. Sometime REALLY long ones. Hours.

        By the same token I can’t remember ever being held up in France, Switzerland, Spain, Hungary, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg or Denmark. Not once.

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  2. I got an email from scottish labour entitled “The absolute state of this”; the first thing that comes into view on scrolling down is a photo of Anas Sarwar.

    Could’ve done that better, eh?

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  3. Poor hereditary Sarwar. Even Jack McConnell during the G8 at Gleneagles was allowed to valet park the adult politicians’ cars.


  4. The big flounder says we’re at one minute to midnight to save the planet.
    The streets of Glasgow are a foot deep in water.
    The rat’s are 4 foot long and all over the housing, indoors and out.
    The chancer makes a budget for 4 years, you’d think they would talk to each other.
    Slightly OT.
    Read yesterday a wee bit from Mr Murphy’s blog of a discussion with an old tennis player who now is a ‘rent a gob’ on LBC radio. The strange thing was I then heard the phone in presentation where the tennis player of old says that Mr Murphy will Never be on his programme again.
    Subject was that lots of money wouldn’t make an inefficient enterprise efficient, throwing money at a problem was a mistake. Test and trace was brought up which brought about the response.
    The tennis player thinks we have to save the economy.
    Cut to the ads, first one up was to book your cruise, followed by buy your new gas boiler at zero percent over 4 years, followed by the energy swap company saying just stay with your present provider as there’s NO deals available on energy.
    No wonder we are all confused.


    1. Well, of course we are.

      It’s like Boris and the First Lady flying in on a private plane to tell us that we have to stop flying about all over the world… swiftly followed by Charlie doing exactly the same.

      I have no idea, in these days of virtual communications and pandemic, why we are having a face to face conference.


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