1. This is superb.

    And here’s a reply…

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  2. The great stink of 1858, they thought you could just dump sewage into thee thames and Neptune would deal with it, pity the river is Tidal and it took weeks for the upper reaches dump to reach the sea.
    Dangerous stuff from london.
    The health secretary says that masks are a good idea to limit the spread, an hour later a mob of chancers are in the cabinet room in Downing St. maskless in a confided area. The mogg says it’s okay as they all know each other, aye right.
    After all the media snash about the heads of state of China and Russia not attending the Glasgow conference would you believe Lizzie isn’t coming, head of state of the uk.
    Today’s numbers, 41,000 new cases and 260 deaths, aren’t they doing well?
    Reading the votes on the ‘Lets dump sewage’ the Scottish tories voted for dumping sewage into england’s rivers, SNP seem to have evel rules so No vote.
    Weel done dross and co, when do wee start the deliveries?

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    1. Southend beach was closed today because of dead rats and sewage all over the beach.

      Not bad, given the Tories are complaining about rats in Glasgow.

      Brighton has rubbish piling up. But the Tories are complaining about rubbish in Glasgow.

      Lizzy is in good company staying away.

      EVEL has apparently been rescinded but the SNP don’t vote on English laws as a rule.

      Their rivers; their effluent.

      However, this may have been an error of judgement as I see that beaches in Sunderland have reported massive amounts of dead crabs, lobsters and other shellfish…. the tides don’t recognise international borders.

      Also very bad news for fishermen on top of all the other bad news they have had.

      Still blue passports and brown rivers… a multicoloured Brexit

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      1. You couldn’t make that up. The place is drowning in effluent and they have struck up a trade deal to take in more…

        Give Munguin strength!!!!!


  3. Yes but by that time the NHS will be owned by the USA insurance companies.
    Reading that the doris has u-turned on the river sewage, now it’s to be required to stop putting raw sewage into englandland’s rivers.
    The Scottish tories must be delighted to find that their votes are now being overturned, new policy.
    Laughed that the talk radio presenter has a programme called ‘Plank of the Week’ but he isn’t it this week even when he thinks concrete grows.

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    1. Wait, though…

      How does that work?

      They had a vote in parliament and that vote said they could dump crap in the water.

      How can he decide to overturn parliament?

      Is he the new queen?

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      1. Something to do with the house of lords returning the legislation for reconsideration.
        Are we getting the idea that they just do nothing anyway.
        The report is saying that the mps that voted For dumping sewage Didn’t Understand what they were voting for.
        We pay them well for wandering into a corridor, lobby, to be counted, I remember watching the shepherds casting off their sheep by the same method.Those to keep and those for the market.

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      2. Wait though again…. If they stop dumping it in the rivers, where does it go? My limited understanding of this tells me it’s a problem years in the making that will be years in the fixing. Increased rain, too much concrete stopping the earth soaking it up, an increasing population and all the nice clean rain going into the same place with all the nasty stuff. Mixing to create an irresistible volume of liquid shit et al. that can’t be coped with using current facilities.. Add to this the effluent problems like fatbergs (ugh) that cause blockages and Bobs your uncle, a crisis.

        Given the obvious lack of planning and investment, Is it too much of a cheek for this wrinkly lefty who was dead against privatisation to shout “I told you so Thatcher! Even though I didn’t actually tell her, but really wanted to. Not that it would’ve made a bit of difference mind you.

        I’m glad/hope things are different in Scotland?🙏🤞 Someone said already though that tides are no respecters of boundaries, so we’ll get some up here regardless. They may start dumping it here of course, like they dump everything else.

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        1. Yep and the shareholders of the private water companies have done very well for themselves over the past decades, in England.
          It did cross my mind that they might start dumping their s**t in Scotland, put nothing at all past them.

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        2. That problem is above my pay grade. Mr Useless should be on top of it now, because that is actually his job.

          It appears, as Dave pointed out, that there has been a partial U-turn from the English government.


          The problem is water companies in private hands with weak regulators.

          Like most of the utilities that were sold off in Thatcher/Major time (and some in Blair’s), they have been more interested in profit than in providing a service.

          The English water companies are notorious for failing to spend money on their vast infrastructure of pipes to deliver water and to take away all sorts of waste.

          Remember early on, Yorkshire Water… one of the wetter areas in a wet country, had to put up stand pipes and ask people not to bathe, because they had failed to collect water, being more interested in diversification into lakeside resorts and hotels.

          Another problem is that although immediately shares were sold off and many locals bought them, they almost immediately passed into the hands of big investors, often on the other side of the world, who couldn’t give a damn whether the people in Daftshire have water or not.

          Almost three quarters of England’s water industry is currently owned from overseas. At least 71% of shares in England’s nine privatised water companies are owned by organisations from overseas including the super-rich, banks, hedge funds, foreign governments and businesses based in tax havens.


          So, now people’s beaches are closed down, and that may not be TOO serious as the summer season is over, but there have been cases of e-coli and beaches being closed.

          There have been cases of food poisoning after eating fish and in Sunderland the beaches are covered in dead crabs…

          The fishermen who were having a rough time trying to sell their stuff to the tradition al markets in Europe will now find it impossible and will be put out of business.

          Still the millionaires who own the water companies probably have their fish flown in from somewhere safe.

          I dunno about “wrinkly lefties”, but Harrod MacMillan, pretty much a “righty” told Thatcher that she was selling off the family silver.

          Hey ho. That’s what you get when the loonies take over the asylum.

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  4. Seems the fine print rule applies.
    The private companies are to be asked to take ‘reasonable steps’ to stop the raw discharges into the rivers.

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