YAWN. Did someone not tell him we did that last time? Next it will be we’ll be thrown out of the EU… Surely even this load of dimwits realise that that’s taking it too far?


And when Boris Johnson offers me an ermine collar and a title, I forget all those experts… who needs them. Now, bow, you lower middle classes.



Douglas Ross, proud Scot, for the working classes…eh?




ScotlandSaysIndyref2 @scotlandsaysyes

According to the loony tunes Herald, the Russians will be invading Scotland. They won’t be able to invade England, coz the beaches will be covered in sh**.


Government's Race report 'isn't credible', says Keir Starmer | The  Independent

Ben@wastefighterยทHi @UKLabour@Keir_Starmer I’m not sure if your Comms person is asleep but you’ve so far tweeted a total of zero times about the raw sewage in our rivers and lakes which has trended for the last 48 hrs. Some sort of at least vague opposition to this would b grand. #StoolBritannia


Nadine Dorries claims Universal Credit cut won't push anyone into poverty -  Liverpool Echo

Nadine Dorries@NadineDorries

Online hate has poisoned public life. Itโ€™s often unbearable. It has to end. The question of anonymity has dominated the conversation about online abuse over the past week. This Bill will end anonymous abuse, because it will end abuse, full stop. https://instagram.com/p/CVcsnEEAkh5/?utm_medium=copy_link

How can they be so bloody stupid?

33 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. Tris

    Starmer is shocking isn’t he. Does anyone know what Labour stand for anymore, what a shell of the party they used to be and Corbyn was their last hope, just Tory light now sadly when the UK need a decent opposition none of the so called opposition parties are much good. Who would have thought the UK would come to this state so quickly.

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    1. I have no idea what he stands for, Bruce.

      They are literally pumping effluent into the river. They are poisoning fish and other animals and putting at risk the lives of domestic animals and humans and putting at risk the livelihoods of shell fishermen in the week before they host a conference on GREENNESS (in our country).

      And like the guy says, not a tweet, not a comment… nothing.

      It is not popular move either. Even if he doesn’t care a damn about any of the above surely he can see something that the public would get behind.


      What the hell is he doing.

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      1. I would describe him as much worse than that tris, in language I can’t use here. He is an evil person, and unfortunately he is ruling us, along with his coterie of equally disgusting individuals. I thought it couldn’t get any worse after previous incumbents of the office he now holds, but I was wrong. The man is a disgrace to humanity.

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        1. Down and down and down…

          The interesting thing is that, although I’ve never been a Tory, I had a measure of respect for the intelligence of some of them.

          Now I look at them and think…. WHAT?

          Embarrassingly awful. People running departments of state that I wouldn’t trust to do my cleaning..

          Raab, Truss, Wallace, Eustace, Dorries…

          I just wonder if after Johnson, the Tories can ever get back to being a right of centre party looking after the better off… but not ENTIRELY to the exclusion of everyone else.

          Who, now at university, looks at Johnson and his cabal and thinks… one day I want to be prime minister, like Mr Johnson, the way that people may have been inspired by some past holders of the post?

          On;y someone who previously would have thought his career lay in a circus or music hall act.


  2. When I was but a lad they used to get into the Saturday films with a jam jar or two, the fish and chippie would give a sample of chips for a pile of newspapers.
    Sorry I have to go out now and pick up Banana Leaves to take to tesco, other providers are available, as wrapping for their none available food as suggested by the big flounder. Seems that plastic is the problem and can only be recycled a few times.
    There’s a great article on Richard Murphy’s site on the surplus in the accounts of the NI ‘Bank’, seems that the accountants have stated that there’s a ยฃ37billion surplus available to pay out the ยฃ6billion triple lock requirement for average income, but we can’t afford it.
    The chancer has just leaked out that he is going to remove the stop on pay rises for local authority workers, BUTT it will be next year before it starts.
    A 7% rise in the ‘living wage’ will come into effect in April, 7% of Nothing is still nothing.
    We can’t afford to update the sewerage system but we can afford new nuclear weapons and the machinery to deliver them.
    Reminds me of why fermentation stops, the yeast drowns in it’s own effluent.

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    1. Dear heavens.

      I read about his protestations of innocence and a conclusion that this investigation was a cause of his wife’s suicide.

      You’d have thought that the investigators were pretty sure of their case though, before they pronounced.

      30 days, presumably paid, exclusion from parliament seems rather light punishment.


      1. Still the real reason

        So Charles Moore says on the Torygraph

        Owen Paterson is the latest pro-Brexit MP to fall victim to a flawed, unjust system


        Hopefully there is a recall election
        That would be interestingโ€ฆ

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        1. It won;t let me in, Niko. But I can just imagine what the Telegraph would have to say.

          To think that it used to be a respected broadsheet. It’s now like a bigger version of the Express.


  3. As always with this governments media manipulation.
    The chancer has announced the lifting of the pay freeze for public sector workers.
    The actual pay rise will be awarded by the usual system, negotiated by the sector’s government panels.
    The rise then passed to the government.
    It’s the fine print you need to look at not the media sell.

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  4. My friend ?? Total antivaxer itโ€™s all a big con etc etc

    The whole family got Covidโ€ฆ
    Never felt so bad in all my life he says
    Daughter ok now wife just pulling through .
    He still struggling feck sake

    Take the jab take the fecking jab

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