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Interesting thread on the lorry situation from someone who is involved.


I saw on Twitter that he also announced this:

I arrived to work today to discover a £7 per hour pay rise.

A 40% increase… almost overnight.

There are no drivers, things are about to get a bit tasty.

Completely unsustainable, of course, so guess what happens to prices next?

All your s**** comes by lorry.

All of it.






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Con O’Neill@cononeilluk

I’ve just taken two paracetamol ….or as Sajid Javid would say ….I’ve just opened two new hospitals.


I know you got a lot of fun from the last one DonDon sent, so I asked him for another … and he sent two.

Here’s the first of them

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A Knock Back

He’d been peyin coort til a leddy, but she wasnae muckle taen wi him.

At lenth, she gied him the brush-aff, an Dauvit Hume tuik it unco sair.

A wee while efter, the leddy fund oot that her umquile wooster was a scholar o great repute, aye, an mibbe the best-kennt philosopher in aa o Embro toun.

Sae she sent him a letter, ane that was naethin if no short an til the peynt: “I’ve changed my mind.”

Whan he read it, Hume was jist a wee bit set ajee.

An wha wudnae be? He pou’d aff his periwig an scartit his pow.

Syne he tirned owre the letter an screivit this repone:

“So have I.”

Gordon Donaldson (DonDon)


Name the pub (borrowed from Twitter).

43 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. Well done lorry drivers and others
    Who due to no EU migrants are getting significant wage increases.

    What’s the nats view on Scots boys and girls getting better opportunities
    Or do you prefer having loads of migrants .( who may vote for indy2)

    It’s the one positive out of Brexit I am happy about.
    Whether in the end the Tory scum will cave to the demands of their supporters
    For cheap Labour we will find out .. .

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    1. I’m all for people getting big pay rises, although why they had to wait for Brexit, I’m not sure.

      The problem is that the employers won’t want to lose by having to pay more and so prices will rise steeply. That might be Ok for other people who are getting a 40% rise, but are people on benefits going to get a 40% rise? (Spoiler alert, no, they are getting a reduction) And are pensioners? (Spoiler alert again, no, they are cutting the triple lock) Are people who don’t work in industries not affected by the European exodus… Ask the folk in ASDA?

      I have absolutely no issue whatsoever about having “migrants” (like they were some sort of different breed) in Scotland. And as a person who worked in France, why would I. They didn’t resent me!

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        1. Assuming pay rises go to everyone… not just people they are short of.

          And assuming that the Tories increase pensions for the over, what is it these days, 70s?


        2. There are not enough young Scots to replace those who are retiring. You may find changing your own nappy in the care home challenging soon…


  2. Herein lies something that should not be overlooked in these strange, unprecedented times. Amid chaos and uncertainty, things that were not supposed to happen suddenly seem eminently possible.

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      1. Not something for which the current UK government are well known.

        I mean they should have started by working out a position on Brexit in talks with the EU BEFORE the triggered Article 50, and started the time bomb ticking.


  3. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/world/three-weeks-before-virginia-giuffre-takes-prince-andrew-to-court-here-are-his-options-for-tackling-the-case/ar-AANU3B0?ocid=st

    I can’t understand why people still refer to him as Prince Andrew, the Duke of York or His Royal Highness.

    He’s pony 60 and he’s stopped work, because no one wants him anywhere near them except his mummy and his ex-wife and their lazy daughters.

    He should be Mr Mountbatten Windsor Saxe Coburg Gotha, or whatever the family name is. Maybe Sex Coburg Gotha?


    1. “Maybe Sex Coburg Gotha?”

      Interestingly, Marshal Saxe (1696 -1750) is said to have died “of a surfeit of women”.

      What a way to go.

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  4. Bet the nurses in the NHS saving lives, wish they could get a few more £’s payrise too.
    Re the Brexit situation and all talk of inflation etc, take a reckie at Richard Murphy’s the economist’ blog, also he has a YouTube channel. Interesting to read what he has to say on the possible motives of English government austerity etc and Brexit.


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